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  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 12, 2024

Embarking on a certification journey can open doors to new opportunities and deepen your understanding of complex systems. The Microsoft AZ-800 certification is one such pathway, designed for those who aspire to master Windows Server on Microsoft Azure. This certification validates the skills necessary to configure, manage, and maintain a Windows Server infrastructure in a hybrid environment. Whether you're an IT professional looking to advance your career or a student eager to gain a competitive edge, the AZ-800 certification is a step towards achieving your goals.

What is the AZ-800 Certification?

The AZ-800, also known as the Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure certification, is a testament to an individual's expertise in the implementation and management of Windows Server roles and features that are relevant for a hybrid environment. This includes a range of tasks from managing identity, networking, and storage to compute and virtualization capabilities in a hybrid infrastructure. The certification is aimed at those who wish to demonstrate their ability to integrate on-premises and cloud-based aspects of Windows Server, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of the deployment and configuration of such environments.

Why Choose the AZ-800 Certification?

Opting for the AZ-800 certification is a strategic move for professionals who want to align their skillset with the evolving demands of the IT industry. With the rise of cloud services, the ability to manage and configure hybrid environments is becoming increasingly important. This certification not only signifies proficiency in Windows Server but also demonstrates a commitment to staying current with Azure, Microsoft's ever-expanding cloud platform.

Moreover, the AZ-800 certification is recognized globally, making it a valuable credential for job seekers and those looking to climb the career ladder. It confirms to employers that the holder possesses the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to maintain and optimize Windows Server infrastructures, ensuring high availability, security, and performance in a hybrid setting.

AZ-800 Training and Exam

What to Expect in the Exam AZ-800?

The AZ-800 exam is structured to assess a candidate's skills across various domains of Windows Server administration in a hybrid environment. It includes a mix of question types, such as multiple-choice, case studies, and scenario-based questions. The exam focuses on real-world tasks and problem-solving, reflecting the practical challenges professionals face in the field.

Candidates should expect to demonstrate their ability to deploy and manage core Windows Server services such as Active Directory and network infrastructure. The exam also covers the integration of on-premises environments with Azure services, including Azure Active Directory, Azure Backup, and Azure Site Recovery, among others. Mastery of PowerShell and Windows Admin Center for azure automation and management tasks is also evaluated.

Benefits of Administering Windows Server in a Hybrid Core Infrastructure

Administering Windows Server in a hybrid core infrastructure presents a range of benefits for organizations. It allows for seamless integration between on-premises and cloud-based environments, offering the flexibility to scale resources as needed. This is crucial for businesses that experience fluctuating demands and need to adapt quickly without incurring the costs associated with physical hardware expansions.

Furthermore, a hybrid approach to Windows Server administration enhances disaster recovery capabilities. By leveraging Azure's robust backup and site recovery services, organizations can ensure business continuity and protect against data loss. It also simplifies management and governance, as Azure Policy and Azure Arc can be used to enforce compliance and manage resources across the hybrid estate.

Key Topics Covered in AZ-800

AD DS in Azure Services

Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) remains a cornerstone of enterprise IT environments. In the context of Azure services, candidates will learn how to extend and manage AD DS within Azure, ensuring seamless identity management across on-premises and cloud environments. This includes understanding how to synchronize on-premises AD DS with Azure Active Directory and how to configure domain controllers in Azure to maintain high availability and security.

Virtual Machines and Containers Setup

A key area of focus in the AZ-800 certification is the setup and management of virtual machines (VMs) and containers. Candidates will gain insights into how to configure Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) VMs, ensuring they are optimized for performance and cost. Additionally, the certification delves into the deployment of containers using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and other containerization technologies, highlighting the role of containers in achieving high scalability and efficiency in application deployment.

Storage and Domain Controllers Configuration

Understanding the configuration of storage solutions and domain controllers is critical for any Windows Server administrator. The AZ-800 certification covers the setup of Storage Spaces and other storage options within Azure to ensure data is secure and accessible. Candidates will also learn about the configuration of domain controllers, including the placement and optimization for different scenarios, such as multi-site, multi-domain, and multi-forest environments.

Multi-Site, Multi-Domain, and Multi-Forest Environments Management

The management of complex environments is a significant aspect of the AZ-800 certification. Candidates will be trained to handle multi-site, multi-domain, and multi-forest configurations, which are common in large and distributed organizations. This includes understanding how to ensure connectivity, consistency, and security across different geographical locations and organizational units, leveraging Azure services to maintain cohesion and control.

Security Principals and Hybrid Identities

Security is paramount in any IT infrastructure, and the AZ-800 certification places a strong emphasis on this aspect. Candidates will explore the implementation of security principals and management of hybrid identities. This includes configuring Azure AD for secure authentication and authorization, as well as managing and protecting hybrid identities to prevent unauthorized access to resources both on-premises and in the cloud.

Domain-Based Group Policies Implementation

Another critical topic in the AZ-800 certification is the implementation of domain-based Group Policies. Mastery in creating and managing Group Policy Objects (GPOs) is essential for the enforcement of security settings and the management of user environments across the network. Candidates will learn to apply best practices in Group Policy management to streamline administration and ensure that policies are applied consistently, regardless of whether resources are located on-premises or in Azure.

Prerequisites for AZ-800

Familiarity with Hyper-V and Hybrid Networking Infrastructure

Candidates should possess a solid grasp of Hyper-V, Microsoft's virtualization platform, as it is instrumental in creating and managing virtual machines within a hybrid infrastructure. Additionally, an understanding of hybrid networking is crucial, as it involves connecting on-premises networks with Azure services. This knowledge base will enable candidates to effectively design and implement network solutions that support a seamless hybrid environment.

Understanding of IP Addressing and Network Connectivity

A fundamental understanding of IP addressing and network connectivity is also essential for candidates. This includes familiarity with concepts such as subnetting, routing, and VPN configurations. These skills are necessary for ensuring that on-premises networks are properly connected to Azure services, allowing for efficient data transfer and communication between different parts of the hybrid infrastructure.

Preparing for the AZ-800 Certification

Preparing for the AZ-800 certification requires a structured approach to learning and a commitment to understanding the intricacies of Windows Server and Azure services. Prospective candidates should take advantage of the various training resources provided by Microsoft, including online courses, hands-on labs, and study guides. Additionally, practical experience with Windows Server and Azure will be invaluable, as it will help to reinforce the concepts learned in the duration of training.

It's also beneficial to join online forums and study groups where you can exchange knowledge with peers and address any queries that may arise during your preparation. Remember, the goal is not only to pass the exam but also to gain skills that will be applicable in real-world scenarios.

Final thoughts

Achieving the AZ-800 certification is a significant milestone for professionals seeking to excel in administering Windows Server hybrid core infrastructures. It demonstrates a commitment to mastering current technologies and an ability to adapt to the evolving landscape of IT infrastructure.

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What are the prerequisites for getting the Microsoft AZ-800 certification?

To pursue the Microsoft AZ-800 certification, candidates should have a working knowledge of Windows Server and Azure, including experience with core Windows Server services, Hyper-V, and hybrid networking infrastructure. They should also understand basic IP addressing and network connectivity concepts.

How can I register for the Microsoft AZ-800 certification exam?

Candidates can register for the Microsoft AZ-800 certification exam through the official Microsoft Certification website. It's important to schedule the exam after sufficient preparation and when you feel confident in your mastery of the exam topics.

What resources are available to help me study for the Microsoft AZ-800 certification?

Microsoft provides a range of resources, including instructor-led training, self-paced learning paths, practice tests, and documentation. Additionally, community forums and study groups can be valuable sources of information and support.

What are the benefits of obtaining the Microsoft AZ-800 certification?

Obtaining the Microsoft AZ-800 certification validates your skills in administering Windows Server hybrid core infrastructures. It can enhance your employability, help you stand out in the job market, and provide you with the knowledge to effectively manage hybrid IT environments.

How can I renew my Microsoft AZ-800 certification once I have obtained it?

Microsoft certifications need to be renewed periodically to ensure that your skills remain current. You can renew your AZ-800 certification by passing a renewal assessment on Microsoft Learn before your certification expires.


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