All you need to know about the Microsoft DA-100 Exam

If you´re into Power BI – this is the exam for you! It is currently the only Power Bi specific exam and certification path currently available from Microsoft.

DA-100 is the only Microsoft certification available for Power BI developers at this time due to Microsoft's transition to role-based certifications and the discontinuation of the MCSA, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certifications.

Who Is The DA-100 Exam For?

When taking the DA-100 exam, you should be prepared to demonstrate that you are an expert in Power BI capable of modeling, transforming, and visualizing data.

In addition, you must be able to translate business requirements into actions and recommendations through case studies of varying complexity. If you are new to Power BI, you will need to put in a lot of studying and hands-on time to pass this exam.

Furthermore, extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of the tool and the ability to determine which deployment methods may be most appropriate in a given situation are required. As a result, it effectively bridges the gap between a skilled Power BI user and someone who can create and manage content in the most effective manner for their organization.

Why sit The Microsoft DA-100 Exam?

There are more advantages to becoming a Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate than just having a bullet point on your resume. Passing the exam requires technical knowledge and an understanding of how to use the Power BI environment to its full potential in a given situation.

These abilities can elevate report writers to enterprise-wide data solution architects. Any individual seeking to begin a career in data analytics or transition to a new role using Power BI would benefit greatly from earning this certification.

Using a portfolio can also be a great way to demonstrate your personal career growth to managers or to demonstrate your skills to prospective clients. Obtaining this DA-100 certification demonstrates to an organization that you can design, develop, deploy, and manage a business intelligence solution for them.

How TO Prepare for the DA-100 Exam for Microsoft Power BI Exam

Use the following guides to prepare for the DA-100 Exam

Concentrate On The Key Components Of The Microsoft Power BI DA-100 Certification Exam

Microsoft provides sufficient study resources to enable candidates to learn the concepts required to pass the Microsoft Power BI DA-100 Certification exam. But be prepared to put in a huge effort if you decide to self-study.

To prepare for this Microsoft exam, visit the official web page and thoroughly read the syllabus. Make a copy of the syllabus topics and plan your study schedule in accordance with them. Having this information will assist you in deciding where to begin and what to study.

Understand The Structure Of The DA-100 exam

Learn about the DA-100 exam syllabus and important information such as exam duration, question type, and DA-100 exam cost, among other things. We recommend that you thoroughly review them to gain a better understanding of the exam's background and assist you in studying more effectively.

Formulate A Study Strategy For The Exam DA-100

The following schedule will assist you in completing all topics on time, revising them, and getting enough rest in between them. Giving your study time some structure is essential because, if you don't, it will be far too easy to procrastinate, become distracted, or forget what you need to do.

Select Your Study Method

Self-study does not provide you with adequate study resources or the convenience of resolving your doubts whenever you want.

To benefit from the best resources for exam preparation, you will need practical hands-on experience that you can gain in an instructor-led class where the expert instructors ( who´ve often been part of writing the exam ;-) can share their knowledge and experience

DA-100 Practice Tests

The practice tests are the last, but most important, step in the process. Practice tests for the DA-100 are essential for building your confidence while also reducing your anxiety levels. Additionally, it assists you in determining your abilities and knowledge.

The practice tests are designed to prepare you for the actual exam environment in front of you. After completing practice tests, you will be able to quickly identify the areas you are lacking and begin to improve. Keep in mind that the more you practice, the better your chances of doing well on the actual exam are. So get started right away.

Make Use of The Power BI Tool in a Practical Set-up

Even though you are familiar with every small detail and concept of Microsoft Power BI, you must understand how to apply all of these details in real-world situations. Never fear; Microsoft has created, maintained, and continuously improved a virtual lab for you. After you have completed the self-paced portion of the course, you can take advantage of such labs to gain hands-on experience.

Take Some Time To Rest And Reflect On Your Work

Revision is important because it allows you to retain the concepts you have been studying; otherwise, you will forget everything. However, you should not disregard your health. If you want to be a successful student, you must eat and rest properly.

Due to a lack of sleep or rest, you will be unable to retain any information if your brain is tired and you are physically exhausted.


To become a Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate, pass the DA-100 exam. Analysts who want to use Power BI in large-scale deployments will benefit from Microsoft's role-based certification, the Power BI Administrator.

Taking the exam costs $165, and you'll have two and a half hours to complete the 40-60 question questionnaire. Multiple-choice, true/false, and drag-and-drop questions are just some available options. As all Microsoft exams, this one requires practical hands-on experience, so tou will need a significant effort before you´re ready for the exam.

To learn more about the offical instructor-led class. Visit


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