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IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) Courses at Readynez

Aug 2021 by Saj Ahmed

International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) was founded in 2000. It is the largest privacy association in the world and a leader in the privacy industry with over 40,000 members in over 112 countries.

IAPP Privacy Certifications

CIPP (Certified Information Privacy Professional)

The "what" of privacy, and why you need it. Focused on specific regions.

  • United States (CIPP/US)
  • Canada (CIPP/C)
  • Europe (CIPP/E) 
  • Asia (CIPP/A) 


This is a regional certification that is taught in line with the privacy laws and regulations of different parts of the world. I.e. The CIPP/E (Europe) is in conjunction with the GDPR rules and regulations that came about in 2018.

CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Manager)

CIPT (Certified Information Privacy Technologist)

The "how" of privacy operations, and why you need it

This will involve taking the laws (of the land where your organisation operates) and using it within the legal limits and also involves vetting vendors, where the biggest breaches within privacy were via vendor mismanagement >

The "how" of privacy and technology, and why you need it

As privacy and technology go hand-in-hand, as technology evolves, the privacy regulations have to adapt to be able to enforce the rules and regulations that new technology can possibly compromise privacy.


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