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How a Modern LXP Can Help you Manage Exams, Certifications, and Compliance


Thankfully, we’re in the digital era, which means we have access to a wide range of new tools designed specifically to make it easier to manage exams, certifications, compliance, and other needs. Notably, learning experience platforms (LXPs) could have the potential to completely reshape your approach to these business needs.


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The Basics of Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs)

What are LXPs exactly? In LXP is a warning experience platform, which as the name suggests, is designed to provide a better learning experience to its users. Your employees can tap into the power of these platforms to access new educational content, go through various training modules, acquire new skills, and even test themselves to see if they're prepared for certification.

Modern LXPs are even more impressive, offering dynamic customizability and personalization, so that every individual employee within your organization gets the most relevant experience for them. Within these platforms, you can provide content, issue exams, provide third-party training, and in many cases, help employees get formal certification.


Exams, Certifications, and Compliance Within Your Organization

Your employees frequently need to take exams to prove that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle new responsibilities. Getting certified can introduce them to new roles and responsibilities or allow you to partner with major tech organizations. Compliance, of course, is a strict necessity if you want your business to stay out of legal trouble, and comply with any Technology Vendor requirements.

These are just some of the reasons why exams, certifications, and compliance are all important in your organization. But just because they're important doesn't mean they're straightforward or easy. These are some of the most common pain points when it comes to managing exams, certifications, and compliance.

  • Consistency. How can you make sure that all your employees have a similar experience, or that your approach is streamlined enough to be replicable? Finding a way to keep all your content and training modules consistent is challenging.
  • Consolidation. Ideally, you'll be able to host everything in a single platform, but until recently, this wasn't possible. Every set of knowledge, every exam, and every third-party certification would almost have to be treated as something entirely independent. Finding a way to consolidate all these disparate sources of information was once a fool’s errand.
  • Knowledge updates. The half-life of knowledge tends to be shorter than most people think – and it’s even shorter for digital skills. Just because you were trained and certified on a technology five years ago doesn't mean you're adequately prepared to use that technology today. Keeping up with the changes in our knowledge there's another major obstacle for organizations.
  • Reporting. How do you know that your employees have gone through all the training modules they were supposed to? How can you keep track of who within your organization is certified and who is not? How do you even know that your training program is working? Measuring and reporting on these metrics and others can be problematic.
  • Employee experience. If not handled with care, your internal processes for training, education, exams, and certification can be agonizing for employees to go through. How can you make sure that they have an adequate experience that keeps their morale sufficiently high?
  • Reliability. Can you rest assured that your training modules and certification programs are up-to-date and as effective as they were a year ago? Can you be confident that any employee who wants to access these educational materials will be able to access them easily?


Key Features of LXPs

LXPs solve these pain points and more. These are some of the best features of LXPs that make training, education, exams, certification, and compliance easier:

  • Gamification. Gamification is becoming more popular in a variety of contexts, including internal training and development for major organizations. Within the context of an LXP, employees can have a gamified experience when learning new skills, testing themselves, or even getting certified. Employees feel much more engaged with their responsibilities when you take this approach, and they feel rewarded when they accomplish something of note.
  • Integration. Most LXPs also offer significant integrations, allowing you to connect directly to external resources. That means you'll be able to tap into the power of educational resources outside of your organization, make references to the training programs offered by major tech companies, and even gain access to certification examinations offered by third parties.
  • Remote accessibility. Because LXPs are cloud hosted, your employees can access content, educational materials, certification exams, and more no matter where they are, so long as they have an internet-connected device. This makes training and education much more convenient and accessible.
  • Consistent provisions. LXPs are highly consistent. You have total control over how and when materials are available to employees, and they’re only going to change if you make plans to change them.
  • Updated catalogues. With the right LXP, you can gain access to constantly updated catalogues of certification exams, training materials, and more. In many cases, you'll be connecting directly to third parties; When they update their training materials, your employees will get access to those updated materials instantly.
  • Easy updates. When it comes to content you've created and maintained within your own organization, updating is easy with the right LXP. With a couple of clicks, you can remove the old, outdated content and replace it with a new version that instantly becomes accessible to your entire workforce.
  • Reporting and analytics. Data analytics and reporting aren't a problem when both are extremely convenient and accessible even to laypeople. With modern LXPs, you can quickly and easily generate reports on past employee performance and glean important insights about how your training and education programs are going.
  • Customizability. Don't neglect the power of customizability. You can tweak and change your LXP platform to better suit your organizational needs and the individuals most likely to use it.

Is your organization currently struggling with exams, certifications, and compliance, or some combination of these? An LXP could be the perfect tool to help you get control and set the stage for a more productive and consistent future. Book a free consultation to see how our dynamic new LXP, Readynez365, can transform your business for the better!

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