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Live practice ranges like CPENT's will teach you to take your hacking skills to the next level by teaching you how to hack IoT and OT systems, how to write and build your tools, conduct advanced binaries exploitation, double pivot and also customize scripts/exploits to get into the innermost segments of the network.

It's not a computer game simulation; this accurately represents an enterprise network that presents the most recent challenges to the pen tester. CPENT range consists of entire network segments. There are numerous layers of network segmentation. The CPENT course teaches candidates how to navigate these layers. Once access is acquired in one segment, a candidate will know the latest pivoting techniques required for accessing the next.

However, the objectives and segments are progressive in nature, so once you get into one machine or sector, the following one will be considerably more challenging.

CPENT Exam Format

An online, remote proctored practical exam, CPENT, challenges applicants with a 24-hour performance-based, hands-on assessment.

The exam is divided into two 12-hour long practical exams, which will put your mental and physical endurance to the test. Candidates have the option of taking two 12-hour tests or one 24-hour examination.

In order to receive the CPENT certification, candidates must achieve at least 70%. LPT (Master) certification is awarded to those who get a 90% or above average on the exam.

CPENT Benefits

  • 100% mapped with the NICE framework.
  • 100% methodology-based penetration testing program.
  • Blends both manual and automated penetration testing approaches.
  • Designed with the best service providers' most common penetration testing practices.
  • Maps to all major Job Portals. Role Title: Penetration Tester and Security Analyst.
  • Provides strong reporting writing guidance.
  • Gives a real-world experience through an Advanced Penetration Testing Range.
  • Provides candidates with standard Pen tests for use in the field.

How To Prepare For The CPEN

A proctored examination is necessary for all online GIAC Certification tests. Remote proctoring is available through ProctorU, while PearsonVUE offers onsite proctoring.

Make An Index Of Your Study

Everyone approaches test preparation in their way. Making an index of the books you plan to bring is the usual technique to study for a CPENT exam because they are open book exams. Make a list of all the materials you will be needing at the exam center and arrange them according to how important they are.

Use Your CPENT Practice Test

Two practice tests are included in the cost of taking the CPENT exam. The CPENT website has an online version of these tests. Preparation for the real test is greatly aided by taking the practice exams.

You may expect the same style and time limit at the proctored exam center, and the practice exams will also provide you with feedback on the exam topics. Instant feedback on wrong answers is also available during practice exams. You can also test the quality of your index by taking a sample exam using only your index and books (no internet).

Examine the CPENT Exam Syllabus, Format, And Question Types To Prepare For The Exam

Make an effective study strategy by obtaining official information regarding the exam's syllabus and format. You can prepare for the CPENT exam with the help of this information. To avoid wasting time, focus only on material likely to appear in the exam.

Prepare for the CPENT Exam By Conducting A Self-assessment

GIAC Certified Penetration Tester study time is limited, so plan your daily schedule accordingly. To prepare for the GPEN exam, sit quietly and work hard every day. Studying for the CPENT exam one morning and passing it the next day is not an option. If you want to pass the CPENT test the first time, you need to study every day, or alternatively join a 5-day instructor-led programme: .


The CPENT certification is one of the most sought-after technical qualifications in cybersecurity. It is given to penetration testers who have shown they can do pentests on a wide range of systems.

Certifications like GPEN and other pentesting certificates help to demonstrate your technical expertise and ensure you're up to date on new technology.

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