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Cost of Getting Microsoft Certified Fundamentals Revealed

  • How much does Microsoft Certified Fundamentals cost?
  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 03, 2024
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In the world of technology, getting certified is a big step for your career. This is especially true for Microsoft certifications. People often want to know how much it costs to become Microsoft Certified Fundamentals.

In this article, we'll talk about the expenses for getting this certification. This will help you understand the financial investment needed to improve your skills and knowledge in Microsoft technology.

Unveiling the Exam Cost for Microsoft Certified Fundamentals

Initial Certification Fee

The initial certification fee for Microsoft Certified Fundamentals is often similar to other entry-level IT certifications. Costs can vary, but candidates can expect to pay an average fee when scheduling their exam. Discounts or voucher programmes may also be available to help reduce the initial certification fee. These opportunities offer a cost-effective way to pursue the certification and demonstrate foundational knowledge of Microsoft technologies.

Compared to other Azure certifications, entry-level certifications generally have a lower cost. This allows individuals to start their certification journey at an accessible price point and pursue higher-level certifications as they progress in their careers.

Retake Expenses in Case of a Fail

If you fail the Microsoft Certified Fundamentals exam, you might need to pay extra. This includes the exam fee and study materials. The total cost can vary by region, with different exam fees and study material costs. Some regions offer ways to save money when retaking the exam, like discounted retake fees or package deals. It's crucial to research and compare the potential expenses for retaking the exam. Also, look for any money-saving options in your area.

Cost Variations Across Regions

The costs for Microsoft Certified Fundamentals can vary a lot in different regions. For instance, the certification may cost more in developed countries than in less developed ones. Also, certain regions may offer special pricing or discounts based on factors like the local economy or demand for certified professionals. Factors like currency exchange rates, government regulations, and regional economic disparities contribute to these cost variations.

It's important for individuals or organizations looking to get this certification to research and compare costs in different regions to make a smart choice.

How much does Microsoft Certified Fundamentals cost?

Exam Fee Breakdown

The initial certification fees for Microsoft Certified Fundamentals range from £99-£120. This depends on the location and exam delivery method.

If a candidate fails the exam, they will need to pay the full fee each time they retake it. These expenses are the same across all regions, with no cost variations.

Bundling with Learning Materials

You can get bundles for the Microsoft Certified Fundamentals exam. These include study guides, practice exams, and other resources to help you prepare.

Vendors often give discounts if you buy the exam voucher with the study materials. This can be a cost-effective way to get everything you need.

The costs for these bundles can vary by region. In the UK, students might get discounted rates for study materials when they register for the exam. Other regions may have different promotions.

Exploring these bundling options can help you make the most of your investment.

The Investment in Study Materials

Free Online Guides and Articles

You can find free online guides and articles on Microsoft Certified Fundamentals. These cover a wide range of topics relevant to the certification exam. They include study guides, practice exams, and in-depth articles that provide valuable insights for exam preparation.

In addition to free resources, there are paid study materials available. These can benefit those pursuing the certification. While these materials come at a cost, they often offer comprehensive study plans, additional practice questions, and supplementary learning resources to help candidates succeed in their exam.

When comparing the costs of Microsoft Certified Fundamentals to other Azure certifications, the pricing may vary depending on the specific certification and the resources required for exam preparation. It's important to carefully consider the available study materials and their associated costs when pursuing any certification. This will ensure that the chosen resources align with individual learning preferences and budget constraints.

Paid Books and Online Videos

Studying for the Microsoft Certified Fundamentals exam involves using paid books and online videos. The cost of these materials varies based on the region and certification level.

Online videos can be free or cost several hundred pounds, while books typically range from £20 to £60. Discounts and voucher programs are often available to reduce overall costs.

On-Demand Courses

The exam fees for Microsoft Certified Fundamentals are usually divided into different categories. These include a standard fee for taking the exam and extra charges for study materials and practice tests.

There are also many on-demand courses for obtaining the Microsoft Certified Fundamentals qualification. These online courses have a flexible schedule, allowing learners to study at their own pace.

Additionally, there is a comparison between the cost of Microsoft Certified Fundamentals and other Azure certifications. By comparing these costs, individuals can make an informed decision on which certification best meets their needs based on their budget and career goals.

Instructor-Led Training

Microsoft Certified Fundamentals training with an instructor offers real-time interaction and hands-on experience. This can be more comprehensive than self-study, allowing you to ask questions and receive immediate feedback. However, it may be more expensive and involve additional travel, accommodation, and meal costs. Nonetheless, the value of the knowledge gained and the potential for accelerated learning may make it worthwhile for those seeking an immersive learning experience.

Additional Costs Related to Microsoft Certification

Membership Fees for Learning Platforms

The membership fees for platforms offering Microsoft Certified Fundamentals can vary. Some may offer monthly or annual subscription options, while others charge a one-time fee. Extra costs may apply for certification exams or study materials. Discounts or voucher programmes may be available for organisations, students, or non-profit organisations, helping to lower the overall cost.

When comparing costs to other Azure certifications, it's important to consider factors such as the depth and breadth of the course materials, program duration, and expertise required. Some Azure certifications may be more costly due to their advanced nature, while Microsoft Certified Fundamentals offers a more affordable entry point for foundational knowledge in Azure.

Certification Renewal Charges

When renewing Microsoft Certified Fundamentals certification, individuals can expect to pay a standard fee. However, there may be discounts and voucher programmes that can reduce the cost.

Renewal charges may vary across different regions, based on local economic factors. It's advisable to check with the certification provider or authorised testing centres for the latest information on renewal charges, discounts, and regional variations.

This is important for individuals seeking to renew their certification to stay competitive in the job market and keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

Understanding the Levels of Microsoft Certification


The Microsoft Certified Fundamentals exam fee consists of the exam cost, as well as fees for rescheduling or retaking the exam.

You may have options to include study guides, practice tests, or online courses with the exam.

There might be extra costs for Microsoft certification, like membership fees for exclusive resources and renewal charges.

It's crucial for individuals to consider all these expenses when planning for the Microsoft Certified Fundamentals. This will help them be fully prepared and aware of the financial commitments involved in getting certified.


The initial certification fee for Microsoft Certified Fundamentals is usually between £99 and £120. If you need to retake the exam after failing, the expenses are generally lower, around £45 to £65.

The cost of the exam may vary in different regions. Some regions offer discounted rates for students or special promotions at certain times of the year. Therefore, individuals interested in taking the Microsoft Certified Fundamentals exam should check the current fees for their specific location.


The fee for Microsoft Certified Fundamentals varies based on the exam chosen, typically £59-£99. If a candidate fails, retake expenses vary and the full exam fee must be paid again.

Costs can differ by region due to factors like currency exchange rates and local market conditions.

Individuals should check current pricing for their location before registering. Exam costs are in addition to study materials and training expenses.

How much does Microsoft Certified Fundamentals cost?

Discounts for Students and Members

Students and members can get discounted rates for the Microsoft Certified Fundamentals exam. This lowers the cost of certification. Some organisations have voucher programs or special pricing for students and members. This further reduces the financial barrier to certification. These discounts make certification more accessible to those on a tight budget. Compared to standard costs, the reduced rates for students and members make a big difference in affordability and accessibility.

For instance, some programs offer up to a 50% discount. This makes certification much more affordable. It encourages skill development, career advancement, and supports a culture of continuous learning and professional growth.

Voucher Programmes for Organisations

Voucher programmes for Microsoft Certified Fundamentals exams are widely available. They often offer flexible pricing and discounts for bulk purchases, making them attractive for certifying multiple employees.

These programmes may provide cost savings, especially for non-profit and government organisations. This makes them a good option for those with tight budgets.

Government and Non-Profit Pricing

Government and non-profit organisations can choose from different pricing options for Microsoft Certified Fundamentals, which helps them work within their budget. These options provide flexibility and discounted rates, making it possible for these entities to invest in the certification for their employees.

The cost of Microsoft Certified Fundamentals is similar to other Azure certifications, ensuring that government and non-profit organisations can access various Microsoft certification programs without significantly higher costs. Moreover, there are discount and voucher programs specifically designed for these organisations, further reducing the financial burden of obtaining Microsoft Certified Fundamentals. This shows a commitment to making these certifications accessible and affordable for organisations dedicated to public service and community development.

Comparison with Other Azure Certifications

Certification Cost Differences

The exam fee breakdown for Microsoft Certified Fundamentals includes the cost of the exam itself. There may also be additional fees for study materials, practice exams, or training courses.

Candidates may choose to utilize bundling options for the exam. This is where the cost of the exam is included in a package along with other Microsoft certification exams. It may offer cost savings compared to purchasing exams individually.

It's important to consider any additional costs related to Microsoft certification. This includes membership fees for learning platforms or certification renewal charges. These may contribute to the overall cost of obtaining and maintaining a certification.

When comparing the cost of Microsoft Certified Fundamentals with other Azure certifications, candidates may find options for cost savings or discounts. This could include promotional pricing for new exam releases, or reduced fees for retaking an exam in the event of an initial failure.

Microsoft Azure Certifications on a Budget

The cost of initial certification for Microsoft Certified Fundamentals can vary by region. To reduce exam expenses, students, educators, and Microsoft Imagine Academy program members can benefit from retake offers and discounts. There are also cost-effective study materials like free online guides, paid books, online videos, on-demand courses, and instructor-led training.

These resources help candidates gain the necessary knowledge without breaking the budget, ensuring they are well-prepared for the certification exam.

Selecting the Best Ones for Your Career

When thinking about getting a Microsoft Certified Fundamentals certification, it's important to consider different factors. These include exam fees, study materials, and possible training costs.

Some people might qualify for discounts or financial help from Microsoft. For others, it's essential to plan and budget for these expenses. It's also crucial to compare the cost and value of different Microsoft certifications. This helps individuals choose the certifications that best fit their career goals.

Researching the demand for specific certifications in the job market is vital. It's also important to assess the potential return on investment in terms of salary and job opportunities. By carefully considering these factors and the potential benefits of different Microsoft certifications, individuals can make informed decisions about which ones are most valuable for their career growth.

Key takeaways

You can get Microsoft Certified Fundamentals for £49 to £99.

You might need to spend more on study materials and training courses, which can total to several hundred pounds.

The certification gives a basic understanding of Microsoft technologies and is a stepping stone to more advanced certifications.

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What is the cost of getting Microsoft Certified Fundamentals?

The cost of getting Microsoft Certified Fundamentals varies depending on the exam and location. For example, the cost of the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals exam is $99.

Are there any additional fees or expenses associated with getting Microsoft Certified Fundamentals?

Yes, there may be additional fees for study materials, practice exams, and the certification exam voucher.

Is there a discount available for students or educators looking to get certified in Microsoft Fundamentals?

Yes, students and educators can get a 50% discount on Microsoft Fundamentals certification through the Microsoft Imagine Academy program.

Can the cost of getting Microsoft Certified Fundamentals vary depending on the location or testing center?

Yes, the cost of getting Microsoft Certified Fundamentals can vary depending on the location or testing center. For example, the cost may be different in the United States compared to other countries, or between rural and urban testing centers.

Are there any financial aid options available for individuals seeking to get Microsoft Certified Fundamentals?

Yes, there are financial aid options available for individuals seeking to get Microsoft Certified Fundamentals. Examples include scholarships, grants, and employer tuition assistance programs.

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