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What is Ethical Hacking?

Black hat

Exploiting security vulnerabilities to steal data, cause network disruption or to cause other damage. Using advanced technical knowledge, these hackers will stop at nothing to reach their goal. This form of hacking is generally malicious and always illegal.

White hat

Breaking into networks and systems to demonstrate security weaknesses and vulnerabilities with the system owner’s permission. These hackers have deep knowledge of the same techniques employed by black hats, but their motives are good.

Grey hat

Generally involves using illegal techniques to break into networks but without malicious intent.

What does successful Digital Transformation look like?

Filling the tech skills gap

Because of the potential damage and disruption, illegal hacking is a serious crime. Hackers can face several years in prison - or even be extradited to stand trial in another country depending on who and what they attack.

Use of more advanced technologies

Why are hackers defined by coloured hats? The categorisation (allegedly) stems from the observation that the good cowboys in Western movies typically wear white hats, while the villains wear black.

Speed in experimenting and innovating

Also known as ‘ethical hacking’, white hat hacking is an important tool in the battle against malicious cyber criminals. The rest of this article will address what is ethical hacking.

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