Ace Your Microsoft MB-920 Exam: Top Study Tips

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  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 03, 2024

Are you getting ready to take the Microsoft MB-920 exam? Whether you're a student or a professional aiming to improve your skills, passing this exam can open doors for your career.

Studying for it might be tough, but we've got you covered. In this article, we'll share some top study tips to help you ace the MB-920 exam. From creating a study schedule to using practice tests, these tips will give you the edge you need to succeed.

Let's dive in and get you one step closer to passing with flying colours.

Understand the Audience Profile for the MB-920 Exam

Identify the Core Candidates for MB-920 Certification

Candidates pursuing the MB-920 certification should have strong qualifications and experience in finance, operations, supply chain management, and commerce.

They can demonstrate their proficiency by taking relevant coursework, gaining hands-on industry experience, and staying updated with best practices and trends.

Additionally, candidates can showcase their expertise through participation in industry events, networking with professionals, and seeking mentorship.

By immersing themselves in the subject matter and seeking learning opportunities, candidates can effectively prepare for the MB-920 exam and position themselves for certification success.

Assess the Skills Measured in the MB-920 Exam

The MB-920 exam tests skills and knowledge in finance, operations, supply chain management, and commerce components. It assesses areas such as general ledgers, accounts payables, inventory management, and warehousing functions. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency through tasks like analysing financial data and implementing inventory management strategies. It also evaluates their ability to identify factors impacting financial performance and recommend solutions.

Additionally, candidates need to show understanding of technology solutions for financial and operational processes.

Deep Dive into MB-920 Exam Core Capabilities

Explore the Finance and Operations Modules

The Finance module in MB-920 certification covers important features such as financial management, general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Understanding these components is important because they provide the foundation for financial operations within an organization.

The Operations module contributes to the overall skills measured in the MB-920 exam by focusing on inventory management, supply chain management, manufacturing processes, and the integration of these processes within the wider scope of the business operations.

Finally, the Commerce module within the certification includes components related to sales order management, pricing, and product information management. These components are important for candidates to comprehend as they form the backbone of customer-facing aspects of a business.

Therefore, a thorough understanding of the features and functions of these modules is necessary for success in the MB-920 exam.

Focus on General Ledgers and Accounts Payables

General ledgers and accounts payables have important functions and features in a financial system. They record all financial transactions, categorize them into various accounts, and provide a clear overview of a company's financial position. These components help with accurate and transparent financial reporting, effective budgeting and forecasting, and informed decision-making.

Managing general ledgers and accounts payables effectively may face challenges such as data entry errors, inaccurate categorization of transactions, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

To address these challenges, best practices involve using automation tools for data entry and invoice processing, establishing robust internal controls to prevent fraud, and conducting regular reconciliations to ensure accuracy.

By focusing on these aspects, financial professionals can maintain the integrity and reliability of general ledgers and accounts payables, thereby laying a solid foundation for sound financial management.

Review the Supply Chain Management Essentials

Candidates preparing for the MB-920 exam should focus on the essential components of supply chain management. These include procurement, transportation, and demand planning. It is crucial to understand how these elements work together. Also, it is important to comprehend the role of inventory and warehousing in supply chain management, ensuring efficient storage and tracking of goods.

Candidates should also have a solid understanding of commerce components like e-commerce and omni-channel retail. This knowledge will help them navigate modern commerce complexities and ace the exam.

Investigate Inventory and Warehousing Functions

Inventory management and warehousing in a supply chain involve coordinating and controlling stock levels, storage, and distribution. This includes order fulfilment, transportation, and demand forecasting.

These functions are important for a company's operations and logistics. For instance, maintaining accurate inventory records and efficient storage systems helps minimize stockouts and overstock situations. This saves costs and improves customer satisfaction through timely order processing and delivery.

Effective warehousing contributes to streamlined order picking and packing processes, reducing errors and lead times. This impacts a company's ability to meet customer demand and stay competitive.

An organized inventory and warehousing system maximizes resource utilization and enhances supply chain performance.

Study the Commerce Components Vital for the Exam

Candidates preparing for the MB-920 exam should focus on the essential commerce components. Understanding the finance and operations modules and their relation to the core exam capabilities is important.

Specific skills like financial management, inventory management, and cost control are also vital. Being proficient in data migration, integrations, and analytics capabilities is crucial for success.

Mastering the ability to configure and manage the omnichannel experience for customers and understanding how to handle customer refunds and returns is also essential.

Candidates must also have knowledge in supply chain management, including transportation management, warehousing, and quality control. These are key areas to be familiar with when studying for the MB-920 exam.

Final thoughts

Here are some top study tips to help you prepare for your Microsoft MB-920 exam:

  • Stay organized and create a study schedule.
  • Use practice tests to improve your understanding of the material.
  • Focus on mastering key concepts and seek additional resources for clarification.
  • Manage your time effectively and regularly review the content.

Following these tips will help ensure success on exam day.

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What are the top study tips for acing the Microsoft MB-920 exam?

The top study tips for acing the Microsoft MB-920 exam include creating a study schedule, practicing with sample questions, and utilizing resources like study guides and online courses. Setting aside dedicated study time each day and reviewing the exam objectives can also help in preparation.

How can I effectively prepare for the Microsoft MB-920 exam?

To prepare for the Microsoft MB-920 exam, utilize practice tests, study guides, and online forums. Additionally, hands-on experience with Dynamics 365 Fundamentals and relevant training courses will help in mastering the exam content.

What are some key strategies for success in the Microsoft MB-920 exam?

Some key strategies for success in the Microsoft MB-920 exam include thorough understanding of financial management processes, practicing with sample questions, using study guides, and seeking help from online communities.

What resources are recommended for studying for the Microsoft MB-920 exam?

The resources recommended for studying for the Microsoft MB-920 exam include official Microsoft training courses, practice tests, and exam reference books. Additionally, online communities and forums such as the Microsoft Learn platform and the Dynamics 365 community can provide valuable study materials and support from other professionals.

What are some practical study techniques for maximizing success on the Microsoft MB-920 exam?

Some practical study techniques include creating a study schedule, practicing with sample exams, and using study materials such as official Microsoft documentation and online training courses. Additionally, joining study groups or forums to discuss relevant topics can also be helpful.

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