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The EC-Council (The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants) is the world’s largest technical cybersecurity certification body. The organisation operates in over 140 countries, and it is the developer of the most popular cybersecurity, ethical hacking and pen-testing certificates all over the world, such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI), Certified Security Analyst (ECSA), Licensed Penetration Testing (Practical) programmes, among others.

The EC-Council has trained and certified over 200,000 professionals in the information security sector all over the world that have influenced the cybersecurity infrastructure of countless organisations all over the world. EC-Council's mission is to validate infosec professionals who will be equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge required in a specialised information security domain that will help them avert any sort of cybersecurity conflict, whenever necessary.

Their certification programmes are recognised all over the world and have received endorsements from various government agencies such as the National Security Agency (NSA), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the US military services, MI6 and more. Everyone who achieves an EC-Council certification includes those from some of the most well-known organisations, companies and agencies from all over the world such as the FBI (Federal Bureau Of Investigation), the US Army, the UN (United Nations), Apple, Google, Microsoft and IBM. EC-Council certifications and qualifications are recognised all over the world and even received endorsements from various government organisations and agencies.


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The Key Benefits

  • Internationally recognised qualification - EC-Council is an internationally recognised awarding body that is at the forefront of the latest requirements in cybersecurity. Anyone with an EC-Council certification is valued for their skills, knowledge and expertise.
  • An advancing career in cybersecurity - EC-Council certifications are highly in-demand qualifications at all levels. Employers and organisations highly favour candidates with EC-Council qualifications and principles
  • Using actual hacking tools - Learn pen-testing and to think like a hacker by using hacking tools used by real-life hackers, this will enable you to identify any suspicious activity, prevent attacks and secure any vulnerabilities in networks.
  • Work/life/study balance - We offer course flexibility as part of our accredited EC-Council courses to ensure that you can manage a work/life balance alongside studying and training for your EC-Council certification.

Career opportunities

Being a well-recognised international certificate, EC Council is held in the highest regard by many companies and organisations across a vast range of sectors. By gaining this recognised qualification, it will showcase your knowledge in the field of ethical hacking, pen-testing and cybersecurity; hence making your CV stand out from the crowd.


Ethical Hacking is a fast-growing career sector, where there is a significant demand for skilled professionals. By completing an EC-Council course will set you apart from other applicants that are applying to similar roles, whether you are looking to change careers, gain a promotion or just starting out in a career of ethical hacking.

EC-Council’s range of courses are highly diverse, which means that no matter what intended career path you choose, there’s a cybersecurity course to suit your requirements. Once you have achieved your first EC-Council qualification you can go on to continue and develop your career path by completing further advanced EC-Council certifications and qualifications.


First-class IT skills are in extremely high demand and having an EC-Council certification is a great way to begin your career journey, change your career, gain a promotion or boost your skillset. By studying an EC-Council course you'll be able to meet the demands of the current and future job market. Whether you want to launch your career in cybersecurity or are looking for a promotion in your existing IT role, by gaining this qualification you'll be able to open doors to an exciting new period of career growth.

EC Council Certifications

The range of EC-Council courses in the following areas:

Application Security

  • Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE .NET)
  • Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE Java)
  • Microdegree in Python Security
  • Microdegree in PHP Security
  • Python Programming for Beginners
  • Learn Python Online: From Novice to Pro

Computer Forensics

Disaster recovery


  • Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES)

Ethical Hacking

Executive Management

  • Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO)

Incident Handling

Network Security

Pen testing


What is involved?

The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is an American organisation that offers cybersecurity certification, education, training, and services in various cybersecurity skills.

Certified Ethical Hacker CEH v11 will teach you the latest commercial-grade hacking tools, techniques, and methodologies used by hackers and information security professionals to lawfully hack an organisation.

More About EC-Council

EC Council

There are are three types of people. First ones are them who get excited when they hear the terms ‘Certified Ethical Hacker' ‘Most Advanced Hacking Course' about CEH and eager to get this certification for the hope to become a professional security expert and get a job.


EC-Council (International Council of E-Commerce Consultants) is the world's largest certification body for Information Security professionals. EC-Council is a member- based organisation that certifies individuals in various information security and e-business skills.

Success Stories

Readynez and EC-Council believe that everyone with a certification has a story to share that can motivate, inspire and encourage others to succeed. Readynez offers some of the best EC-Council certifications where candidates have gone on to progress in their careers.

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