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Microsoft PL-300 Certified? What Salary to Expect!

  • What is the salary of PL-300 certified?
  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 09, 2024

Are you thinking about getting Microsoft PL-300 certified but not sure how much you could earn? You have come to the right place! In this article, we'll look at the salaries of Microsoft PL-300 certified professionals in the UK.

Whether you're experienced or new to the field, knowing the earning potential for this certification can help you make a smart career choice. So, let's find out what kind of salary you can expect with a Microsoft PL-300 certification.

What is the salary of PL-300 certified Professionals?

Understanding Microsoft PL-300 Certification

Professionals who are PL-300 certified have job titles like Dynamics 365 Finance Functional Consultant, Senior Business Analyst, or Financial System Supervisor. The demand and salaries for PL-300 certified individuals are increasing steadily.

If you are an entry-level PL-300 certified professionals, expect to earn around £40,000 annually. Yes, salaries do go up significantly with experience.

The topics that the PL-300 exam covers include implementation methodology, finance, supply chain management, and data migration. It also features scenario-based and multiple-choice questions.

You must achieve a minimum score of 700 out of 1000 to pass. After passing, you earn the Dynamics 365 Finance Functional Consultant Associate certification, which is valid for a year.

Once you completed the Microsoft PL-300 certification, expect career opportunities in technology and business applications. This certification opens doors to roles like functional consultants, solution architects, and project managers in different industries. The salary a PL-300 certified professional gets paid varies depending on location, level of experience, and your specific job roles.

However, having this certification places you at a position to earn higher salaries because of your specialized skills and expertise in Microsoft Power Platform.

The PL-300 exam and certification tests your ability to implement technical solutions and manage business applications. The objectives of this certification include demonstrating that you can create and manage apps proficiently, automate workflows, and analyze data.

Career Opportunities

Job Titles for PL-300 Certified Professionals

A PL-300 certification can find you jobs with various titles in the UK. These include Power Platform developer, administrator, and consultant. This certification opens up career opportunities in industries like finance, healthcare, and retail.

Industry reports suggest that as a PL-300 certified professional in the UK, you can earn between £35,000 and £60,000 per year. The actual salary depends on your job role and experience level.

You can expect your salaries to rise further in the future as the demand for professionals with Power Platform expertise grows.

Data Analyst

If you are a Professional with PL-300 certification in data analysis, you can work job with titles like Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Database Analyst, or Data Scientist.

With a PL-300 certification, expect significant career growth and considerable financial rewards. A Data Analyst with PL-300 certification in the UK can earn a median annual salary of around £35,000. If you are in a more senior role, like that of a Data Scientist, you can earn well above the national average.

The demand for skilled data analysts is growing because of the exponential increase in data-driven decision-making across all industries.

According to the UK government's Office for National Statistics, the number of job openings for data analysts is expected to grow substantially over the next decade, making this certification important in the job market.

Power Platform Developer

The PL-300 certification can lead you to job opportunities like Power Platform Developer, Technical Architect, and Solution Architect. On average, a Power Platform Developer in the UK can earn between £40,000 and £60,000 per year.

The PL-300 exam focuses on designing, developing, securing, and maintaining Power Platform solutions skills. It evaluates your ability to extend the platform, create custom interfaces, automate processes, and manage data.

It also ensures that you are proficient in implementing integration points, customizing application lifecycle management, and designing a strategy for governance and security.

If you are a certified professional with these skills, you will be highly sought after in the industry and can find rewarding career opportunities.

Power Platform Administrator

A Power Platform Administrator has many career opportunities. Some job titles you may come across include Power Platform Architect, Power Platform Consultant, and Power Platform Developer.

In these roles, you will be responsible for overseeing and managing Power Platform components. Getting PL-300 certified can lead you to higher earning potential, as it demonstrates that you have advanced knowledge. The certification also makes you more attractive to employers.

Business Analyst

A PL-300 certified Business Analysts has various job titles including Business Systems Analyst, Data Analyst, or Operations Research Analyst. These roles allow you to work in large corporations, financial institutions, or government agencies.

You can expect a promising career with potential for salary advancement as a PL-300 certified Business Analysts. The average salary range is £40,000 to £60,000 per year, depending on your level of experience and location. Due to the growing demand for data analysis and business intelligence, there is a favorable job market for these professionals.

Power Platform Consultant

Getting yourself the PL-300 certification can lead to a significant increase in salary. Specifically, as a Power Platform Consultant, this certification is a great achievement that can open doors to higher paying opportunities.

There is a growing global demand for skilled professionals in this field. So, having the PL-300 certification offers you a better chance of securing jobs with more competitive salaries.

In addition, there is a huge growth potential for you as a Power Platform Consultants with PL-300 certification. Companies increasingly value this certification and are constantly looking for people with your skill set. This certification often paves the way for more senior roles for you within organizations and offers you plenty of opportunities for career growth.

Over to you

Microsoft PL-300 certification holders can earn competitive salaries. The certification shows expertise in Power Platform applications, making professionals in this field highly sought after. Salaries for PL-300 certified individuals can vary based on experience, location, and specific job responsibilities, but tend to be above average compared to other IT certifications. Also, PL-300 certification opens the door to various job opportunities within the Microsoft ecosystem.

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What is the Microsoft PL-300 certification?

The Microsoft PL-300 certification validates that a Power Platform Functional Consultants has the expertise to configure a Power Platform, create apps, and automate workflows. This certification demonstrates your skills in creating solutions and that you can collaborate with stakeholders to deliver business value.

How do I become Microsoft PL-300 certified?

You need to prepare for and pass the PL-300 exam to become Microsoft PL-300 certified. So, study the exam topics, enroll in a training course, and take advantage of practice tests to prepare. Then sign up and take the exam through the Microsoft website.

What job roles can I expect with a Microsoft PL-300 certification?

You can work as a Power Platform Developer, Solution Architect, and Business Analyst.

What salary can I expect with a Microsoft PL-300 certification?

The average salary for a professional with the Microsoft PL-300 certification is about $95,000 per year. There is potential to earn more based on your level of experience and location.

Are there any additional benefits to being Microsoft PL-300 certified?

Yes. The Microsoft PL-300 certification exposes you to better job opportunities and the potential to earn more. It also shows you have the expertise to operate the Microsoft Power Platform, and this can improve your job performance and efficiency.


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