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  • Published by: André Hammer on Apr 05, 2024
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Do you want to enhance your software testing skills? The ISTQB Advanced Level Exam offers a chance to take your career to the next level.

In this article, we will share strategies and tips to help you prepare for this challenging but rewarding exam. Whether you're seeking certification or aiming to broaden your knowledge, we've got you covered.

Let's delve into how you can succeed in the ISTQB Advanced Level Exam.

ISTQB Advanced Level Exam

Entry Requirements

ISTQB website

The ISTQB Advanced Level Exam has prerequisites for candidates.

  1. Candidates must have passed the ISTQB Foundation Level exam.

  2. They need to complete relevant training provided by accredited providers.

  3. Practical experience as a testing professional is recommended for better preparation.

While no specific qualifications are needed, experience in software testing can be advantageous.

Exam fees differ by country and training provider. It is crucial to consult the official U.S. list for accurate information.

By meeting these requirements and passing the exam, individuals can become certified software testers and benefit from the career opportunities that come with this qualification.

Cost of Certification

Obtaining the ISTQB Advanced Level Certification involves paying for exam fees, meeting training criteria, and potential extra costs from approved training providers. Costs can vary based on the training method, like classroom sessions or online modules.

This certification can boost the confidence and career prospects of experienced testers. It also secures a place on the U.S. list of certified software testers. The pricing of ISTQB exams generally falls in line with industry norms for software testing levels.

To stay updated on discounts and certification details, it's recommended to keep an eye on ASTQB news. Taking the exam through an American company can strengthen qualifications, meeting the requirements of UK regulators such as Ofqual and SQA.

The certification's reading list and study hours are clearly outlined in the privacy policy and terms of use to help candidates prepare for success.

Training Options

Individuals preparing for the ISTQB Advanced Level exam have different training options to choose from. They can consider classroom courses, online courses, or podcasts made for software testing professionals. To pick the best training, they should think about factors like training criteria, study hours, reading list, course format, and modules.

The ASTQB website is a useful resource for exam registration, news, updates, offers, and terms. Individuals can also check their certification status in the successful candidate register. Accredited training providers, like the American company offering ISTQB SCR exams, can help individuals become certified software testers.

Prices for exams, courses, and guides can vary. So, individuals should check all resources and terms to make informed decisions. Non-programmable calculators are allowed for paper exams, and an on-screen calculator is available for on-screen tests to ensure fairness. The ISTQB® certification is recognised by UK regulators, giving it extra value for employees and contractors in software testing.

Self Study Tips

Individuals preparing for the ISTQB Advanced Level exam can benefit from effective time management and staying motivated throughout their self-study journey.

One strategy is to create a study schedule with designated learning hours, breaks, and realistic goals to keep them on track.

Using free podcasts and recommended reading lists from reputable training providers like ASTQB can enhance their understanding of software testing concepts.

Practicing with non-programmable calculators and making use of on-screen calculators during paper-based exams can boost confidence and performance during the official ISTQB exams.

Subscribing to news updates and special offers can help aspiring certified software testers stay informed about career benefits, training objectives, and the latest course prices.

Registering with accredited training providers recognised by United Kingdom regulators such as Ofqual and Qualifications Wales ensures individuals receive quality training to succeed in their ISTQB Advanced Level qualification journey.

Software Testing Certification

Benefits of ISTQB Advanced Level Certification

Obtaining an ISTQB Advanced Level Certification can greatly benefit a software testing professional's career.

By gaining this qualification, individuals can enhance their confidence in their skills and knowledge. It positions them as a veteran tester in the industry.

This certification is recognised globally, leading to increased credibility among peers and potential employers.

Having an ISTQB Advanced Level Certification opens up new job opportunities. It may also result in higher salary prospects due to the level of expertise demonstrated through passing the rigorous exam.

Employers often seek certified software testers to ensure quality in their projects, making this qualification a valuable asset for both employees and contractors in the field.

Keeping up with the latest news and training criteria from accredited training providers such as ASTQB is essential. This helps maintain the certification and stay competitive in the ever-evolving software testing industry.

Format of the Exam

The ISTQB Advanced Level Exam has different sections:

  • Multiple-choice questions

  • Scenario-based questions

  • Essay questions

These sections check a candidate's understanding of advanced software testing ideas.

The exam uses a mix of question types to test candidates across different testing levels.

Candidates do not get to pick the exam format, as it follows a standard format from the exam board.

This ensures fairness when assessing testing professionals.

Exam fees can vary based on the training provider or exam location.

Candidates should check the official U.S. list for accurate pricing.

Successful candidates get a certificate and appear in the successful candidate register as certified software testers.

Study Materials

Recommended study materials for the ISTQB Advanced Level exam include:

  • Modules

  • Learning hours

  • Recommended reading list

These resources offer a structured approach to cover the necessary topics and concepts for the advanced certification.

Podcasts, training criteria, and classroom courses from accredited providers can also enhance a testing professional's knowledge and skills.

Self-study tips like subscribing to free podcasts and availing special offers from training providers can further aid in effective exam preparation.

Staying updated on the latest news and terms related to ISTQB exams is crucial for building confidence and increasing chances of certification.

The successful candidate register maintained by ASTQB, an American company, brings career benefits for software testing professionals.

Exam fees, course prices, exam format, and available calculators are all detailed in the official U.S. list of testing tiers by ISTQB®, aligning with UK regulators such as Ofqual and Qualifications Wales.

Software Testing Skills

Skills Required for Advanced Level Certifications

Obtaining advanced software testing certifications like ASTQB requires more expertise than basic qualifications.

These certifications demand a deeper understanding of testing criteria, modules, and learning hours, along with passing exams.

To achieve advanced certifications, individuals need a thorough knowledge of testing objectives and recommended reading lists.

This expertise is crucial for testing professionals aiming to improve their career opportunities and progress through different testing levels.

Being advanced certified boosts confidence in both employees and contractors by demonstrating proficiency and dedication.

In the competitive American software testing field, certification can bring career benefits like more job opportunities and higher earnings.

It's important to register for exams through accredited U.S. training providers to ensure valid qualifications.

Seeking special offers and podcasts can help prepare for exams, benefiting both experienced testers and newcomers.

Test Analyst Role

Role of Test Analyst in Development Team

A Test Analyst in a development team has specific responsibilities for ensuring software quality. They collaborate with developers to contribute to project success.

Obtaining an advanced certification like ASTQB is beneficial as it is recognised by UK regulators. Training criteria and recommended reading lists help enhance skills.

Listening to podcasts and news updates from accredited training providers can keep Test Analysts informed about the latest developments in software testing.

Registering for ISTQB exams and passing them helps become a certified software tester, leading to career benefits and increased confidence.

The Test Analyst plays a vital role in ensuring software quality and project success.

ISTQB® Certified Tester

Higher Level of ISTQB Certification

ISTQB® website

To get an advanced certification from ISTQB, you need to follow specific entry requirements from ASTQB, an American company. The exams, like the ISTQB SCR, need applicants to be certified software testers. After qualifying, candidates must sign up for the exam, pay the fees, and take the test.

For testers seeking career growth, getting training from accredited providers is important. These providers offer different courses with modules to prepare for the exam. They offer classroom sessions, online training, and podcasts to cater to various learning styles.

Subscribing to newsletters and checking for offers can help testers stay updated on software testing news and training objectives. Recommended reading lists, study hours, and successful candidate registers can guide testers aiming for their ISTQB certificate.

General Knowledge

Importance of General Knowledge in Software Testing

General knowledge is important for software testing professionals, especially those aiming for ISTQB Advanced Level certification.

ASTQB, the ISTQB exam training provider, stresses the value of a well-rounded skill set. Through ASTQB, individuals can sign up for exams to become certified software testers.

Having a wide range of general knowledge helps testing professionals tackle complex software testing scenarios with confidence. This knowledge improves their ability to identify and resolve issues in software applications effectively.

Listening to free podcasts and learning from experienced testers can help individuals broaden their general knowledge. This not only boosts their confidence but also enhances their career prospects.

Understanding testing tiers, training criteria, and recommended reading lists helps testers navigate the ISTQB certification process successfully.

Enrolling in accredited training providers for classroom courses can equip individuals with the skills needed to succeed in software testing.

Being familiar with ISTQB's terms and conditions, privacy policy, and terms of use ensures a thorough understanding of the certification process.


The ISTQB Advanced Level Exam needs good preparation and understanding of advanced testing concepts.

Candidates should:

  • Study the syllabus.

  • Practice with sample questions.

  • Take part in training courses to improve their chances of passing the exam.

To succeed in this certification, it's important to understand topics like test management, test analysis, and test design.

Accurate and detailed knowledge is crucial for mastering the ISTQB Advanced Level Exam.

Readynez offers an extensive portfolio of ISTQB Courses and Certifications, providing you with all the learning and support you need to successfully prepare for the exams and certifications.

Please reach out to us with any questions or if you would like a chat about your opportunity with the ISTQB certifications and how you best achieve it.


What are the eligibility criteria for appearing in the ISTQB Advanced Level Exam?

To appear in the ISTQB Advanced Level Exam, candidates must hold an ISTQB Foundation Level Certification and have relevant work experience in the field of software testing. For example, candidates must have a minimum of 3 years of experience in software testing to be eligible.

How can I prepare for the ISTQB Advanced Level Exam?

To prepare for the ISTQB Advanced Level Exam, study the syllabus thoroughly, practice with sample questions, and consider taking a preparatory course. Join study groups with peers to discuss topics and quiz each other. Additionally, review the exam pattern and format to familiarise yourself with the test.

What is the format of the ISTQB Advanced Level Exam?

The ISTQB Advanced Level Exam consists of multiple-choice questions, scenario-based questions, and essay questions. For example, a multiple-choice question may ask about test management techniques, while a scenario-based question may present a testing situation for analysis.

How long is the validity of the ISTQB Advanced Level certification?

The ISTQB Advanced Level certification is valid for life and does not expire. This means once you have achieved the certification you do not need to renew it or retake the exam in the future.

Can I retake the ISTQB Advanced Level Exam if I fail the first time?

Yes, you can retake the ISTQB Advanced Level Exam if you fail the first time. You can schedule a reexamination and attempt it again to pass and obtain the certification.

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