Readynez has been named a finalist for the 2017 Learning Award Partner of the Year Award!

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You want new efficiencies, new opportunities and growth from technology, and you will need skills to get them. With Readynez Talent Services you will answer real and burning business challenges. No wonder we’ve been awarded the Microsoft Learning Partner of the year global finalist award for helping businesses transform and achieve remarkable results.

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We can hardly believe it

We do our utmost every single day to give our customers a unique educational experience, and luckily we get a lot of recognition from our customers every day.

From our partners we have also been recognized with many great prizes, including the prestigious Learning Partner of the Year award in Denmark, which we (as the only partner ever) have won a whole five times!

Nevertheless, today we are extremely humble and proud that we have been selected among more than 2,800 partners worldwide as a finalist for Microsoft's Global Learning Award Partner of the Year.

This time we have been recognized for our effort to find jobs for young graduates and remedying the resource shortage in the IT job market through digital transformation.

Our work is dedicated to developing the sharpest individuals to create better solutions for successful businesses. Therefore, we have developed a Learning As a Service concept, where we assist young graduates in qualification and jobs through accelerated learning + online learning.

It is a solution that has not only helped hundreds of young people in jobs. At the same time, we have helped companies gain access to the resources they have lacked to create growth and transformation.

We believe that the future belongs to those who are ready. With Readynez Academy, we make a difference to the young people who get the chance at the job market, and we also have the opportunity to contribute to our customers' digital transformation, and thus our own.

To learn more about hat we do, read more about the award winning Readynez Academy and our customer experiences here

1. Jun 2017

by Maria Forsberg



Maria Forsberg

Marketing Manager

Maria arbejder med kommunikation og markedsføring for Readynez i Norden, hvor vi arbejder for at udvikle de skarpeste hjerner, der kan skabe bedre løsninger for succesfulde virksomheder.

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