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Microsoft Certified Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals (SC-900)

Build a foundation in security and compliance. Understand key concepts to protect data and identities in the cloud era.

course: Microsoft Certified Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals (SC-900)

Duration: 1 days

Format: Virtual or Classroom

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The SC-900 certification validates your understanding of Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity fundamentals. Boost your career with this certification, demonstrating your expertise in safeguarding information and enhancing organizational security. Our comprehensive training prepares you for success, covering key topics for the exam.

  • [Dictionary item: Green-check] Includes a comprehensive set of Learning materials for the best possible Exam prep
  • [Dictionary item: Green-check] Includes access to extensive Labs for 180 days giving you practical hands-on experience
  • [Dictionary item: Green-check] Included in our Unlimited Training offering, giving you access to all our Microsoft courses
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Who is the Microsoft Certified Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals (SC-900) training course for?

The Microsoft Certified Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals (SC-900) certification is designed for professionals who are new to the technology industry and want to gain a foundational understanding of the security, compliance, and identity concepts and technologies that are commonly used in modern organizations. It is ideal for individuals who want to validate their knowledge and skills in these areas, as well as those who want to start a career in cybersecurity or cloud security. The certification covers a wide range of topics related to security, compliance, and identity, including the principles and concepts of cybersecurity, the security and compliance features of Microsoft products and services, the identity and access management capabilities of Microsoft Azure, and the privacy and data protection requirements of organizations.

Feedback from our Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals delegates

Stephen Ridgway

Readynez is the best training provider I've used for many years. Their customer service is first class, prices are very competitive and instruction excellent.

Johan Andersson

Easy to attend over Teams and an excellent instructor gave me great value for the time I invested.

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What you will learn during our Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals course

- Describe the Zero-Trust methodology
- Describe the shared responsibility model
- Define defense in depth

- Describe common threats
- Describe encryption

- Describe Microsoft's privacy principles
- Describe the offerings of the service trust portal

- Define identity as the primary security perimeter
- Define authentication
- Define authorization
- Describe what identity providers are
- Describe what Active Directory is
- Describe the concept of Federated services
- Define common Identity Attacks

- Describe what Azure Active Directory is
- Describe Azure AD identities (users, devices, groups, service principals/applications)
- Describe what hybrid identity is
- Describe the different external identity types (Guest Users)

- Describe the different authentication methods
- Describe self-service password reset
- Describe password protection and management capabilities
- Describe Multi-factor Authentication
- Describe Windows Hello for Business

- Describe what conditional access is
- Describe uses and benefits of conditional access
- Describe the benefits of Azure AD roles

- Describe what identity governance is
- Describe what entitlement management and access reviews is
- Describe the capabilities of PIM
- Describe Azure AD Identity Protection

- Describe Azure Network Security groups
- Describe Azure DDoS protection
- Describe what Azure Firewall is
- Describe what Azure Bastion is
- Describe what Web Application Firewall is
- Describe ways Azure encrypts data

- Describe the Azure Security center
- Describe Azure Secure score
- Describe the benefit and use cases of Azure Defender - previously the cloud workload protection platform (CWPP)
- Describe Cloud security posture management (CSPM)
- Describe security baselines for Azure

- Define the concepts of SIEM, SOAR, XDR
- Describe the role and value of Azure Sentinel to provide integrated threat protection

- Describe Microsoft 365 Defender services
- Describe Microsoft Defender for Identity (formerly Azure ATP)
- Describe Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (formerly Office 365 ATP)
- Describe Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (formerly Microsoft Defender ATP)
- Describe Microsoft Cloud App Security

- Describe the Microsoft 365 Security Center
- Describe how to use Microsoft Secure Score
- Describe security reports and dashboards
- Describe incidents and incident management capabilities

- Describe what Intune is
- Describe endpoint security with Intune
- Describe the endpoint security with the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center

- Describe the compliance management capabilities in Microsoft
- Describe the compliance center
- Describe compliance manager
- Describe use and benefits of compliance score

- Describe data classification capabilities
- Describe the value of content and activity explorer
- Describe sensitivity labels
- Describe Retention Polices and Retention Labels
- Describe Records Management
- Describe Data Loss Prevention

- Describe Insider risk management solution
- Describe communication compliance
- Describe information barriers
- Describe privileged access management
- Describe customer lockbox

- Describe the purpose of eDiscovery
- Describe the capabilities of the content search tool
- Describe the core eDiscovery workflow
- Describe the advanced eDisovery workflow

- Describe the core audit capabilities of M365
- Describe purpose and value of Advanced Auditing

- Describe the use of Azure Resource locks
- Describe what Azure Blueprints is
- Define Azure Policy and describe its use cases
- Describe cloud adoption framework

Meet our instructors

Meet some of the Readynez Instructors you can meet on your course. They are experts, passionate about what they do, and dedicated to give back to their industry, their field, and those who want to learn, explore, and advance in their careers.

Jens Gilges
#Microsoft365 #Azure #AWS#AWS #Machine Learning #Ethical Hacking #Penetration Testing #Offsec #GIAC

Jens is a 20-year MCT, an Amazon Authorized Champion Instructor and a well accomplish Cloud Infrastructure Security Consultant and Penetration Tester.

Tobias Koprowski
#Microsoft #Microsoft365 #Azure #Compliance #CyberSecurity #Certnexus #Ethics #Privacy #EmergingTechnologies

Tobias specializes in compliance, security, privacy and data ethics around modern technologies (including cloud services, modern workplaces and education).

How to best be prepared for our Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals course

At Readynez, we provide many resources and have experienced experts in the field. That is why we are also very successful with many satisfied customers. You can therefore safely take your course with us. In order to take the SC-900 course, however, some prerequisites are required.

You have the perfect starting point to take this course with these prerequisites:

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365
  • An understanding of how Microsoft security, compliance, and identity solutions can span across these solution areas to provide a holistic and end-to-end solution.

Our track record

With 15 years experience and more than 50.000 happy customers from all over the world, companies such as ALSO, ATEA, Microsoft, Serco, and many more, trust Readynez to help them train and certify their staff.

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These are just some of the many major brands trusting Readynez.

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