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Skånemejerier name Skills “business critical”

Jan 2022 by Maria Forsberg

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Key Outcomes

  • 40% less time spent with a customized training programme.
  • Training a whole team provided synergy effects that multiply outcome.
  • 100% customized training ensured connection to business requirements. 
  • A long term Skills plan anchored with management enabled digital transformation

51% consider digital skills their biggest obstacle

A recent report by Precognize, found that 51% of companies consider digital skills to be their biggest obstacle. In fact, the lack of digital skills is holding back digital transformation across the manufacturing industry as a whole, with companies from numerous markets citing it as their primary barrier.

Andreas Jacobsson who is the Production IT manager at Skånemejerier says: ”Our business is impacted by digital transformation in numerous ways. We are still a traditional manufacturing business, and very proud of our long heritage, but we are also developing more products for new segments.

On the technology side, we are implementing new technologies to enable a true human + machine workforce with robotics for instance, but also, we are ambitious around our core security architecture. “


The Synergy

“We saved 40% of the time that we would have spent on standard cybersecurity courses and we all learned in synergy. I can’t stress enough how important that has been for us."

Activating the plan

In partnership with Readynez, Skånemejerier has designed a plan for continuous learning in the IT security area.

The goal was to design a path for continuous learning that would enable a strong enterprise-wide strategic approach to security.

Readynez designed a customized Security programme for 5 core members of the Security Team and a plan for continuous learning to be applied longer term.

Andreas chose this approach because Skånemejerier wanted to learn in synergy and they did not want too much downtime.

Andreas explains: “We saved 40% of the time that we would have spent on standard cybersecurity courses and we all learned in synergy. I can’t stress enough how important that has been for us. Too often cybersecurity is a secondary IT responsibility, but security doesn´t just reside in my team. It is really about the whole organization and the management team is key for awareness and priorities.

For us, the training has enabled us to build a culture of increased security awareness. That is key because as many know, the so much of the vulnerabilities of an organization really come from within the organization”

Continuous Learning
Training and culture are key elements of the successful cybersecurity strategy for Skånemejerier, and awareness and the establishment of best practices ae a big part of the battle against threats, and the journey never ends.

Andreas’ finally points to the importance of continuous learning: “The threats evolve all the time and so must your Skills. Making a long term plan and anchoring it with management was the best thing we could have done.”

Interested to learn more about cybersecurity courses and continuous learning? Reach out to Readynez in the chat or use the quick form below.

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Consider digital skills biggest obstacle to change


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Skånemejerier name Skills “business critical”

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