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  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 26, 2024

Are you ready for the MB-800 Business Central exam? Here are some top tips to help you succeed:

  • Study smart to make the most of your preparation.
  • Manage your time effectively during the exam.
  • Boost your confidence to tackle the exam with ease.
  • Increase your chances of passing with flying colours by following these tips.

Let's explore how you can maximise your success on the MB-800 Business Central exam!

Business Central MB-800 Exam Tips

Skills Measured

Business Central websiteCandidates preparing for the Business Central MB-800 exam need a variety of skills for Sales and Purchasing success.

Some key skills include handling sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, and shipments.

Understanding inventory management and vendor relations is crucial.

Working with payment terms, purchase credit memos, and sales quotes is also important.

For managing Journals and Documents:

Demonstrating expertise in setting up and configuring journals is necessary.

Processing invoices and discounts, as well as generating reports, are vital skills.

Creating and posting journal entries, managing receipts and vendor ledger entries, and reconciling bank accounts are crucial too.

In Dimensions and Approvals:

Setting up and using dimensions effectively is essential.

Assigning dimensions to journals and entries is important.

Configuring approval workflows for accurate and timely transactions is key.

Mastering these skills is key to passing the exam and getting certified in Microsoft Dynamics 365's core functionality.

Sales and Purchasing

Effective sales and purchasing strategies are important for the financial success of any business. Managing sales invoices, purchase orders, and receipts efficiently ensures smooth transactions and accurate financial reports.

Journals are used to record these transactions, creating a detailed audit trail. Including dimensions and approval processes in the system can enhance accuracy and efficiency. Dimensions categorize sales and purchasing information for valuable insights into the business.

Approvals help in maintaining control and compliance, ensuring only authorized personnel make transactions. Features like number series, payment terms, and vendor ledger entries streamline processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central MB-800 helps manage inventory, track shipments, and generate reports for informed decisions.

Adopting these practices and using the system's modules can enhance the overall sales and purchasing operations of a company.

Journals and Documents

Candidates studying for the Business Central MB-800 certification need to know how important journals and documents are for tracking financial transactions.

These tools help companies record key data like sales invoices, purchase orders, receipts, and payments. Accuracy in recording these transactions is crucial for keeping financial records in order.

If transactions aren't documented correctly, companies can struggle with reconciling accounts, spotting discrepancies, or producing accurate financial reports.

Using Business Central features, businesses can efficiently manage inventory, handle relationships with vendors and customers, and track financial activities.

So, candidates must understand these modules well to show their proficiency in using core functions in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Knowing how to post transactions, handle payment terms, and track shipment details using these tools is essential for certification in Dynamics 365.

With updates and custom configurations available for localized versions, candidates should keep up to date with exam topics on journals and documents for a successful exam.

Dimensions and Approvals

Approval processes in Business Central MB-800 involve dimensions. These dimensions are related to items, locations, and posting groups.

Considerations are important when creating approval hierarchies based on different dimensions.

By using dimensions effectively, approvals can be made more efficient. This ensures the right people are involved at the right stages of the process.

For instance, in the sales invoice approval process, dimensions like inventory, company, and sales line items determine the necessary approvals before finalizing the transaction.

Understanding dimensions is crucial for Dynamics 365 certification. Dimensions impact modules such as purchase orders, shipments, sales quotes, and payments. This knowledge is essential for configuring packages and setting up entries correctly in areas like bank accounts and vendor ledger entries.

Understanding dimensions and their impact on approvals is a key skill for excelling in the MB-800 exam.

Workflows and Financials

Workflows in the business central MB-800 exam are important for managing financial processes and decision-making in a company.

Automating tasks like creating sales invoices and purchase orders helps to streamline operations and reduce errors.

Candidates need to show skills in setting up workflows for sales, purchases, and payments.

They can configure workflows to match a company's needs using features like dimensions, number series, and posting groups.

Integrating financial data into workflows enables real-time reporting and analysis for better planning and forecasting.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification evaluates candidates' ability to use workflows for improving financial performance.

The exam also includes specialty certifications and localized versions to meet different regions and industry needs.

Audience Profile

The audience profile for the Business Central MB-800 exam includes individuals from different industries like retail, manufacturing, and services.

These candidates may have job titles such as financial analysts, accountants, or business consultants in their companies.

They are experienced in tasks like handling journals, dimensions, sales invoices, purchase orders, inventory management, and bank accounts in Business Central or similar financial software.

Candidates are familiar with posting groups, locations, vendor ledger entries, purchase lines, sales lines, and shipment processes.

They are proficient in using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and aim to validate their skills with certification.

The exam tests their knowledge on features, reports, configuration packages, number series, payment terms, purchase credit memos, sales quotes, payments, and updates in localized versions.

Candidates are getting ready for a proctored exam that covers various topics to demonstrate their expertise in Business Central.

Manage Security Settings

In Business Central MB-800, users can manage user permissions and access levels by setting up user roles and permissions.

By assigning specific permissions based on job roles, users can control access to sensitive areas like company financials, sales invoices, and bank accounts.

To ensure data security, users should regularly monitor security settings, review user access logs, and track changes to permissions.

Conducting periodic security audits is also important.

By being proactive in managing security settings, users can comply with company policies and regulations on data privacy and confidentiality.

Regular updates and configuration packages can enhance security features and reports, further strengthening data protection measures for Dynamics 365 users.

Chart of Accounts and Posting Groups

A Chart of Accounts in Business Central MB-800 helps organise and classify a company's financial transactions. Each financial account gets a unique code for better tracking and reporting.

Posting Groups categorise business transactions by their nature, like sales or purchases. They streamline accounting by automatically assigning relevant accounts during posting.

Using Chart of Accounts and Posting Groups can improve financial reporting accuracy and efficiency. This ensures transactions are properly categorised and accounted for, simplifying financial statements generation and offering a clearer financial overview.

Understanding the relationship among Chart of Accounts, Posting Groups, and financial transactions helps candidates enhance their financial management skills in Business Central MB-800.

Bank Accounts and Financial Transactions

The Business Central MB-800 certification exam tests skills in managing bank accounts and financial transactions within the system.

It covers features such as receipt journals, dimensions, sales invoices, and purchase orders.

Business Central provides modules for payment journals, vendor ledger entries, purchase lines, sales quotes, and payments.

Businesses can configure posting groups, locations, and number series for transactions to ensure accuracy.

They can set up payment terms, handle invoice discounts, and manage purchase credit memos within the system.

Dynamics 365 offers reports and configuration packages for financial insights.

When navigating bank accounts, companies need to ensure the security of sales lines, shipments, and sales credit memos.

Users can enhance their assessment experience by staying updated on system topics and localized versions.

The proctored exam duration and specialized certifications cater to candidates seeking core functionality and specialized knowledge in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Companies that use Business Central MB-800 can easily manage their accounts payable and receivable processes. This involves setting up payment terms, configuring payment journals, and defining posting groups for vendors and customers.

Businesses can track payable amounts accurately by monitoring vendor ledger entries, purchase lines, and invoice discounts. On the receivable side, companies can manage sales invoices, sales lines, and shipments to customers.

Dynamics 365 allows companies to resolve discrepancies by using purchase orders, sales orders, and vendor and customer information. By using features like number series, payment terms, and purchase credit memos, businesses can ensure timely payments from customers and vendors.

With the core functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365, companies can simplify their accounts payable and receivable processes, offering a comprehensive solution to manage financial transactions effectively.

Inventory and Master Data

Maintaining accurate inventory and master data in a business setting involves several steps:

  • Creating and managing items
  • Setting up dimensions
  • Defining posting groups
  • Configuring number series for documents like purchase orders and sales invoices
  • Managing bank accounts and payment terms

Recording transactions through purchase and sales orders, invoices, payments, and shipments is also important. Technology tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can improve inventory and master data management by providing real-time visibility, process automation, and detailed reports.

Inaccurate or outdated information can result in errors in financial reporting, misinformed decision-making, order processing delays, and revenue loss. Certification exams like MB-800 can help candidates showcase their skills in handling Business Central, ensuring accurate data entry, timely updates, and effective configuration for localized versions.

Pricing Strategies

Businesses using Dynamics 365 Business Central should understand pricing strategies.

Factors such as competition, market demand, and production costs are crucial when choosing the best pricing strategy.

Strategies like cost-plus pricing, value-based pricing, and dynamic pricing can be applied based on the company's interactions with items, sales invoices, purchase orders, and sales orders.

Those aiming for certification in Business Central MB-800 exam should be able to set up number series, payment terms, and purchase credits to manage pricing effectively.

Understanding inventory, sales, and payments is key to using features such as reports, journal entries, and shipments.

With core features, updates, and local versions of the system, candidates must work with modules like bank accounts, payment journals, and vendor ledger entries to become proficient in pricing strategies in Business Central.

Final thoughts

To prepare for the MB-800 Business Central exam:

  • Focus on mastering key concepts such as business central apps, workflows, and integrations.
  • Use practice exams to identify areas for improvement and reinforce your knowledge.
  • Stay organized and devise a study plan to effectively manage your time.
  • With dedication and strategic preparation, you can confidently approach the exam and achieve your desired results.

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What are some tips for preparing for the MB-800 Business Central exam?

Some tips for preparing for the MB-800 Business Central exam include studying the official exam guide, taking practice tests, reviewing relevant documentation, and participating in online forums to discuss topics with other candidates. Practice on a demo environment to gain hands-on experience.

How can I improve my chances of success in the MB-800 Business Central exam?

To improve your chances of success in the MB-800 Business Central exam, focus on studying the official exam guide, utilizing practice tests, and hands-on experience with the software. Join study groups, review online resources, and schedule regular study sessions. Practising with sample questions and scenarios will enhance your understanding and problem-solving skills.

Are there any specific study materials or resources that are recommended for the MB-800 exam?

Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC) training, practice exams, and online learning resources are recommended for the MB-800 exam. Additionally, the Microsoft Learn platform offers valuable study materials for exam preparation.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when taking the MB-800 exam?

Some common mistakes to avoid when taking the MB-800 exam include not studying the official exam objectives, neglecting to practice with sample questions, and overlooking time management during the exam.

How can I manage my time effectively during the MB-800 exam to ensure I answer all questions thoroughly?

Prioritize difficult questions, time yourself using a watch for each section, and allocate more time for complicated questions. Skip challenging questions and return to them at the end. Review all answers before submitting to catch any mistakes. Practice time management techniques beforehand.

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