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But what about the security? A multicloud platform's cost and time advantages can easily be negated if security experts are not adequately trained to secure and respond to the inevitable security breaches in the cloud environment. To get started with Cloud Security, the GIAC Cloud Security Essentials certification is the one to consider first. Get prepared for it in just 5 days with an instructor-led training course:


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A list of GCLD Exam Certification Objectives And Outcomes.

Intrusion Detection & Response In The Cloud

During a penetration test or in response to an event involving public cloud resources, the applicant will demonstrate a basic awareness of the entire process and implications.

Cloud Account Fundamentals

The candidate must be able to articulate a working knowledge of cloud identity and access management. The candidate should be able to demonstrate their knowledge of security best practices for each identity type in a cloud context.

Cloud Automation

Infrastructure as Code will be used to show that the candidate has a fundamental understanding of how to deploy and manage cloud infrastructure. It is expected that the candidate is familiar with the use of automation approaches to assist jobs that can be evaluated repeatedly.

The Basics Of Cloud Logging

Cloud logging capabilities and methodologies for log collection will be demonstrated by the candidate, who will make them useful and disseminate them.

Cloud Computing and Networking

Using cloud resources, the candidate will demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of network security and how to put that knowledge into practice.

Containers And Cloud Storage

As part of their application, the candidate will demonstrate their ability to use serverless computing resources and containers to create elasticity. An understanding of cloud storage alternatives, as well as the ability to design resources in a secure manner, will be demonstrated by the candidate.

Computer Deployment With Confidence

When deploying cloud compute resources, the candidate must show a basic understanding of resource allocation and image evaluation. The candidate will demonstrate the capacity to maintain the attack surface of the computing resources through automation and patch management.

Keeping Cloud Networks Safe And Secure

An awareness of network isolation and remote access is expected from the candidate. It is expected that the candidate has a basic understanding of the most frequent threats to cloud resources and how to prevent them.

A Defense Plan Based On Understanding Shared Responsibilities and Risk

The candidate should be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of how to use threat modeling to design cloud resource defenses. When using a public cloud service, the applicant will show an awareness of multiple service delivery methods and a willingness to take responsibility for each.

The Making Use Of Private Information

Elasticity and high availability of cloud resources are two areas in which the candidate must show proficiency. Cloud resources and application users' data will be protected by the candidate's expertise of data security in transit.

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