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Why AWS Security Certification Makes You More Valuable

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What is the AWS Security Certification?

The AWS Security Certification is an industry-recognized credential issued by Amazon that will validate your Amazon Web Services cloud security skills. You’ll learn enough to be considered a cloud security expert, which will look exceptional on your resume.


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What are the benefits of Getting AWS Security Certified?

If you’re wondering why you should get this particular Amazon-issued certification, here are some of the top reasons.


1. Build credibility

In today’s world, you need certifications to build credibility as a cybersecurity specialist. While it’s possible to find jobs that don’t require certifications, it always helps to have them when you can get them.

Certifications don’t just help with getting hired. They’re also a way to show people you work with that you are the go-to person in your area of expertise. Just having a certification in a certain area can give co-workers the confidence to ask you for help and advice over other, uncertified individuals.

It’s nice to be recognized for your cybersecurity knowledge and skills, so if you want that recognition and respect from your co-workers and boss, get AWS Security Certified as soon as possible.

Even if you already have all the skills, holding a certification proves to the world that you have done the work, you’ve learned the information, and you have earned that certification by passing the exam.

When it comes to technical skills, nobody wants to trust people who winged their cybersecurity career. It’s far too easy to make mistakes when you’re self-taught in the security world. Having credentials, especially professional certifications, shows people that you are credible and aren’t just claiming to have skills you may not have learned fully.

Companies aren’t willing to take risks when it comes to their data security, especially when that data is hosted in the cloud. Your certification will show potential employers that you have the knowledge and skills to keep the company’s data secure.


2. Help increase innovation within your company

According to data, organizations report more innovation within the company when they take on AWS certified staff. This includes security certifications.

Innovation allows companies to:

  • Increase profits
  • Add value
  • Keep ahead of the competition
  • Embrace new technology

Innovation is necessary for companies to grow, and when you play a central role in that innovation, you’ll automatically be more valuable to your company.


3. Faster troubleshooting

According to data, when staff members become AWS certified, productivity improves and so does troubleshooting. There’s no way to get around the need for troubleshooting, and sometimes the process can be overwhelmingly frustrating.

Troubleshooting is much easier when you have the knowledge required to solve the problem at hand. It’s only frustrating when you lack experience or information regarding the specific issue you’re facing. When you get your AWS Security Certification, you’ll have plenty more knowledge and that will help you immensely with your troubleshooting efforts.

Imagine that your boss encounters a problem that might lead to a data breach if nothing is done right away. You know how to solve the problem because you learned how during your course. You’ll be able to troubleshoot the issue quickly and prevent that data breach from happening.

Companies love having people who can troubleshoot issues quickly. The faster the issues can be resolved, the smoother the business will run. If you get your AWS Security Certification and apply your troubleshooting skills, you will probably end up being the go-to person for resolving security issues throughout the company.

Being the go-to security expert will earn you major credibility with your boss and will probably earn you a higher role with more responsibilities and of course, higher pay.


4. A higher salary

Employees who take the time to earn more certifications and credentials are generally paid more than those who don’t bother. It’s not the piece of paper that matters – it’s what you have to learn to get that piece of paper.

Your knowledge, skills, and expertise make you a valuable employee and when you have your AWS Security Certification, the right job will automatically pay you more.

If you want to earn more money, you need to get some certifications under your belt. If you’re passionate about Amazon Web Services and cloud security, the AWS Security Certification is perfect for your career. You’ll learn more and you’ll get to earn more money with your new skills and knowledge.

If you already have a job when you get certified, don’t be shy about asking for a raise and more responsibilities within your company. Just be sure to ask for a fair increase in compensation and be completely willing to take on more responsibilities so it’s not one-sided.


5. Expert status

Who doesn’t want to be considered an expert in their field? Experts get automatic credibility, acknowledgement, and they are often raised up above others whenever there’s a problem to solve.

When you get your AWS Security Certification, you’ll be considered an expert in your field, especially as you start to use your knowledge to solve problems for your company. Once people, including your boss, see how much you know and how easily you can solve problems, they’ll dub you an expert and you will become the employee they showcase and acknowledge during meetings.


Get your AWS Security Certification with our course

If you’re ready to take your cybersecurity career to the next level, check out our online AWS Security Certification course. We offer a professional online course for anyone with cloud computing experience and a passion for cybersecurity.

If you happen to be an AWS Cloud Practitioner or hold a certification in AWS Security Fundamentals, you’ll be especially qualified for this certification.

When you’re ready to advance your career and you want to learn more, you’ll love the benefits that come with being AWS Security Certified.

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