10 Valuable Reasons to Learn Microsoft Azure

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What exactly is Microsoft Azure, and why should you be learning it?

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a platform with more than 200 different cloud products and services designed to solve a host of different business problems. It’s currently used by more than 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies, and has solutions for a wide variety of business needs, including DevOps, compliance, business analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and more.

Why Learn Microsoft Azure?

Why should you spend time and energy learning Microsoft Azure?

  1. Earn more money. One of the most enticing benefits for career professionals is the possibility to earn more money. Getting certified in Microsoft Azure will prove that you're more technically skilled and qualify you for a range of different positions. It will also give you the knowledge and experience you need to provide more value for your organization, as we'll see in some of the other benefits listed below. Depending on your career goals and your current position, that could mean getting a raise for your current job, opening the door to a new job where you can make more money, or just increasing your lifetime earnings because of your better future potential. Demand for Microsoft Azure talent isn't going away anytime soon, so your increased earnings could be highly significant.
  2. Increase your chances of being hired. If you're not currently employed with an organization, getting certified in Microsoft Azure could increase your chances of being hired. Major companies are constantly on the lookout for highly skilled technical talent. Technology is imperative for any organization to succeed, and Microsoft Azure is the gateway to developing and better utilizing innovative new technologies. If you list Microsoft Azure on a resume, you're instantly going to look like a more impressive candidate, and you'll set yourself apart from the competition.
  3. Build more flexibility into your career. Learning Microsoft Azure isn't like learning a single niche skill. Instead, it's like learning an entire spectrum of different skills with one acquisition period. Accordingly, getting certified in Microsoft Azure can help you build more flexibility into your career. You'll have a much wider range of options in front of you and more possibilities for the future.
  4. Lower IT costs in your organization. Microsoft Azure is an amazing tool for small- to mid-sized businesses looking to operate more efficiently without sacrificing the tools and technologies they need to succeed. Accordingly, Microsoft Azure certification could be exactly what you need to lower costs within your organization. This can help you make the company more profitable or make yourself more valuable in the eyes of your superiors.
  5. Improve security.Similarly, Microsoft Azure certification can help you improve security within your organization. Cybercrime is on the rise, with the majority of attacks targeting small businesses specifically. Developing more robust infrastructure and warding off potential threats could end up saving your company a ton of money and preserving its reputation in the eyes of stakeholders. Even a single cyberattack could end up costing your business millions of dollars in damages and lasting reputational damage, so almost anything you can do to prevent that type of attack will be worth it.
  6. Prove your loyalty and commitment to growth. Going out of your way to become certified in Microsoft Azure may also prove your loyalty to the company and your commitment to growth. Most people try to keep things as consistent as possible, avoiding personal development in favor of consistency or complacency. These people tend to be less valuable than the go-getters who are constantly looking for ways to develop themselves. Getting certified in Microsoft Azure could work wonders for your professional reputation.
  7. Challenge and develop yourself. As we'll see, learning Microsoft Azure isn't necessarily difficult, but it is going to be filled with challenges. You're going to learn new things, you're going to challenge some of your old assumptions, and you're going to become acquainted with technologies and approaches you never would have considered otherwise. In other words, it's a perfect opportunity to challenge and develop yourself on a personal level. When you finally get that certification, you're going to feel motivated and rewarded.
  8. Become better acquainted with DevOps. DevOps is becoming more commonplace and more in demand – and demand is only going to rise from here. Learning Microsoft Azure could be exactly what you need to become better acquainted with DevOps on a fundamental level. With more knowledge and more experience, you'll be able to utilize more efficient DevOps strategies and position yourself for future career advancement.
  9. Establish familiarity with AI. Microsoft Azure also has a variety of tools designed to implement and capitalize on the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Even people outside of the tech industry understand that AI is incredibly powerful, and has the potential to completely transform organizations for the better. Learning the basics of AI and having more experience using it as a tool for growth could be exactly what your career needs.
  10. Learn quickly and easily. Best of all, Microsoft Azure doesn't take a lot of time or effort to learn. It's a relatively intuitive platform, and the fundamentals are relatively easy to grasp. Becoming a master is something that could take years, or even a lifetime, and you're inevitably going to encounter some challenges along the way. With that said, most people find learning Microsoft Azure to be a straightforward and, in many cases, enjoyable experience.

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