Guidelines & preparations for your virtual delivery course with Readynez


Training will take place within the announced schedule. However, your training may extend a bit, so we do encourage you to not make fixed plans right after the scheduled end time. 



This course will be delivered 100% virtually via Microsoft Teams. You will meet with your instructor and fellow participants in a virtual space. Everything happens live and you can interact freely, discuss, ask questions and be present with your instructor in real-time. 


Access the class 

All you need is a computer, headphones with a mic and a stable internet connection, and you will be able to access the class by the link provided.


Attending from meeting room? 

No matter if you are planning to join the training as a group from a meeting room, you will still need your PC with a stable connection to the internet. It’s important that you can access the training individually and ask questions using the chat function and work with labs and exercises. 


Attending from home? 

We trust that you will have a fantastic experience at your own venue of choice – and we hope that you will find these tips useful to help you make the most of this opportunity: 


- Prepare a quiet place to train and turn your notifications off as this can distract you from the flow of the course.

- Expect long training days, don't make other plans for the evenings. 

- Be well prepared with lots of food and snacks in the house, you will need this to get going.

- Make sure that you are able to take notes on paper or a device and have post-it notes and other stationery available if you need it. 

- Use a wired headset - unless you are certain that your wireless headset's battery can last the whole duration of the course.

- Have your camera turned on during the training. It is a vital part of being present as a team and enabling a highly engaging and personal learning experience.


For the full benefit of your course, we recommend that you consume the suggested pre-reading prior to course start.

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