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Through years of experience working with more than 1000 top companies in the world, we ́ve architected the Readynez method for learning.
Train in any technology using the award-winning Readynez method and combine any variation of learning style, technology and place, to take learning ambitions from intent to impact.

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Let´s put an end to your skills gaps with Customised IT Training

You won´t solve your current Skills Gap with yesterday's standard IT training. Instead, you need Customised IT Training built specifically for your requirements.

No time wasted with highly efficient training

Get Skills that match the business requirements perfectly

Training a team multiplies outcome due to synergies


It's a well documented fact that leaders using the customised approach to training are 4 times more likely to reach their goals. That´s because their amobitions aren´t stopped by their Digital Skills Gaps. Here´s how you can get there too:


Based on your Business Strategy, what are the key things you need to succeed with related to Digital Skills?


What existing and new Digital Roles do you need to successfully Transform your business?


For the key roles you’ve identified, what digital skills and competencies should they ideally have?


Now you need to map out a plan allowing you to acquire and develop the resources and skills you need


As you implement the Plan, you must continuously monitor and track your progress and whether the business has the Digital Skills available it needs to succeed with its strategy

Customers' Return on investment

Applying the Readynez way for Customised Digital Skills Training nearly guarantees a positive return on your investment

“We saved 40% of the time.

I avoided taking my service desk and consultants out of production for 4 extra days. It would simply not be feasible for our business, and the loss in billable hours would have made the whole project extremely expensive"

Andreas Jacobsson,Production IT Manager at Skånemejerier

“We have considered different training partners in the past, but Readynez was always more competitive. We like the concept. We spend minimum time resulting in a

55% lower cost per employee

and we leave with the certification in hand.”

Richard Wahlstedt, Business Area Manager at INVID.

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Why customised training is a priority for the most successful managers

Your Company will live or die by how well your Digital Skills fit your business. The gains of prioritising customised skills are hard to miss:

Step up transformation

Customised Digital Skills accelerate your digital transformation journey

Solve #1

Solve the #1 problem for low revenue growth: Your gap in digital skills

Get value faster

Get value from your investment in new technology much faster with targeted training

Reach your goals

When your digital skills connect with business strategy you'll be ready to grow

100% Efficient

With customised training you don´t waste a minute training for irrelevant skills

No Stress

Customising digital skills puts you in a great place to make it through the tech disruption

3 Examples of Customised Training projects

These examples include the key elements of a successful Customised Training Programme with Readynez consultants guiding you all the way.

Example 1

5 Members of a team

Your Benefits

  • Defines Objective with you
  • Map Skills to requirements
  • Provide Pre study Material
  • Provide Instructor-led Training
  • Facilitate Certification
  • Outcome based evaluation
Example 2

Application rollout

Your Benefits

  • Defines objective with you
  • Describe job roles
  • Map Skills to requirements
  • Build a Plan
  • Provide Pre-study material
  • Provide Instructor-led Training
  • Facilitate Certification
  • Outcome based evaluation
Example 3

Digital Transformation

Your Benefits

  • Defines Objectives with you
  • Design job role programmes in Readynez365
  • Map Skills to requirements
  • Build the Plan
  • Provide Pre-study material
  • Provide Instructor-led Training
  • Facilitate Certification

  • Enables Digital Skills Governance
  • Outcome based evaluation



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