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Get ready for the ever popular CEH exam

CEH (also known as C|EH) is the most well-known cybersecurity certification the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants or EC-Council offers. This nonprofit organization was founded in the wake of the September 11th attacks to provide cybersecurity education and training.

CEH certification is available in two levels. After completing a multiple-choice exam covering a broad range of hacking expertise, as well as meeting specific experience or training requirements, you can become a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

The next level exam that adds on practical Skills is the CEH Practical exam, which will require you to perform penetration testing on simulated systems.

What is covered in the CEH exam, and how long does it last?

It is possible to proceed to the CEH exam after your application has been approved; this exam is frequently referred to as the CEH ANSI exam because it has been recognized as being accredited by the American National Standards Institute.

Take the exam in person (at a Pearson VUE testing facility) or online remotely, albeit you must agree to have your exam proctored via your webcam (and pay for this service). Four hours are allotted for taking the exam, which consists of 125 multiple-choice questions spanning the following domains or topic areas:

  • Overview of information security and ethical hacking practices.
  • Techniques of reconnaissance
  • Attack strategies as well as phases of system hacking
  • Hacking into networks and perimeters
  • Hacking into a web-based application
  • Hacking into a wireless network
  • The mobile platform, IoT, and OT hacking
  • Cloud computing
  • Cryptography

More in-depth information on the topics covered by the CEH exam may be found in the EC-CEH Council's Exam Blueprint.

You may wish to move on to the next level after passing this exam and meeting all of the other CEH requirements to achieve CEH Master certification. To do so, you must pass the CEH Practical test, which lasts six hours and consists of 20 challenges that are administered on a live network of virtual machines.

This test is administered in the EC-iLabs Council's Cyber Range, which is a virtualized environment that you can access via your computer's web browser from anywhere in the world. The following are the techniques that you will be tested on during the CEH Practical exam:

  • Tools for port scanning (e.g., nmap, hping).
  • Detection of vulnerabilities.
  • Attacks against a computer system (e.g., DoS, DDoS, session hijacking, web server and application attacks, SQL injection, wireless threats).
  • SQL injection tactic, as well as evasion strategies
  • Tools for securing web-based applications (e.g., Acunetix WVS).
  • Security software to identify SQL injections (e.g., IBM Security AppScan).
  • Protocols for information exchange


How To Prepare For The CEH Exam

Get Familiar With The Exam And Exam Taking Procedures

Start by going through the official page. Understand what the exam comprises and what to expect from it.

Make Use Of The Search Engines

Look for CEH topics on the internet, filter them by the ones with the greatest ratings, and make a note of every piece of advice you come across. You will have a wealth of knowledge that will provide you with indications as to how you should proceed.

Get iLab

Your readiness for the exam will be enhanced by having access to iLabs and completing all of the tasks on the platform. Furthermore, even if you merely study the official Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures Lab Manual that comes with the iLabs, you will have a sufficient foundation of knowledge for the exam.

Practice On Vulnerable Apps

This exam will require you to practice on susceptible applications - theoretical knowledge will not be of assistance in this exam. You should put all you've learned into practice. For this aim, we recommend that you create a Parrot OS in VirtualBox, spin vulnerable software, and experiment with the various tools available in the Parrot OS environment.


Get Instructor-Led CEH Training

To get CEH Exam ready in no time, you may want to consider an instructor-led training programme. The CEH course is just 5 days:

Check your computer's hardware.

Installing the software that will allow the proctor to monitor your machine will require you to participate in the proctored session. Make certain that you will be able to operate this program and have a webcam and microphone, as these will be required to be turned on for the entire exam session.

Inspect your room to ensure that there are no items in it that are prohibited by the exam-taking regulations

The use of external screens is prohibited, and there should be no additional gadgets, such as hidden iPads on the wall. Again, the official website contains a detailed set of guidelines that should be followed.

When the proctor asks you to spin your camera and reveal your room, make sure you have everything ready so that you won't be worried out if he asks you to remove this or that from the room.

It would be best if you informed your family that you will be taking a test at a specified time to take the exam from home. Nothing is more frustrating than having a test interrupted when someone wanders into the room.



To pass the CEH Exam, you must demonstrate the application of ethical hacking techniques such as threat detection, network scanning, OS detection, and vulnerability analysis to solve a security audit challenge.

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