How GICSP Certification Increases Your Employability

As a top-level certification for information security, this certification is a genuine achievement and not something just anyone can obtain.

GICSP certification combines information technology, engineering, and cybersecurity for industrial control systems. The certificate was created to help global industries design, deploy, and maintain industrial automation and control system infrastructure.

If you’re considering adding this to your collection of certifications, you’ll be increasing your employability and this will benefit you in the following ways.

1. You’ll learn complex, specified skills

When you have your eye on advancing your knowledge and skills, the GICSP certification will be a great achievement for you. You’ll learn advanced cybersecurity skills that are central to maintaining security in industrial settings, which will make you a specialist.

Securing company networks and devices is a necessary skill, but you need specialized knowledge to secure the industrial control systems used throughout the manufacturing industry. Cyberattacks on control systems are common, and instead of stealing data, these attacks aim to destroy the controls.

Preventing these attacks is critical, and it takes a professional with a special skillset. When you get your GICSP certification, you’ll have those skills and qualifications.

2. You’ll qualify for a higher role

Whether you’re looking to advance your career through your current employer or through a new job, you’ll qualify for a higher role when you’re GICSP certified.

3. You’ll gain cybersecurity expert status

People who can secure a company network are appreciated, but when you can secure an ICS operating system, you’ll be lifted up on people’s shoulders. You’ll undoubtedly be seen as a cybersecurity expert when you can secure large systems that are outside the capabilities of standard cybersecurity professionals.

If you’ve always wanted to be considered an expert in information security, getting your GICSP certificate will aid you in realizing that dream.

4. You’ll naturally command respect

Along with being seen as an expert, you’ll naturally command respect. Respect must be earned and is only given when you prove yourself. To prove yourself as a cybersecurity expert, you don’t need to do much – for many people, just holding high-level certifications is enough proof that you know what you’re talking about.

Certificates will help you position yourself as an authority, even when you’re new to an organization. Once you establish yourself as an authority and expert through practical experience, you’ll command even more respect from your teammates, co-workers, and bosses.

5. You’ll command a higher salary

With GICSP certification, you’ll automatically command a higher salary from your employers. This certification means you can help the organization protect key infrastructure that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to protect.

Keeping industrial control systems secure is critical, as cyberattacks can do unfathomable damage either directly or indirectly. As cyberattacks against industrial control systems increase, organizations are realizing they need experts on their team.

These attacks can be devastating. For example, in 2014, the control systems in a German steel mill were targeted, causing multiple parts to fail. As a result, a blast furnace in the steel mill couldn’t be shut down properly, and the emergency shutdown caused massive damage to the plant.

Although most ICS attacks don’t cause physical damage, it does happen. Either way, ICS attacks cause delays, deleted data, and can even lock up the control systems rendering them unusable.

Who is a good candidate for the GICSP certification?

Since this certification is not entry-level, you’ll need experience in cybersecurity to learn the new material and pass the exam. GICSP certification is ideal for the following professionals:

  • ICS IT practitioners
  • ICS security analysts
  • Security engineers
  • Industry managers and professionals

GICSP certification requirements

Although no specific training or practical experience is required to qualify for this certification, it’s not easy to earn without experience. You’ll need a basic understanding of computer networking and security, including network protocols. Ideally, you’ll do best if you have a CompTIA Network+ certification.

Unlike other exams, the GICSP exam is web-based and needs to be proctored with either ProctorU or PearsonVUE. This means you can take the exam from the comfort of your own home, which will help you relax.

What you’ll be tested on during the exam

The GICSP exam will test you on plenty. You can expect to demonstrate knowledge in the following areas:

  • Hardening ICS Operating Systems
  • ICS Communications and Compromises
  • ICS Intelligence Gathering
  • ICS Level 0 and 1 Technology Overview and Compromise
  • ICS Level 2 and 3 Technology Overview and Compromise
  • ICS Overview and Concepts
  • ICS Procurement, Architecture, and Design Fundamentals
  • ICS Program and Policy Development
  • ICS Wireless Technologies and Compromises
  • Risk Based Disaster Recovery and Incident Response

The exam consists of 115 questions that you’ll have three hours to complete. To pass, you need a score of 71% or higher.

Prepare for your GICSP certification with our training course

To pass the GICSP exam, you’ll need to take a professional training course to prepare. This particular certification isn’t something you can earn on the fly without previous study. You will need to learn a bunch of new information in order to pass, and a training course will guide you through the entire process.

Our GICSP training course will help you learn all the information you need to pass your exam. The questions on the exam will be challenging, and our professional instructors will make sure you know what to expect.

Take your information security career to the next level and sign up for our GICSP training course to start preparing yourself to earn this high-level certification. You can schedule your course in advance based on your needs, as we have several dates available at any given time.

If you want to be seen as an IT security authority that industrial organizations depend on and your teammates come to for advice, you need to become a GICSP.

Take our training course today so you can be ready for the next step in your cybersecurity career.


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