Unlimited Training - IT Courses and Certifications made simple and insanely affordable

We’re on a mission to make LIVE instructor-led training much more affordable and accessible to all

  • Tired of overspending on IT training and courses?
  • Are on-demand video courses not delivering the results you expected?
  • We believe, that LIVE Instructor-led IT courses are much better than pre-recorded videos in providing you the results you need

Unlimited Training from just €199 per month

Let your team access hundreds of courses and learn all they need to pass the IT exams of your choice.

Why Unlimited Training?

  • Unlock Unlimited access to hundreds of LIVE instructor-led courses for prices starting at just £175/month.
  • One low price for access to ALL of the included courses you or your team wants.
  • Experience the usual high Readynez quality: same courses, instructor, maximum delegate capacity, and unwavering support throughout your learning journey.
  • Know exactly what you’ll pay for 12 months and avoid unexpected costs for additional courses.
  • Purchase licenses today and activate them when your team member need to attend their first course.
  • Our Price Guarantee ensures you’ll never overpay for training. If you do, we’ll refund the difference!

At Readynez, we know how stressful it can be to need advanced digital training - and fast!

    • Offering Courses and Certifications in the latest technologies from Microsoft, AWS, Cisco, Google, and more... since 2008
    • Trusted by over 1,000 of the world's Top Companies
    • More than 50,000 delegates on our in-person courses - plus tens of thousands more delegates online
    • An average course score of 8.83 (out of 10), with 10 being the most frequent score

"With Unlimited Training we can offer new and existing employees a faster and guaranteed development path, with a fixed price no matter how many courses they attend.

We know we get the high Readynez quality where their time away is well spent – and they get prepared for the important exams.

We can already see that we get good value for our investment in the licenses, and we expect our employees will end up taken training worth several times the price of their license."

Christian Larsen/itm8

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”All of our employees has an Unlimited Microsoft license. It’s really a no-brainer for us: it helps us attract and retain our talented people as they know we take their development seriously, and it strengthens our market position and allows us to quickly adapt and be agile, supporting our customers on new technology areas. Both things are important in our continued drive for offering a great service and having happy customers. 

And all of that we get for a fixed cost that are significantly lower than the market price for just one course”

Johan Boander/rdata



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