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Data Scientists top all lists of ressources, that are the hardest to find.

Today's markets are fast and changeable and the data volumes are huge. Every day, consumers and businesses create 2.5 quintillion pieces of data and 90% of the world's data volume has been created within the last 2 years. That is why Data Science specialists have quickly become the most sought after resources. The task they solve better than anyone else is that they effectively bridge the link between your data and your organization by providing strategic insight into complex and large amounts of data.

They are not dependent on specific technology, but are educated in the role of mathematics, statistics and programming, and communicate their findings in a clear language to decision makers.

However, a potential employee with data science expertise is extremely difficult to find. In fact, Data Scientists tops the lists of resources that are most difficult to find.

And if you are able to find a good candidate, they are very hard to sign. Typically employers use 3 months to recruit technical resources and pay 20% of the basic salary to the recruitment agency. In addition, the cost of allocating internal resources to the process and the training and so on.

But it does not necessarily have to be that hard.

Create growth with a Data Science Academy Candidate
Readynez Academy is a focused IT candidate recruitment solution and a complete training program that, with minimal time, develops your new employee into a productive, certified and value-creating employee with strong professional and personal skills ready to contribute immediately.

"If we look exclusively at the salary, we have the breakeven on our investment in the candidate after 5 months" Peter Linnet, JCD. 

Why Readynez Academy
We recruit and educate future IT professionals. We find your candidates, we take care of the recruitment process and help you choose the candidates that best suit your culture and business, and finally, we train your new employee to a highly qualified, fully productive Data Analyst - in a very short time.

In addition, our Readynez Academy program is open to any candidate you find appropriate. We would like to welcome your current employees as well.

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15. Jun 2017

by Maria Forsberg



Maria Forsberg

Marketing Manager

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