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  • What is the EC-Council?
  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 06, 2024

Do you want to know more about EC-Council? This article will explain what EC-Council is and what it does. Whether you're new to cybersecurity or want to expand your knowledge, understanding EC-Council is a great starting point. Let's explore the ins and outs of this important organisation.

What is the EC-Council?

The EC-Council provides certifications and training in information security. It was established in the early 2000s and offers certifications recognized globally. These cover different areas of cybersecurity, such as ethical hacking, network defense, and digital forensics. Some certifications include Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Network Defender (CND), and Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI).

However, there have been controversies about the difficulty and reliability of their exams. Some claim the exams are too easy and don't properly assess candidates' knowledge and skills. Despite this, EC-Council certifications are still valued in the cybersecurity industry, and many professionals pursue these credentials for career advancement.

History of EC-Council

Founding and Evolution

The EC-Council started in 2001 with Haja Mohideen and is now a top provider of information security certifications, training, and conferences. They offer a variety of cybersecurity programs, focusing on ethical hacking, penetration testing, and digital forensics. This growth is due to the rising need for skilled cybersecurity professionals and the increasing threat of cyber attacks in different industries.

The EC-Council has achieved notable milestones, including the creation of the Certified Ethical Hacker credential, which is now an industry standard. They have also developed advanced programs like the Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) and the Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT). These efforts have led to global recognition and the establishment of a strong network of certified professionals, positioning the EC-Council as a significant player in cybersecurity certification.

Milestones and Growth

The EC-Council has grown through important milestones. They've introduced new certification programs, expanded globally, and formed partnerships with industry leaders. They started as a small certification body and are now a global leader in cybersecurity education. This growth is due to their focus on innovation, adaptability, and meeting the changing needs of the cybersecurity industry.

These milestones have shaped the future of the EC-Council, establishing it as a trusted authority in cybersecurity. This ensures its continued relevance and impact in the future.

EC-Council Services and Products

Certifications Offered by EC-Council

The EC-Council offers different certifications. These include the Certified Ethical Hacker and Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator.

The CEH is for those who want to show their ability to find and fix security vulnerabilities in computer systems through legal hacking.

On the other hand, the CHFI certification is for professionals working in digital forensics. It helps them gain the skills needed to investigate cybercrime, like data breaches and computer fraud.

These certifications are recognized globally, giving professionals the skills to succeed in cybersecurity and giving organizations confidence in their employees' abilities.

The study material for these certifications covers many topics, including penetration testing, security analysis, and forensic investigation. This ensures that certification holders have a strong understanding of the field.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) websiteThe EC-Council offers various cybersecurity certifications, including the Certified Ethical Hacker credential.

The CEH certification has evolved since its launch in 2003, updating to cover the latest tools and techniques used by hackers.

EC-Council is committed to continually updating its certifications to reflect the fast-paced nature of the cybersecurity industry, including adding new modules and expanding the scope of existing certifications.

This focus is essential for ensuring that EC-Council's certifications remain relevant and valuable in the job market, especially with the growing demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals.

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) websiteThe EC-Council provides cybersecurity training and certification worldwide. It was established in the early 21st century and has been a leader in equipping professionals with the skills to combat cyber threats. The organization offers various certifications, including the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator , to help individuals become proficient in cybersecurity. This certification is for professionals interested in investigating cybercrimes like fraud, hacking, and insider threats.

In the future, the EC-Council aims to expand its course offerings to cover emerging technologies and trends in cybersecurity. It also plans to enhance global cybersecurity capabilities by partnering with businesses and government agencies.

EC-Council University (ECCU)

EC-Council University (ECCU) is an accredited institution. It offers degree programs in cybersecurity. Founded in 2003, ECCU has evolved to become one of the leading universities in the UK. It provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in cybersecurity.

The university offers:

  • Online and on-campus degree programs
  • Professional certification courses
  • Industry-recognized training materials

ECCU also organizes various events and outreach efforts to promote cybersecurity awareness and education. These include webinars, workshops, and conferences bringing together industry experts, students, and professionals to discuss the latest trends and developments in cybersecurity.

With its focus on providing quality education and resources, ECCU continues to shape the future of cybersecurity.


CodeRed is an online ethical hacking competition. It's organized by EC-Council. The competition aims to provide a platform for participants to hone their cybersecurity skills in real-world scenarios.

Participants tackle challenges and tasks to practice technical abilities and problem-solving skills. This prepares them for the demands of the cybersecurity industry.

CodeRed also showcases the practical applications of EC-Council's training and certifications. It demonstrates how individuals can apply their knowledge to address real cybersecurity challenges.

The competition has garnered attention from industry professionals. This provides an opportunity for participants to network and engage with cybersecurity experts.

Overall, CodeRed has become an influential event in the cybersecurity industry. It has influenced the way in which cybersecurity skills are developed and assessed.

CodeRed serves as a testament to the effectiveness of EC-Council's approach to cybersecurity education and the practical value of its offerings in the field.


CyberQ is a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution offered by EC-Council.

It provides a wide range of protection and detection measures, addressing various cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

With advanced technology and robust features, CyberQ effectively safeguards against potential cyber attacks, ensuring the security of sensitive information.

Its ability to adapt and respond to evolving cyber threats makes it an invaluable asset to any organization.

Global Services

EC-Council offers a variety of global services. These include cybersecurity training, certification programs, and workshops. The organization has expanded its services globally by reaching out to new international markets and forming partnerships with industry leaders. They've also created online platforms for remote learning.

Over time, EC-Council has evolved its global services. They've introduced new training modules, adapted course materials to keep up with the latest cybersecurity trends, and offered practical hands-on experience for students.

In the future, EC-Council plans to continue expanding its global services. This includes opening new training centers in emerging markets, developing advanced cybersecurity courses, and using technology to provide immersive learning experiences. These plans demonstrate EC-Council's ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive cybersecurity education and meeting the increasing demand for skilled professionals in the field.

Shortcomings and Controversies

Publicised Security Breaches

The EC-Council has had publicized security breaches. In 2017, their website was hacked, affecting many people and raising concerns about their ability to protect sensitive information. In response, they updated security protocols and added more protection to prevent unauthorized access. They also improved cybersecurity training to equip members with the latest skills to handle threats. These actions show their commitment to enhancing security and rebuilding public trust after previous breaches.

Plagiarism Incidents

In the past, EC-Council had problems with people copying others' work and getting their certifications taken away. Some individuals used websites to get exam questions and answers, which wasn't allowed.

To stop this, EC-Council now uses software to check for plagiarism and regularly changes their exam content to keep it safe. They also stress how important it is to be ethical and honest in the cybersecurity field. This way, they want to make sure their certifications stay respected and trusted.

Criticism of EC-Council Certifications

Many industry professionals criticise EC-Council certifications for lacking practical, hands-on experience. They argue that while these certifications demonstrate theoretical understanding, they do not prepare individuals for real-world scenarios.

Additionally, some question the credibility and recognition of EC-Council certifications compared to others. Concerns about the relevance and up-to-date nature of course material have also been raised, highlighting the need for ongoing updates. Some professionals question whether the benefits of EC-Council certifications outweigh the resources required. In response, EC-Council could integrate more practical components, keep content relevant and up-to-date, and address cost and time concerns.

EC-Council Events and Outreach

Hacker Halted

EC-Council is an internationally recognized cybersecurity certification body that provides various training programmes, conferences, and workshops on ethical hacking and information security. The Hacker Halted conference, organized by EC-Council, offers a platform for security experts, industry professionals, and enthusiasts to share knowledge and insights on the latest cybersecurity trends and developments.

Additionally, EC-Council's expansion and international partnerships with government agencies, educational institutions, and corporate entities demonstrate their commitment to promoting global cybersecurity awareness and best practices. Through their long-term goals and objectives, EC-Council aims to continuously improve the quality of their certifications and training programmes, establish stronger partnerships with industry leaders, and ultimately contribute to creating a more secure and resilient digital environment.

As a major player in the cybersecurity sector, EC-Council's initiatives and events like Hacker Halted play a significant role in shaping the future of cybersecurity and technology.

Global CISO Forum

The EC-Council was founded in 2001 to provide cybersecurity education and certification. It offers training programs for ethical hacking, network defense, and incident handling.

Additionally, it provides security awareness training, threat intelligence, and penetration testing services. The organization also offers certifications like Certified Ethical Hacker , Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO), and Certified Network Defender.

The EC-Council engages with the global cybersecurity community through events like the annual Global CISO Forum. This brings together security executives and thought leaders to share insights and best practices. The organization also partners with universities, colleges, and participates in industry conferences and seminars. Through these initiatives, it continues to shape the future of cybersecurity worldwide.


The EC-Council was founded in 2001. It's a global leader in cybersecurity certification programs and services. One of its well-known certifications is the Certified Ethical Hacker. This equips professionals with the knowledge and skills to identify and address potential security threats.

In addition, EC-Council offers services like CodeRed, a platform for web application security testing. The organization has faced controversies in the past, including publicized security breaches and plagiarism incidents related to its training materials. Despite these challenges, EC-Council continues to be a prominent figure in the cybersecurity industry. It provides valuable certifications and services to professionals worldwide.

Future of EC-Council

The EC-Council has long-term goals and a vision to remain a top provider of cybersecurity education and certification programs.

They plan to update training materials and certifications to keep up with the changing world of cybersecurity.

To stay ahead, the EC-Council will introduce new products and services for individuals and businesses in the digital age.

These new offerings will provide the skills and knowledge needed to address the latest cybersecurity challenges.


EC-Council is a top global organization in cybersecurity certification programs and training. It provides various courses and certifications for professionals, such as ethical hacking, penetration testing, and digital forensics.

The organization is renowned for its high standards and practical approach to cybersecurity education. By emphasising practical skills and real-world applications, EC-Council aims to prepare professionals to effectively address cyber threats.

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What is EC-Council?

EC-Council is a global leader in cybersecurity certification programs, providing training and certification in areas such as ethical hacking, network defense, and penetration testing. They offer certifications like Certified Ethical Hacker , Certified Network Defender , and Certified Security Analyst (ECSA).

What does EC-Council stand for?

EC-Council stands for International Council of E-Commerce Consultants. It is a global leader in cybersecurity certification programs, including Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Network Defender.

What does EC-Council do?

EC-Council provides cybersecurity training and certification programs to individuals and organizations. They offer courses in areas such as ethical hacking, penetration testing, and network defense.

Is EC-Council a certification body?

Yes, EC-Council is a certification body that offers various cybersecurity certifications, such as Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Network Defender.

What types of certifications does EC-Council offer?

EC-Council offers certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker , Certified Network Defender , Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU), and Certified Chief Information Security Officer.

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