Microsoft PL-200 Certification: A UK Guide

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  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 09, 2024

Do you want to excel in Microsoft Power Platform? Consider the Microsoft PL-200 certification. It's gaining momentum in the UK and can open up new career opportunities. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the PL-200 certification and how to prepare for it. Whether you're starting out or aiming to advance your career, the PL-200 certification can make a big difference for your professional growth.

What is the PL-200 certification?

The PL-200 certification covers important modules like designing Power Platform solutions, creating and managing apps, developing cloud flows, and automating business processes.

It is important for professionals in the UK as it demonstrates their expertise in Power Platform, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

Additionally, the certification validates their ability to analyze business requirements and translate them into secure, scalable, and reliable solutions.

Prerequisites for obtaining the PL-200 certification include proficiency in Microsoft Dataverse, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365.

Candidates are also required to have experience with the business value of Power Platform, data modeling, user experience design, requirements analysis, and process analysis.

This certification equips professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage Microsoft's Power Platform to streamline business processes and drive innovation.

Why is the PL-200 certification important in the UK?

The PL-200 certification offers professionals in the UK many benefits. These include improving skills in areas like Power Platform solutions, data modeling, app creation, and automation.

Professionals with this certification stand out in the job market. It can lead to career advancement in industries such as finance, healthcare, education, and retail.

Employers value the PL-200 certification. It shows the ability to effectively use Microsoft Power Platform to improve business processes and productivity.

The certification also indicates capability for specific job roles like business analysts, developers, and solution architects.

Prerequisite for the PL-200 certification

The PL-200 certification validates knowledge and skills in Microsoft Power Platform. In the UK, candidates need a fundamental understanding of Power Platform applications. This includes creating apps, automating workflows, and analyzing data. Hands-on experience with Power Platform, especially in model-driven and canvas apps within Microsoft Power Apps, business process flows in Microsoft Power Automate, and building solutions using Microsoft Dataverse, is also important.

To prepare for the PL-200 exam, individuals in the UK can use self-paced training, online courses, and practice exams. These methods help reinforce understanding of Power Platform concepts, app creation, automation, and data analysis. They also enable candidates to solidify their knowledge and assess their readiness for the PL-200 certification.

Course Outline

Overview of the Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform has a purpose. It's to give business users tools to analyse data and develop solutions. This helps streamline processes.

It's beneficial for UK businesses and organisations. They can automate workflows, make custom applications, and gain insights from data without needing extensive coding knowledge.

The key components are:

  • Power BI for data visualization
  • Power Apps for app development
  • Power Automate for workflow automation

These components allow users to:

  • Connect to different data sources
  • Create interactive reports and dashboards
  • Build custom apps tailored to their needs
  • Automate repetitive tasks to improve productivity

With the Microsoft Power Platform, businesses and organisations in the UK can:

  • Leverage their data
  • Drive digital transformation
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Without needing heavy reliance on IT departments.

Functional Consultant role in the Microsoft Power Platform

The PL-200 certification is important for a Functional Consultant in the UK. It shows they can work with different applications and automation. The key modules cover creating a technical design, identifying data sources, and implementing solutions. These skills are relevant to the role of a Functional Consultant. The certification also highlights the ability to configure and extend common data service, manage user experience design, and implement integrations.

To prepare for the exam, a Functional Consultant can use resources like official Microsoft learning modules, online training courses, and practical hands-on experience with the platform. Practice tests and self-assessment tools can help identify areas for improvement and ensure success in obtaining certification.

Key modules covered in the PL-200 certification

The PL-200 certification covers key modules such as Power Platform licensing, concepts, and common data service, creating apps, automation strategies, and integrating Power Apps with other Microsoft services.

Professionals in the UK find this certification important as it shows proficiency and expertise in Microsoft Power Platform application development, enhancing their competitiveness in the job market.

To attain the PL-200 certification, a fundamental understanding of data and its business context, as well as experience with Microsoft Power Platform, are prerequisites.


Dataverse is part of the Microsoft Power Platform. It helps users store and manage data securely for business applications. It works with Model-Driven Apps, Canvas Apps, and Portals to provide centralized and scalable data storage.

In Model-Driven Apps, Dataverse allows for creating data-rich applications with form-based layouts and customizable business logic. For Canvas Apps, it enables users to create custom business apps using a point-and-click approach. And for Portals, Dataverse allows building and managing responsive and secure website experiences for external users.

Key features of Dataverse important for the PL-200 certification in the UK include data modeling, security and access control, business rules and process flows, and integration with Office 365 and Azure services. These features are vital for individuals seeking certification as they demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of using Dataverse within the Microsoft Power Platform to create and maintain business applications.

Model-Driven Apps

Model-Driven Apps are a big part of the Microsoft Power Platform. They let users create custom apps for their business without needing to do lots of coding. This flexibility is great for UK businesses, as it lets them make solutions that fit their unique processes and needs.

The PL-200 certification covers important topics like making interactive dashboards, designing data models, using business rules, and integrating Power Automate for workflow automation. This is key knowledge for people who want to show they can make and customize apps to make organisations work better.

Canvas Apps

Canvas Apps are a big part of the Microsoft Power Platform. They allow users to make custom apps for their specific business needs. In the UK, if you're looking at the PL-200 certification, the main modules related to Canvas Apps include app design, user experience, and data integration.

Getting the PL-200 certification gives you a deep understanding of Canvas Apps and how to use them effectively in the Microsoft Power Platform. In the UK, this certification can open up better career opportunities because businesses are relying more on Canvas Apps to make processes smoother and boost productivity.


Portals are a crucial part of the Microsoft Power Platform. They create a gateway for businesses in the UK to connect with their customers, employees, and partners.

They offer several benefits, such as streamlining processes, improving customer engagement, and enhancing collaboration.

Businesses can use Portals to create custom experiences for their users. This can include self-service support, secure access to information, and facilitating online transactions.

For the PL-200 certification, Portals include features like creating and managing web pages, designing custom apps, and integrating data from various sources. These features show how Portals are applied in real-world business situations.

Power Automate and its role in business process automation

Power Automate is a tool in the Microsoft Power Platform. It helps users create workflows to automate repetitive tasks across different applications and services. For example, it can automate approval processes for leave requests and expense reports.

Power Automate integrates with other Microsoft applications like SharePoint, Teams, and Outlook to streamline tasks such as sending emails and updating data. This helps businesses increase efficiency by automating manual tasks, reducing errors, and ensuring accurate data processing.

For instance, it can automatically collect and organize data from customer feedback forms and send notifications to relevant stakeholders.

Business Process Flows in the Microsoft Power Platform

Business process flows in the Microsoft Power Platform guide users through tasks and streamline operations. They provide a visual representation of steps, automating and standardizing processes to increase efficiency and productivity.

The PL-200 certification in the UK covers business process flows in the Power Platform. Candidates are tested on creating, managing, and enhancing business process flows for automation. This includes designing, configuring, and integrating them with other Power Platform components like Power Apps and Power Automate.

Understanding business process flows is beneficial for a functional consultant role in the Power Platform. It enables effective analysis, identification, and implementation of process improvements. This includes optimizing processes, reducing manual effort, and ensuring consistency and compliance across business units. Such expertise is sought after in the industry, contributing to professional development and career growth.

Certification Guide

Benefits of obtaining the PL-200 certification in the UK

Professionals in the UK can benefit from getting the PL-200 certification. It gives them valuable skills that are in high demand in the job market. This certification can lead to better job options and career growth. PL-200 certified professionals are more competitive in business. They can improve productivity and streamline business processes. Having this certification can also mean higher earnings and job security.

It shows that professionals are skilled in using Microsoft Power Platform, which is widely used in the UK. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and more chances for professional growth.

How to prepare for the PL-200 exam

To prepare for the PL-200 exam, you need practical knowledge of Microsoft Power Platform and industry experience.

Here's what you should do:

  • Check out Microsoft Learn, the Microsoft Power Platform Community, and official study guides for a deep understanding of the key modules and topics for the exam.
  • Get familiar with designing solutions by understanding Data Modeling, User Experience Design, and Security and Accessibility.
  • Concentrate on creating business processes automation, integrated solutions, and AI builder for the exam.

Key takeaways

The Microsoft PL-200 certification is important for professionals in the UK. It demonstrates expertise in Microsoft Power Platform. This guide gives an overview of the exam objectives, study resources, and tips for preparing for the certification. It also talks about potential career opportunities and benefits of earning the PL-200 certification in the UK.

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What is the Microsoft PL-200 Certification?

The Microsoft PL-200 Certification is a credential that validates skills in Power Platform functionality, including designing, building, and analyzing basic business solutions using Microsoft Power Platform. This certification is ideal for business analysts and data analysts.

How can I prepare for the Microsoft PL-200 Certification exam in the UK?

You can prepare for the Microsoft PL-200 Certification exam in the UK by studying the official exam guide, practicing with sample questions, and taking a training course from a certified Microsoft Learning partner.

What are the benefits of obtaining the Microsoft PL-200 Certification in the UK?

The benefits of obtaining the Microsoft PL-200 Certification in the UK include increased job opportunities in the fields of data analysis and business intelligence, higher earning potential, and the ability to demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Power Platform.

Is the Microsoft PL-200 Certification recognized by employers in the UK?

Yes, the Microsoft PL-200 Certification is recognized by employers in the UK. Many UK companies value Microsoft certifications, and holding this certification can enhance job prospects for roles in business analysis and solution design.

Are there any prerequisites for taking the Microsoft PL-200 Certification exam in the UK?

Yes, there are no prerequisites for taking the Microsoft PL-200 Certification exam in the UK.

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