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Readynez achieves ISO accreditations for Sustainability and Quality

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  • Published by: ANDRÈ HAMMER on Oct 18, 2022
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We are just delighted to share the news, that Readynez has achieved the ISO 9001 accreditation for Quality Management and the ISO 14001 for Environmental management. Combined, they document our commitment to deliver quality training with minimal environmental impact.

This means, that we are now proud providers of ISO certified Sustainable Training, and you can finally train with a clear conscience.

Why ISO certification matters

The ISO Accreditations are your guarantee of Readynez’ superior quality and our environmental accountability.  

The 9001 certifies the quality and service throughout the supply chain while the ISO 14001 is the gold standard accreditation for environmental front runners.

In combination, they provide assurance that we do business according to the highest standards possible and that we have documented our commitment to balance purpose and profit in accordance with environmental sustainability goals.

What are the facts of sustainable training

1. Lower Carbon footprint

Sustainable training makes a 96% lower carbon footprint compared to in-classroom training.

2. Minimal environmental impact

Readynez operates with minimal environmental impact and we´ve reduced our Co2 emission with 96% since 2020.

3. Your guarantee

We are compliant with the ISO 14001 throughout our entire supply chain as your guarantee for our sustainable business practices.

Now you´re probably wondering how you can work with us?

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