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Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator (MS-102)

Your personal MS-102 Certification training with everything you need to best prepare for the MS-102 Exam and become a Certified Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator, supported by your expert instructor.

course: Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator (MS-102)

Duration: 5 days

Format: Virtual or Classroom

prepare-exam Prepares for Exam : Microsoft 365 Administrator (MS-102)

certification-icon Prepares for Certification : Microsoft 365 Certified: Administrator Expert

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The best course to get your Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator Exam and Certification - with Certification Guarantee!

Embark on a transformative journey with the Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator (MS-102) examination. Our comprehensive training ensures you're well-prepared to attain certification, propelling your career to new heights. Gain the certified expertise needed to navigate Microsoft 365 environments confidently. Elevate your skills with our focused training, unlocking doors to exciting career opportunities in the dynamic world of Microsoft technologies.

  • [Dictionary item: Green-check] Includes a comprehensive set of Learning materials for the best possible Exam prep
  • [Dictionary item: Green-check] Includes access to extensive Labs for 180 days giving you practical hands-on experience
  • [Dictionary item: Green-check] Included in our Unlimited Training offering, giving you access to all our Microsoft courses
  • [Dictionary item: Green-check] Full support available helping you register, prepare for and sit your exam

Who is the Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator course for?

During this Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator (MS-102) course you will learn how to deploy and manage Microsoft 365, perform Microsoft 365 tenant-level implementation and administration of cloud and hybrid environments. Microsoft 365 administrators function as the integrating hub for all Microsoft 365 workloads. You coordinate across multiple Microsoft 365 workloads. You work with architects and other administrators responsible for workloads, infrastructure, identity, security, compliance, endpoints, and applications.

Feedback from our Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator delegates

Stephen Ridgway

Readynez is the best training provider I've used for many years. Their customer service is first class, prices are very competitive and instruction excellent.

Johan Andersson
Johan Andersson

Easy to attend over Teams and an excellent instructor gave me great value for the time I invested.

Everything you need to get the results you want

Your Personal Learning Program will provide the skills you need, to help you do more of what you love. The 3-step learning program is built to teach you real applicable skills that open opportunities for you.

How we get you certified

Readynez365: Your Personal Learning Program

The Readynez365 platform provides an enhanced digital pathway for all your learning elements, from pre-studies to exam, making it the most direct route to new tech Skills. Pick what you want (and need) to get up to speed. It´s all laid out for you in Readynez365 well in advance of your courses.

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The training methodology is designed for the virtual classroom to inspire and engage you with a variation of hands-on training, presentations, labs and tests. You’ll also be glad to know that Virtual instructor-led training is loved by managers - it is the most cost-effective way to train.

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There´s a maximum number of learners in the class to ensure your easy access to personal coaching. You’ll meet accredited expert instructors that are seasoned IT Professionals and Consultants certified to the highest level and bringing real-world experience into the classroom.

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Exam & Skills Focus

We´ll cover the ins and outs of the subject so that you can apply it in your day-to-day work, and you’ll even learn the specifics that you need to know for the exam. It’s your choice whether to sit the exam, or not, but with our detailed guides and hotline, we’ll make it easy to access your exam voucher, and schedule and sit the exam online

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Certification Guarantee

Your access to training is unlimited and you can train as much as you want until you successfully pass your exam.

Sustainable Learning - Train with a Clear Conscience

Train with a clear conscience with training that makes a 96% lower carbon footprint compared to in-classroom training. Our organisation operates with minimal environmental impact and we´ve reduced our Co2 emission with 96% since 2020.We are compliant with the ISO 14001 throughout our entire supply chain as your guarantee for our sustainable business practices.

What you will learn during our MS-102 Certification course

- Create a tenant
- Implement and manage domains
- Configure organizational settings, including security, privacy, and profile
- Identify and respond to service health issues
- Configure notifications in service health
- Monitor adoption and usage

- Create and manage users
- Create and manage guest users
- Create and manage contacts
- Create and manage groups, including Microsoft 365 groups
- Manage and monitor Microsoft 365 license allocations
- Perform bulk user management, including PowerShell

- Manage roles in Microsoft 365 and Azure AD
- Manage role groups for Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Purview, and Microsoft 365 workloads
- Manage delegation by using administrative units
- Implement privileged identity management for Azure AD roles

- Prepare for identity synchronization by using IdFix
- Implement and manage directory synchronization by using Azure AD Connect cloud sync
- Implement and manage directory synchronization by using Azure AD Connect
- Monitor synchronization by using Azure AD Connect Health
- Troubleshoot synchronization, including Azure AD Connect and Azure AD Connect cloud sync

- Implement and manage authentication methods, including Windows Hello for Business, passwordless, tokens, and the Microsoft Authenticator app
- Implement and manage self-service password reset (SSPR)
- Implement and manage Azure AD Password Protection
- Implement and manage multi-factor authentication (MFA)
- Investigate and resolve authentication issues

- Plan for identity protection
- Implement and manage Azure AD Identity Protection
- Plan Conditional Access policies
- Implement and manage Conditional Access policies

- Review and take actions to improve the Microsoft Secure Score in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal
- Review and respond to security incidents and alerts in Microsoft 365 Defender
- Review and respond to issues identified in security and compliance reports in Microsoft 365 Defender
- Review and respond to threats identified in threat analytics

- Implement policies and rules in Defender for Office 365
- Review and respond to threats identified in Defender for Office 365, including threats and investigations
- Create and run campaigns, such as attack simulation
- Unblock users

- Onboard devices to Defender for Endpoint
- Configure Defender for Endpoint settings
- Review and respond to endpoint vulnerabilities
- Review and respond to risks identified in the Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management dashboard

- Implement and manage sensitive info types by using keywords, keyword lists, or regular expressions
- Implement retention labels, retention label policies, and retention policies
- Implement sensitivity labels and sensitivity label policies

- Implement DLP for workloads
- Implement Endpoint DLP
- Review and respond to DLP alerts, events, and reports

Meet our instructors

Meet some of the Readynez Instructors you can meet on your course. They are experts, passionate about what they do, and dedicated to give back to their industry, their field, and those who want to learn, explore, and advance in their careers.

Ed Baker
Ed Baker
#Microsoft #MVP #Azure #Windowsserver

Ed is a Microsoft MVP for many years and has authored several Microsoft Official Curriculum Courses for Azure, Windows Server and Windows.

Jens Gilges
#Microsoft365 #Azure #AWS#AWS #Machine Learning #Ethical Hacking #Penetration Testing #Offsec #GIAC

Jens is a 20-year MCT, an Amazon Authorized Champion Instructor and a well accomplish Cloud Infrastructure Security Consultant and Penetration Tester.

How to best be prepared for our MS-102 training

At Readynez, we provide many resources and have experienced experts in the field. That is why we are also very successful with many satisfied customers. You can therefore safely take your course with us. In order to take the MS-102 certification course, however, some prerequisites are required.

You have the perfect starting point to take this course with these prerequisites:

  • Functional experience with all Microsoft 365 workloads and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), part of Microsoft Entra, and have administered at least one of these.
  • Working knowledge of networking, server administration, DNS, and PowerShell.

Our track record

With 15 years experience and more than 50.000 happy customers from all over the world, companies such as ALSO, ATEA, Microsoft, Serco, and many more, trust Readynez to help them train and certify their staff.

  • [Dictionary item: Green-check] Top rated courses, with learners most often rating their training 10/10
  • [Dictionary item: Green-check] Globally recognized expert instructors, many of which are MVP's
  • [Dictionary item: Green-check] 50.000 delegates trained and certified
  • [Dictionary item: Green-check] Trusted provider of large training projects for many large companies

These are just some of the many major brands trusting Readynez.

Others also attended

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FAQ - Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator

Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification is designed for IT professionals who have responsibilities related to evaluating, planning, migrating, deploying, and managing Microsoft 365 services within an enterprise environment. This certification is part of the Microsoft 365 Certified Expert level.

The MS-102 exam contains approximately 60 questions. Candidates are given 180 minutes to complete the exam and must achieve a passing score of 700.

The cost of the MS-102 exam is not definite. It depends on factors such as the cost of the exam course which ranges from $15-$35, the price of the exam preparation materials such as the practice tests which is around $25, and lastly, the registration cost which depends on the location - the cost of MS-102 in the US is $165

A score of 700 or greater is required to pass. The certification is complex and takes immense work. It takes time, practice, and the right focus.

The Microsoft 365 Administrator Exam has a total duration of 150 minutes, which includes approximately 30 minutes allocated for surveys and assessments. This leaves you with around 120 minutes specifically for the exam itself. Completing the exam within the allotted time frame can be somewhat challenging.

The MS-102 does not have a fixed expiration date. While the certification itself may not expire, its relevance may diminish over time as Microsoft releases newer versions of the exams to cover the latest features and technologies.

As a candidate for this exam, you have functional experience with all Microsoft 365 workloads and Microsoft Entra ID and have administered at least one of these. You should also have a working knowledge of the following:

Planning a Microsoft 365 Implementation

Setting Up Microsoft 365 Tenancy and Subscription

Managing Microsoft 365 Subscription and Tenant Health

Planning and Designing Microsoft 365 Identity Strategy

Given that it's an expert-level exam, it poses a significant challenge due to its extensive coverage of various topics and best practices. Therefore, it is suggested to have a minimum of 1-2 years of practical experience in Microsoft 365 Administration and Management before contemplating the exam registration.

Being an expert-level exam, MS-102 presents a substantial challenge due to its comprehensive coverage of diverse topics and best practices within the Microsoft 365 domain. The exam demands a robust understanding of various aspects of Microsoft 365 administration and management, making it intricate and requiring a high level of expertise.

The duration required for MS-102 exam preparation varies significantly, influenced by individual factors like prior experience, familiarity with exam content, and the time devoted to studying. Typically, a common approach involves allocating several weeks to a few months for a comprehensive preparation period.

In the United States, the annual salaries for Microsoft 365 Administrators typically fall within the range of approximately $60,000 to $120,000 or higher. This variation is influenced by factors like experience, geographic location, specific job roles, and industry dynamics, as previously mentioned.

Earning Microsoft certifications like MS-102 can significantly enhance your career prospects by validating your expertise and dedication to mastering specific technologies, providing industry recognition, and serving as a testament to your proficiency in managing critical Microsoft 365 services, making you highly sought after by employers in the IT job market.

Microsoft certification exams, including those about Microsoft 365, are administered via Pearson VUE, a global provider of testing and assessment services, allowing candidates to schedule and complete exams either at a physical testing center or through online proctoring.

To prepare for the MS-102 certification exam, adopt a systematic approach by reviewing official exam objectives, creating a realistic study plan, utilizing Microsoft's documentation and training resources, gaining hands-on experience, taking practice exams, leveraging reference books, participating in online communities, staying updated on Microsoft 365 services, practicing time management, and periodically reviewing and reinforcing learned concepts; effective preparation involves blending theoretical knowledge with practical skills, tailoring your approach to your learning style, and consistently assessing progress to make necessary adjustments in your study plan.

Obtaining a Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator (MS-102) certificate can qualify you for various roles focused on Microsoft 365 administration. Here are some job roles you may pursue:

  • Microsoft 365 Administrator: Responsible for configuring, securing, and managing Microsoft 365 services, including Exchange Online, SharePoint, and Teams.
  • Cloud Administrator: Manages cloud-based services and infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, security, and integration with Microsoft 365.
  • Systems Administrator: Administers and maintains on-premises and cloud-based systems, including those integrated with Microsoft 365.

Pearson VUE, a global provider of testing and assessment services, is the usual administrator for Microsoft certification exams, including the MS-102 exam. Candidates have the option to select either a physical testing center or online proctoring for the exam delivery.



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