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Many people recognize the value of the CISSP® certification as a validation of their knowledge and experience in the field of Information Security Management, and many organizations use the CISSP as a benchmark for hiring employees or contractors. But the CISSP exam is hard. It requires a broad knowledge base and the ability to apply that knowledge in real-life situations.

 If you are considering the CISSP, here are a few hints that will help you prepare.

Think like a manager. The CISSP is a management certification – it is important not to approach the examination from a technical viewpoint. Many situations that a manager must face do not have definitive answers and require the consideration of several different factors. Be ready for questions that require careful thought and analysis.

One of the best ways to prepare is to attend an instructor-led training programme that introduces the breadth of topics on the exam. This fills in gaps in knowledge. For example, Readynez courses will give you complete immersion in an isolated environment where we will train together for 10-12 hour days. That enables maximum knowledge retention and it is an ideal way to prepare for the exam that you may sit on the final day of your course. A training and certification programme requires investment in time, and money – so get the most out of it that you can, and increase your chances of passing first time.

The way to increase the value of your training is consistency and repetition. Set out a study schedule long before the exam. Ensure that you study in all eight domains and go back over the content several times. Spending time in the content prior to a course is an excellent idea. Do the pre-studies offered by Readynez for its delegates. Then attend the instructor-led course –then the course becomes the final review and polish before entering the examination room. Never expect to learn everything in a week and when you are studying always ask yourself what is important for me to know about this topic? How does this topic fit into the field of Information Security Management? The more you practice analysis, and work on really gaining an understanding of the topics, the more comfortable you will be in the exam. 

Some people will fail to achieve a passing score on the exam – then it is important to use that experience as a tool for trying again. Go over the content again – make sure to digest the materials and be able to explain the concepts to yourself. But remember to review everything – you do not want to do well in the domains you were previously weak in, and miss the points you did well in last time. At Readynez we are committed to you, our customers, and you're in safe hands even if you should fail your first attempt. With the certification guarantee, you can join the course again, for free, and only pay for accommodation and exam.

At Readynez we are here to help – we are passionate about education and providing value, so feel free to contact us – ask questions and we will do our best to explain the concepts and methods that will help you to succeed and become a valued member of the CISSP family.

11. Aug 2020

by Kevin Henry

Kevin Henry

Senior Instructor Readynez

Kevin Henry has served for many years as an authorized instructor for (ISC)2 and he is renowned for his 20 year contribution to learners training for IT security skills- and certifications such as the CISSP, CISM, CISA and CCSP everywhere in the world.

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