McKinsey reveals: Top 3 responses to your Tech Skills Crisis

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A recent survey from McKinsey has found that one of the most impactful consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic is, that the adoption of digital technologies is speeding up by several years.

In fact, the share of digital or digitally enabled products in global business portfolios has accelerated by no less than 7 years!

Further, most of these new digital technologies are considered to be permanent, even after the COVID crisis impact succeeds. Also, most of the 899 C-level respondents from the global business community recognize, that technology is a critical component of the business, and not “just” a tool or source of efficiency.

There is no getting around it. All businesses need to plan for successful digital transformation, and these days that is less about the actual technology, than it is about your people.

Respondents from the companies, that have executed successful digital transformation projects, name a range of factors to their success, that the less successful do not.

  • Filling the tech skills gap
  • Use of more advanced technologies
  • Speed in experimenting and innovating

You can easily acquire any technology, that is rarely the limitation, but there’s little doubt that your access to Skills and Talent is the key to unlocking more advanced technologies and innovation.

How you close the gap
The fact is, that successful digital transformation is much more likely to happen, when you drive it with a purpose

That requires a solid training operating model that is easy to measure, targeted towards business goals and that you overcome the barrier of just not being able to prioritize skills development and acquisition.

The Swedish IT consultancy firm INVID has overcome that barrier by partnering with an expert learning solutions provider. They have been working with Readynez using their proven SKILL model and expert instructors to train and certify a whole team in Microsoft 365.

“We are seeing a massive shift in demand now, where customers need us to help them benefit from technology and they don´t need us as much to assist with the operational side of the technology. Take Cloud for instance…It is still new for many, and concerns about security, architecture and ROI come up and it takes a different set of skills and services to address those concerns”, says Richard Wahlstedt,  Business Area Manager at INVID.

Richard explains, that the corporate training strategy is undergoing its own transformation. The employee driven course-by-course purchasing strategy is in the past.

Now, training budgets are closely connected to the organization’s strategy and INVID is looking into learner analytics and role-based learning solutions to offer more transparency and control of the corporate competencies in general. That is what it takes to stay ahead of the game these days.

Reach out to Readynez using the chat, or call +45 88 18 43 20 to learn more about role-based and customised training using the proven SKILL model: 

9. Apr 2021

by Maria Forsberg

Maria Forsberg

Marketing Manager

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