Top IT Expert Jens Gilges joins Readynez

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The multi-award-winning training provider Readynez has engaged with Jens Gilges as exclusive Senior Instructor & Head of Learning Technologies. He will be devoted to helping architect more complex learning solutions while still staying on to train in the classroom as a Senior Instructor.

Jens has been working with IT since 2001 and he has trained, certified and prepared thousands of people for the future. He is recognised around the world as a subject matter expert in Cloud and infrastructure Security and he holds a significant number of top Certifications in multiple technologies including Microsoft M365/Azure/AWS/Cisco/(ISC)2 to name a few.

A new profile for a new world

Founded more than a decade ago in the Nordics, Readynez has presented impressive growth rates since opening and now they are strengthening their offering with an in-house technological mastermind.

“We have grown substantially and now it has become clear we needed a new type of profile. Our customers now need much more customised learning solutions as well as a state-of-the-art Virtual training solution. We have worked with Jens for a decade now and we knew that it just had to be him” says Rickard Hagenstam COO at Readynez.

New times

Determined to enable digital transformation for organisations all over the world, Readynez keeps growing its business as a partner on larger skill projects and also on the virtual training market. These are areas where Jens will have a big hand in contributing with an even greater positive impact for businesses all over the world.

Jens Gilges, new Senior Instructor & Head of Learning Technologies explains: “Readynez is doing a great job providing continuous Learning, Certification & Compliance solutions to power the change you want. I can’t wait to become a part of the family and to work even closer with customers and have an even greater positive impact on the business's ability to create digital change”

Training is strategic now

Research shows that 70% of the investments in new technologies are wasted as digital transformation projects fail, and lack of skills is the main issue.

Rickard Hagenstam, COO for Readynez continues to explain, that the days of random course investments are gone. Training is much more strategic now. Customers are not just in the market for skills, they want the right skills from the best provider and they want to be able to trust the outcome and document ROI and how their investments fit in with general strategies.

3 Tips to get prepared

The requirement for all of us to face the enemy. Acknowledge the threat and prepare for attacks. Implement security basics such as policies, training and awareness, monitoring and most of all frequent backups and plans for restoration of systems in case of a failure. Preparing for ransomware should involve business continuity, risk management and security monitoring. There are many factors that may lead to a ransomware attack but it is probably impossible to address them all.

Facilities - Latest resources, technology and programs for all our candidates.

Culture - Educate and create a security culture.

Plan - Address communications with clients, employees, suppliers, media and regulatory bodies.

Two people monitoring systems for security breaches

Unlimited Security Training

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