How to Crack the Microsoft MS-721 Exam with Ease!

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  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 25, 2024

Are you preparing for the Microsoft MS-721 exam?

We've got you covered with practical tips and strategies to help you succeed.

From understanding the exam structure to mastering key concepts, we'll guide you through it all.

Read on to learn how to prepare effectively and boost your chances of acing the MS-721 exam!

Overview of the MS-721 Exam

The MS-721 exam assesses professionals on Microsoft Teams calling, conferencing, and collaboration communications skills.

These skills include:

  • Understanding routing policies
  • Configuring devices for voice calling
  • Designing call queues
  • Setting up emergency calling
  • Managing phone numbers

Passing the MS-721 exam is important for collaboration and communications professionals. It validates their abilities in using Microsoft Teams for meetings, live events, and webinars.

To prepare effectively, candidates should focus on:

  • Studying Microsoft Teams phone settings, call analytics, and policy packages
  • Gaining hands-on experience with configuring Microsoft Teams certified devices
  • Managing access profiles and call capabilities
  • Understanding different versions of Microsoft Teams and identity policies
  • Access management settings for exam success.

Importance of Passing the MS-721 Exam

Passing the MS-721 exam is important for individuals in Systems Engineering and Communications Systems Engineering. By meeting the exam requirements and understanding topics such as routing, device provisioning, and policies in Microsoft Teams, professionals can improve their design and configuration skills in voice calling, conferences, and live events.

Successfully passing the exam shows proficiency in collaboration communications and provides access to advanced features like call queues, emergency calling, and toll-free numbers. It also helps individuals troubleshoot call issues, enhance audio conferencing, and manage call analytics effectively.

Certified professionals will then be able to enhance collaboration experiences, provision devices, and integrate Microsoft Teams with meeting room technologies for increased productivity at work.

Skills Measured for the MS-721 Exam

Configure and Manage Teams

To configure and manage teams in Microsoft Teams for the MS-721 exam, one must first understand the various options available.

Setting up meetings, ensuring proper routing for phone calls, and creating policies for devices are important steps. Also, configuring team rooms with necessary features is essential for effective collaboration and communications.

Assigning roles and permissions within teams can help maintain control over the group's activities and access levels. Customizing settings for audio conferencing, call queues, live events, and emergency calling can meet specific organization or project requirements.

Leveraging features like call analytics, policy packages, and certified devices can enhance Microsoft Teams capabilities to suit user needs. Integrating collaboration tools such as webinars, toll-free numbers, and access management can further elevate the teamwork experience.

Proper configuration and provisioning of settings can help teams maximise the potential of collaboration within the available platforms.

Plan and Design Microsoft Collaboration

Microsoft websiteWhen designing Microsoft collaboration using Teams, organizations must consider:

  • Policies
  • Access management
  • Network settings

Proper provisioning of certified devices and configuring meeting room technologies is important for seamless meetings and calls. Administrators should focus on:

  • Identity
  • Policy packages

This ensures secure access and efficient collaboration communications. Troubleshooting skills and call analytics are important in times of call failures. They help in identifying and resolving issues promptly.


  • Emergency calling capabilities
  • Toll-free numbers

can enhance the calling experience for users. Regular certifications and training for systems engineers can help maintain proficiency in managing Microsoft collaboration systems.


  • Implementing these strategies
  • Leveraging the features of Microsoft Teams

organizations can enhance their collaboration and communication capabilities for various events, meetings, and audio/visual conferences.

Troubleshoot Call Failures

Troubleshooting call failures in a communication system involves several steps:

Identify the root cause of call failures using a systematic approach.

Check phone settings, policies, and routing configurations.

Analyse call analytics and examine device and software compatibility.

Common errors leading to call failures include incorrect policies, network provisioning, and access management.

Resolve issues by implementing policy changes, updating certifications, and provisioning devices.

Ensure emergency calling features and call configurations are correct to enhance collaboration.

Effective troubleshooting techniques include configuring audio/visual settings and managing conferencing profiles.

Maintain a good understanding of Microsoft Teams and collaboration technologies for optimal performance.

Session Quality

High session quality in Microsoft Collaboration relies on several factors.

  1. Meeting room technologies and certified devices are essential.
  2. Troubleshooting call failures effectively is crucial.
  3. Configuring settings, examining analytics, and verifying policies help address issues swiftly.
  4. Skilled systems engineers are paramount in managing Microsoft Teams phone systems.
  5. Premium capabilities such as toll-free numbers enhance session quality.
  6. The convergence of networking, telecommunications, and audio/visual technologies is fundamental.
  7. Access management, identity certifications, and robust security policies significantly contribute to maintaining high session quality in Microsoft Collaboration.

Audience Profile for the MS-721 Exam

Systems Engineer

A Systems Engineer's role is to meet the requirements for efficiently configuring and managing Microsoft Teams.

This includes designing settings for collaboration communications, webinars, call queues, and emergency calling. They need skills in networking and telecommunications to troubleshoot call failures, ensuring voice and audio conferencing quality in meetings.

Systems Engineers should have experience in working with certified devices and policy packages. This helps them handle call analytics and toll-free phone numbers effectively.

They also manage profiles, identity, and access for users, along with provisioning and configuring premium features like live events and audio conferencing.

Their expertise in meeting room technologies allows administrators to deploy Microsoft Teams across various rooms and teams rooms. They can use the capabilities of Surface Hub for improved collaboration.

Certification in Microsoft versions and policy configurations provides Systems Engineers with the needed abilities to secure and maintain the systems for optimal performance.

Communications Systems Engineer

As a Communications Systems Engineer, ensuring effective team communication is important.

This includes setting up audio conferencing, meetings, live events, and webinars.

Tasks involve configuring team rooms, call queues, and premium features.

Troubleshooting call issues is crucial, focusing on routing policies and call analytics.

Experience in networking, telecommunications, and audio/visual tech is needed for maintaining session quality.

Knowledge of Microsoft Teams settings, identity management, call analytics, and certifications are essential.

Tips to Prepare for the MS-721 Exam

Learn about Teams Phone Functionality

Teams Phone Functionality offers various features to improve meetings and calls. These include call routing, call queues, and emergency calling.

When facing call issues, users should check device settings, verify phone number provisioning, and ensure network connectivity.

Best practices involve configuring audio conferencing settings, updating policies, and using certified devices for better performance.

Teams Phone Functionality also supports live events, webinars, and toll-free numbers for a more inclusive experience.

System engineers and administrators are crucial for setting up and managing Teams Phone settings for effective collaboration.

Following industry best practices and using Microsoft Teams capabilities can lead to a smoother calling and meeting experience.

Manage Teams Rooms Efficiently

Efficient management of teams rooms is important for collaboration and productivity.

Establish clear policies for meeting room bookings.

Ensure devices are properly provisioned and calls are routed effectively.

Configure settings for audio conferencing and live events.

Implement user-friendly features like call queues and emergency calling.

Monitor call analytics and profiles regularly for improvement.

Manage network, access, and use certified devices.

Stay updated on certifications and policy packages.

Optimize Microsoft Teams rooms' capabilities.

Provide continuous training for administrators.

A well-designed approach to managing teams rooms can enhance collaboration and communication.

Maximize the potential of meeting room technologies for a smooth experience.

How to Crack the MS-721 Exam

Study Smart and Strategically

When preparing for the MS-721 exam, individuals can ensure effective study by following key tips and tricks.

Understanding the exam requirements is the first step. Topics such as knowledge on Microsoft Teams, collaboration communications, and certified devices are important.

Setting aside dedicated time for studying is crucial. Creating a study schedule that includes regular meetings with study groups can enhance learning.

Utilizing features like call queues, audio conferencing, and live events within Microsoft Teams for interactive study sessions also adds value.

Familiarizing oneself with the configuration settings of Teams phone and policy packages is essential for the exam.

Gaining practical experience in using collaboration and meeting room technologies, along with call analytics and access management, can solidify understanding.

By focusing on hands-on experience with devices, policies, and routing systems, individuals can improve their chances of success in the MS-721 exam.


Mastering the Microsoft MS-721 exam is achievable with the right strategies.

Focus on understanding the exam objectives.

Use practice tests and seek additional study resources.

Stay organised, manage your time effectively, and commit to your study plan.

With dedication and the right approach, cracking the MS-721 exam will be within reach.

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What are the best study resources for preparing for the Microsoft MS-721 exam?

The best study resources for preparing for the Microsoft MS-721 exam are official Microsoft study guides, practice tests, online courses from reputable providers like Pluralsight or Udemy, and joining study groups or forums for discussions and sharing study materials.

What are some tips for effectively managing time during the Microsoft MS-721 exam?

Some tips for effectively managing time during the Microsoft MS-721 exam include creating a study schedule, practising time management techniques like the Pomodoro Technique, and focusing on high-value tasks first. Prioritising difficult questions can also help ensure sufficient time for each section.

How can I stay motivated while studying for the Microsoft MS-721 exam?

Set specific goals, create a study schedule, take breaks, and reward yourself for each milestone reached. Stay positive by visualizing your success and remind yourself of the benefits of passing the exam. Join study groups for support and motivation.

Are there any recommended study schedules for preparing for the Microsoft MS-721 exam?

Yes, it is recommended to create a study schedule that includes regular practice exams, reviewing study materials, and hands-on experience with Microsoft tools. For example, allocate 1-2 hours each day for studying and practical exercises to prepare effectively for the MS-721 exam.

What should I do if I encounter difficulties while studying for the Microsoft MS-721 exam?

If you encounter difficulties studying for the Microsoft MS-721 exam, try seeking help from online forums and study groups, reviewing official Microsoft documentation, or seeking guidance from a certified trainer. Additionally, consider taking practice tests to identify areas of weakness and focus on improving them.

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