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AWS Offers 12 Cloud Certifications - Which one is for you

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  • Published by: ANDRÈ HAMMER on Nov 03, 2022
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So you’ve probably heard that the cloud platform offered by Inc, AWS, has become an irreplaceable part of the e-commerce giant's business portfolio. You most likely believe that since it gives businesses access to all the tools they need to begin operations in the cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) proficiency is something recruiters are looking for.

If you believe all of this, you are absolutely right. AWS is an excellent platform on which to construct a new enterprise from the ground up. Amazon offers existing businesses cost-effective migration services, allowing for a smooth transition of their current infrastructure to AWS, which may be done without disruption.

In the second quarter of 2021, AWS brought in a record $14.8 billion in net sales, accounting for just over 13% of Amazon's total net sales. AWS is a frontrunner over other cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure.

The job market, currently, has an extremely high demand for skills in cloud computing.63% of IT leaders believe that recruiting skilled engineers is extremely difficult. Gaining expertise in the cloud and securing the proper certification from AWS can help you gain access to the employment opportunities you’ve been dreaming of. The development of cloud skills and the acquisition of the necessary AWS certification can be helpful in achieving your goals, whether those goals are to advance your present profession or to transition into a new sector.

In December 2020, Amazon Web Services made the news that they will be providing free cloud-computing skills training to 29 million people all over the world in order to aid individuals with increasing their technological talents. AWS is committed to providing assistance to those who will be working in the future. Burning Glass Technology, a company that specializes in labor market analytics, forecasts that job prospects in the United States that are tied to cloud computing will increase by 28% over the course of the next five years. Still Not Convinced?

Reasons to get AWS certified

Here are some more reasons to seriously consider getting an AWS certification.

1) A standout resume

Because of the consistent year-over-year growth that can be observed in the cloud sector, many people will need to get familiar with AWS technology merely to keep up with the changes that are occurring in the industry and to ensure that they continue to be valuable to their employers. By being certified right now, you can stay ahead of the competition in an industry that is expanding at a rapid rate and is only going to become bigger.

2) Bring in the big bucks with an AWS certification

Jobs that pay well and are in great demand, generally require an AWS Certification.AWS credentials now hold a prominent position atop the list of the most lucrative certifications available in the field of information technology. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Developer - Associate certification is ranked number four on the list of the top paid credentials, according to one study. Certified developers can expect an annual compensation of 114,148 USD on average if they hold this qualification. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate credential pulls in an annual salary of an average of 121,292 USD. With these kinds of stats, AWS is the clear winner when it comes to cloud certification.

3) Help is readily available

Because the AWS certification has been available in some form or the other, since 2013, there are a lot of materials available to help those who are considering taking the test. In addition to the abundance of books and online discussion groups that are available on the topic, AWS Architect training may be obtained in the form of live, instructor-led training; virtual and digital training; and live online training. Readynez has a large collection of AWS training programs to help make your journey easier.

4) You could be a Subject Matter Expert

AWS provides a subject matter expert program (SME) for qualified candidates. As an SME, you can attend several seminars and contribute to the exam development process. Through this process, you may acquire additional insight into AWS services and feature sets and you can also add it to your CV.

5) Be a part of the AWS community

Candidates seeking certification now have access to a wider variety of possibilities for networking. Candidates who successfully complete the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam are granted membership to the AWS Certified Solutions Architects LinkedIn network, are offered invitations to regional events, and are given free practice examinations to help them prepare for additional certifications.

So now you’ve decided that an AWS certificate is the next step in your career. Great! Here’s some information about the wide range of certificates that will help you pick the perfect one for you!

What AWS certificate is perfect for you?

At the moment, Amazon Web Services provides candidates with the opportunity to earn a total of twelve certificates. These certifications are divided into:

  • Foundational
  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Specialty

There is one foundational certification, three associate-level certifications, two professional-level certifications, and six specialized certificates.

AWS Foundational Level Certifications
This level of AWS certifications includes:

It covers the following skills:

  • Basic AWS architectural foundations
  • Key AWS services
  • AWS security and compliance

This level of certification is for you if you need to grasp core cloud ideas, such as what is cloud, what is cloud migration, and how AWS functions at a high level. If you do not wish to dabble in implementation, this level is for you. Every journey must begin somewhere, so if you are new to cloud tech, or are just starting off, a foundational certification is where you should begin.

AWS Associate Level Certifications
This level of AWS certifications includes:

It covers the following skills:

  • How AWS-based applications work
  • Building secure applications on the AWS platform
  • Deploying hybrid AWS systems
  • Hands-on AWS application design
  • AWS application development
  • Security in AWS environments

This one's for you if you are going to be working with AWS in any hands-on applications. AWS Associate level certifications are where the work really begins in terms of day-to-day application.

AWS Professional-Level Certifications
This level of AWS certifications includes:

It covers the following skills:

  • Deploy complex AWS migration
  • Learn cost-optimization strategies
  • Implement CD strategies
  • Monitor and log AWS systems
  • Implement scalable systems on AWS

You will find value in these certifications if you already have experience working in AWS, have mastered your AWS Associate-level qualifications, and are ready to take the next step. If you are unsure as to whether or not you are prepared to seek an Amazon Web Services Professional level certification, the answer is probably not! These tests are not to be taken lightly. They are both comprehensive in their coverage and in-depth in the areas that they focus on, making them the pinnacle of Amazon Web Services’ certifications. You need to have a lot of knowledge about a lot of different things.

AWS Specialty Certifications
This level of AWS certifications include:

It covers the following skills:

  • Design and maintain Big Data
  • Use AWS to automate data analysis
  • Automate AWS systems for network deployments
  • Kinesis, Athena, QuickSight, and Rekognition
  • AWS for ML solutions
  • Design secure ML solutions

This one will suit your needs if you already have a significant amount of experience in one of AWS's specialized areas, and you're prepared to verify that experience in order to go further in your career. The AWS Specialty certifications are designed to test candidates' proficiency in very specialized topics, such as networking, data analytics, database management, and security, as well as machine learning. They are not to be taken lightly. Numerous years of hands-on professional experience in each specialty domain is strongly suggested for all candidates in order to pass the certifications.

What is the best route to get multiple AWS certificates?

There are many paths to getting extremely proficient at AWS, you could mix and match, pick certificates based on your needs at the time, etc. However, going in order can provide a great ascending order, where you have a stepping stone before each certification. If you choose to begin with the optional Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate, you will create a much easier learning curve for yourself. Here’s a list of 5 of the most effective AWS certificates. They have been listed in the order one should go about getting them.

1. Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam is for those who have experience with designing distributed applications. Candidates will have to demonstrate their ability to design, manage, and implement applications using tools and services on the AWS platform. This certification was updated in August 2022 and now includes more AWS services and best practices.

Exam Details:
Cost: 150 USD
Time: 130 minutes
Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-response

What The Exam Covers:

  • Network technologies and how they work in AWS
  • Deploying hybrid systems
  • How AWS-based applications work and how client interfaces connect to the AWS platform
  • How to build secure and reliable applications on the AWS platform

2. Certified Developer – Associate

The AWS Certified Developer Associate exam involves developing and maintaining AWS-based applications. Being able to write actual code is necessary for this certification.

Exam Details
Cost: 150 USD
Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-response
Time: 130 minutes

What The Exam Covers

  • Understanding the basic AWS architecture and core services
  • Working knowledge of applications that utilize key AWS services such as AWS databases, notifications, workflow services, and services for storage and change management services
  • Hands-on experience designing, developing, deploying, debugging, and maintaining applications

3. Certified SysOps Admin – Associate

This is the only certification that is fully geared toward system administrators. Technical expertise as well as conceptual knowledge of the operational aspects of AWS are required to pass this exam. Previous experience as a Linux or Windows administrator is helpful.

Exam Details

Cost: 150 USD
Time: 180 minutes
Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-response, and Exam lab. Exam labs contain a scenario that is composed of a set of tasks to perform in the AWS Management Console or AWS CLI

What the exam covers:

  • Provisioning, managing, and securing systems in an AWS environment
  • Sending and receiving data between data centers and multi-VPC architectures
  • Selecting the appropriate AWS services to meet an organization’s needs
  • Deploying applications to the AWS platform across distributed architectures

4. Certified DevOps – Professional

This certification involves provisioning, operating, and managing applications on the AWS platform. This exam focuses primarily on the two fundamental concepts of continuous delivery and the automation of processes. This certification would require experience in provisioning and managing AWS-based applications. It also requires a strong grasp of modern application development like the agile development methodology.

Exam Details
Cost: 300 USD
Time: 180 minutes
Format: Multiple-choice, multiple answers

What the exam covers:

  • The basics of modern CD methodologies
  • Set up, monitoring, security controls, and logging systems on AWS
  • How to implement highly available, scalable, and self-healing systems on AWS
  • How to implement and manage CD systems
  • How to design and management tools that enable automation of production operations

5. Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

The professional AWS architect evaluates an organization’s requirements and makes architectural recommendations for implementing and deploying applications on AWS. This certification requires a high degree of technical skill and experience designing AWS-based applications. In November 2022 this exam will be updated to include more AWS services and best practices.

Exam Details:
Cost: 300 USD
Time: 180 minutes
Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-answer

What the exam covers:

  • Best practices for architecting the designing scalable applications on AWS
  • Knowledge of cost optimization strategies
  • Selecting the right AWS service for the requirements of an application ensuring its highly available, fault-tolerant, and reliable
  • Migration of complex application systems to AWS across a multi-tier architecture design

In Conclusion

It is in your best interest to earn any certification in the field of information technology that reflects your level of knowledge and skill. In a market where there is a lot of competition, having the ability to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack may help you get noticed and get started on the path to accomplishing your professional goals.

At Readynez, through years of experience working with more than 1000 top companies in the world, we have architected the Readynez Best Practice Model for learning and customized training. If you are keen on getting AWS certified, Readynez is the place to begin.

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