Top 5 Reasons To Learn Cyber Security

Many companies and organisations have moved their key infrastructures online, this has made many industries vulnerable to cyber-attacks. If you're considering a career in cyber security, then you may be on the front lines of modern digital defence. Even though it is highly technical work, it is easy to pursue a certification in it from Readynez.

Here are the top 5 reasons to consider a career in Cybersecurity

We will be covering...

  • In-Demand Future-Proof Career
  • High Salary
  • Growth & Mobility
  • Training & Resources
  • Markets & Industries

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In-Demand Future-Proof Career

Every day, the demand for cybersecurity is increasing as our digital world constantly grows. There are more websites, apps and programs joining the worldwide web every day. With more digital touchpoints, comes more users online distributing sensitive information, especially with IoT (Internet Of Things). Companies are investing more and more in cybersecurity to protect customers and their interests, and cybersecurity specialists are in demand as they are needed to identify vulnerabilities, preventing cyberattacks and safeguarding the network infrastructure.

Corporations, organisations and governments alike are investing vast amounts to keep their infrastructure protected from any harm that can compromise them, which has led to high employment rates of cyber security roles.

High Salary

Being in high demand, this role does come with a high salary. An experienced average information security analyst earns an average of $99,000 (USD) per annum or around $50 (USD) per hour. Although this is not to be expected from going in straight out of training but depending on the industry you enter with a cybersecurity position, you can easily earn a salary in the 6 figures after proving yourself in the field and with a high chance of promotion.

EC-Council Cybersecurity Certifications


Growth and Mobility

Companies and organisations will often promote cyber security positions from internally available candidates first, rather than finding new recruits. While working for an organisation, you will gain valuable information about its infrastructure, programs and networks. This information will make you more valuable and desirable for promotions, so the company doesn't have to spend too much money in training someone new and also with the knowledge you will be in demand for your experience and knowledge of the current infrastructure. The high demand and low supply of cybersecurity specialists not only generate higher salaries but also helps create a clear career path for people working in the field. As you gain experience, you will have more opportunities opening up to you for various roles, positions and industries

Training and Resources

Readynez cybersecurity courses offer more budget-friendly options than going back to traditional education. With expert trainers who have been working in the field for years in various positions for various industries, Readynez offers the best pathways and most proficient training methods with all the latest tools and programs to help candidates get started in a cybersecurity career. Even if you do not have cyber security experience, employers will see the professional certification that we provided you and the training you.

ISACA Cybersecurity Certifications

Markets & Industries

While cybersecurity requires intense training, you can use these skills in many industries. From retail corporations and government organisations to venturing for opportunities on your own, a specialisation in cyber security lets you explore any market and industry these days. Many industries are in demand of cybersecurity and as the online infrastructure grows, so does the demand for cybersecurity specialists. Paying competitively and higher salaries than average, even the government is incentivising people to train and pursue a career in cybersecurity for anyone with or without any experience.


Two people monitoring systems for security breaches

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