Which one is Harder: PRINCE2 or PMP?

  • Is PRINCE2 or PMP harder?
  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 23, 2024

Thinking about getting a project management certification? Not sure whether to go for PRINCE2 or PMP? Both have challenges and benefits. Let's look at how they differ to help you decide which one to pursue. Knowing what each certification needs can help you choose the right fit for your career goals.

Is PRINCE2 or PMP harder?

Certification Overview

PRINCE2 websitePRINCE2 and PMP certifications are well respected in project management.

The main differences between them are in their methodologies and frameworks.

  • PRINCE2 focuses on a structured project management approach.
  • PMP certification highlights leadership and strategic skills.

To get certified, individuals must meet specific criteria like project management experience, training, and passing an exam.

Fees for both certifications vary based on the level of certification and membership status with the certification bodies.

  • PRINCE2 certification provides a strong foundation in project practices.
  • PMP certification equips professionals with advanced project management skills.

Both certifications offer benefits like higher salary potential, global recognition, and industry demand for certified professionals.

Project Management Methodologies

PRINCE2 and PMP certifications are pathways to becoming a certified project management professional.

Each certification has unique requirements, exams, and training to manage project tasks effectively.

PRINCE2 focuses on a structured methodology defining project roles, processes, and tasks.

PMP emphasizes industry-standard practices, skills, and knowledge for project success.

PRINCE2-certified managers handle complex projects with defined processes.

PMP-certified professionals excel in leading project-oriented teams for efficient results.

Global demand for certified project managers is high, offering lucrative career opportunities.

Understanding these certification differences helps project managers excel in today's industry.

Benefits of PRINCE2 and PMP

PRINCE2 and PMP certifications can help project managers improve their skills.

PRINCE2 provides a structured approach to project management. This methodology uses defined processes and roles to manage projects effectively.

PMP certification, on the other hand, offers a deep understanding of project management practices. This knowledge enhances the ability to handle complex projects.

Both certifications involve challenging exams to show mastery of project-oriented practices.

Certified project managers are in high demand in the industry. This leads to more career opportunities and higher salary potential.

Differences between PRINCE2 and PMP

Approach to Project Management

When it comes to project management, professionals can choose between PMP or PRINCE2 certification. Both certifications require project management knowledge and industry experience.

PMP certification focuses on managing projects effectively, while PRINCE2 certification offers a structured framework for project management.

PMP follows a global standard, while PRINCE2 provides a tailored approach to project tasks.

Certified project managers have different roles: PMP professionals handle complex projects, while PRINCE2 practitioners ensure successful project delivery processes.

Companies value certified project managers for their leadership skills.

PMP certification can lead to higher salary and career opportunities, whereas PRINCE2 certification helps manage project risks effectively.

The choice between PRINCE2 and PMP depends on individual career goals, project management style, and project requirements.

Exam Format

The PRINCE2 certification exam has multiple-choice questions. It tests knowledge on project management processes, roles, and tasks.

In contrast, the PMP exam focuses more on applying project management skills and experience practically.

These differences in exam format show how PRINCE2 and PMP diverge in their approaches to project management training and certification.

PRINCE2 certification stresses a structured framework for project management, while PMP certification concentrates on real-world project practices.

When choosing between PRINCE2 and PMP certifications, project managers should think about their industry experience and career goals.

Both certifications have advantages like higher salary, global demand, and improved professional skills.

Deciding between PRINCE2 and PMP certifications hinges on personal preferences, expertise, and available resources for training and exam readiness.

Eligibility Criteria

To attain the PRINCE2 certification, individuals need knowledge or experience in project management. This ensures they have a good foundation before going for the certification.

For the PMP certification, the criteria focus more on education level and hands-on project management experience. Candidates need a degree, hours managing projects, and specific training.

These different requirements show how PRINCE2 and PMP certifications assess project management professionals differently. Both certifications are valuable for project managers to improve their skills, career, and meet industry demands.

Fee Structure

The fee structure for getting PRINCE2 certification can vary. It depends on the training provider and where the exam is taken.

Candidates usually need to pay for the training course, exam fees, and study materials.

Similarly, PMP certification also has costs like exam fees, training course fees, and study resources such as books and practice exams.

Although both certifications require an investment, having professional project management credentials can result in more career opportunities, higher salary potential, and improved project management skills.

Those with PRINCE2 certification might be better at managing project-focused tasks.

On the other hand, PMP certification is known globally for providing project managers with the knowledge and skills to handle complex projects.

Choosing between PRINCE2 and PMP certifications depends on personal career goals, industry needs, and preferences.

Preparation Time

The amount of time you need for PRINCE2 or PMP certification exams depends on your project management background.

For PRINCE2, you'll need to study the methodology, processes, and roles. It might take a significant effort.

On the other hand, PMP certification requires more preparation. It covers a wide range of project management practices and needs a deep understanding of complex projects.

Both certifications need dedicated study time. Use training programs, resources, and practice exams to get ready.

The different prep times for PRINCE2 and PMP exams show the diverse skills needed for project management roles.

Comparison of PRINCE2 and PMP

Geography-wise Popularity

When comparing the popularity of PRINCE2 and PMP certifications based on geography, it is clear that some regions or countries favour PRINCE2 more. This preference is due to the structured approach and framework that PRINCE2 offers, making it a top choice for project managers, especially in Europe.

On the other hand, the demand for PMP certification varies across different regions. It is particularly popular in the United States and other areas that follow PMI standards. Trends suggest that PRINCE2 is commonly preferred in project-focused industries, whereas PMP is well-regarded in countries needing project managers with diverse skills.

Understanding these geographical preferences can help professionals enhance their project management careers. By aligning training and certification choices with industry demands and global practices, individuals can make informed decisions about advancing their skills.

Salary Prospects

Individuals who have PRINCE2 certification often have good salary opportunities in project management. This certification shows a strong understanding of project practices and processes.

It can lead to a higher demand for certified professionals. Similarly, those with PMP certification also benefit from competitive salaries. They are experts in managing complex projects and teams.

Both certifications need rigorous training, exams, and practical experience. This demonstrates the industry's high standards. Project managers with PRINCE2 or PMP certification are highly wanted globally. Their knowledge of project methodologies is valuable.

Getting either certification can greatly enhance career progression and earnings in project management.

Career Prospects

Professionals who have PRINCE2 certification can look forward to many career opportunities in project management. This certification provides individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage projects effectively using a structured approach. PRINCE2 helps professionals handle complex projects, tasks, and responsibilities, making them valuable assets in the industry.

Similarly, individuals with PMP certification also have promising career prospects. PMP certification showcases a professional's ability to manage projects using best practices and processes. Those with PMP certification often hold important roles in project-focused organisations and can confidently lead teams.

Wrapping up

PRINCE2 and PMP are project management methodologies. PRINCE2 is more prescriptive, and PMP covers a wider range of project management knowledge.

PRINCE2 is simpler to understand and implement. PMP is more complex, requiring a deeper understanding of project management concepts.

The difficulty of each certification varies based on an individual's background and experience in project management.

Readynez offers a 4-day Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner and a 4-day PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) course and certification program, providing you with all the learning and support you need to successfully prepare for the exams and certifications.

Please reach out to us with any questions or if you would like a chat about your opportunity with the Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner or the PMP certification and how you best achieve it. 


Which certification, PRINCE2 or PMP, is considered more challenging?

The PMP certification is generally considered more challenging than PRINCE2 due to its focus on real-world application of project management principles and its rigorous exam process covering a wider range of topics.

In terms of difficulty, how do PRINCE2 and PMP compare?

PRINCE2 is generally considered less difficult than PMP. PMP has a more extensive exam with a higher pass rate requirement. PRINCE2 emphasizes a structured approach to project management, while PMP covers a broader range of project management topics.

Are there specific areas of PRINCE2 that make it more difficult than PMP?

Yes, PRINCE2's focus on tailoring its methodology to fit different projects can make it more difficult than PMP, as it requires a deeper understanding of how to apply the principles in a flexible way. For example, understanding when to adapt the processes for smaller projects can be challenging.

What factors should be considered when determining which certification is harder: PRINCE2 or PMP?

The factors to consider when determining which certification is harder, PRINCE2 or PMP, include your project management experience, preferred methodology (traditional vs. agile), and study time commitment. For example, PMP is more recognised globally while PRINCE2 focuses on specific processes.

Is there a general consensus on which certification, PRINCE2 or PMP, is tougher to obtain?

There is no general consensus on which certification, PRINCE2 or PMP, is tougher to obtain as difficulty can vary depending on individual experience and skills. It's important to carefully review the requirements and study materials for each certification before deciding which one to pursue.

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