Understand the Microsoft AZ-800 vs AZ-801 Difference

  • What is the difference between AZ-800 and AZ 801?
  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 12, 2024
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Confused about Microsoft certifications AZ-800 and AZ-801? This article will explain the differences in a simple way. By the end, you'll know which certification aligns better with your career goals.

Let's explore the variances between AZ-800 and AZ-801 to help you decide.

Understanding the AZ-800 and AZ-801 Exams

The AZ-800 and AZ-801 exams differ mainly in their focus areas.

AZ-800 tests knowledge related to cloud architectural design.

In contrast, AZ-801 focuses on cloud infrastructure and implementation topics.

These differences mean that the skills assessed in the two exams are quite different.

AZ-800 checks the ability to design cloud solutions meeting specific business needs, focusing on architectural planning and decision-making.

On the other hand, AZ-801 concentrates more on the practical implementation of cloud services and infrastructure.

It looks at skills in deployment, configuration, and management of cloud resources.

Both exams are important for professionals showcasing their cloud computing expertise.

Each exam validates skills catering to different aspects of cloud technology.

What is the difference between AZ-800 and AZ 801?

Exam Content

Both the AZ-800 and AZ-801 exams cover similar topics related to general knowledge and skills. They do have differences in their focus areas though.

The AZ-800 exam mainly focuses on theoretical concepts and principles. Candidates are tested on understanding foundational concepts, terminology, and basic skills.

On the other hand, the AZ-801 exam delves deeper into practical application and problem-solving scenarios. It assesses candidates on their ability to apply concepts in real-world situations, troubleshoot issues, and make informed decisions based on practical considerations.

The distinct focus areas of these exams highlight their varying objectives. While one aims to test theoretical knowledge, the other evaluates practical skills.

Candidates preparing for these exams should note the differences in content and skill requirements to prepare effectively and succeed in their respective certifications.

AZ-800 Exam Topics

The AZ-800 exam covers cloud concepts, basic networking, security, and governance. On the other hand, the AZ-801 exam focuses more on advanced networking, security, identity, and compliance.

The difference between the two exams is that AZ-800 deals with foundational concepts, while AZ-801 delves into more complex topics.

For example, AZ-800 may test candidates on core cloud services and security principles. In comparison, AZ-801 might require a deeper understanding of hybrid networking configurations and compliance best practices.

The shift from AZ-800 to AZ-801 certification levels shows a progression towards more specialised and in-depth knowledge.

AZ-801 Exam Topics

The AZ-801 exam covers various important topics for cloud computing professionals. It includes virtualization, networking, security, and storage. This helps candidates have a good understanding of cloud technologies.

In comparison, the AZ-800 exam focuses on basic cloud concepts and services. On the other hand, the AZ-801 exam looks into advanced cloud services, hybrid cloud solutions, and management tools. This shift allows individuals to show they can handle complex cloud environments effectively and make strategic decisions to optimise cloud resources.

By mastering the AZ-801 exam topics, cloud professionals can prove their expertise in implementing and managing cloud solutions at a higher level than the AZ-800 exam assesses.

Target Audience

The AZ-800 and AZ-801 exams cater to:

  • IT administrators
  • Cloud architects
  • Solution architects

These individuals design and implement cloud solutions. They must understand cloud concepts, services, and best practices. To pass these exams, they need:

  • Moderate to advanced experience in cloud technologies like:
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Virtualization

Moreover, they should know specific cloud platforms, tools, and services. Hands-on experience in deploying and managing cloud solutions is crucial. The target audience includes seasoned IT professionals with a strong foundation in cloud computing. They possess practical expertise in designing and implementing intricate cloud solutions.

Windows System Administrators

Windows System Administrators have important tasks. They configure, maintain, and troubleshoot Windows-based systems. They make sure these systems are secure and perform well. This involves implementing security measures, monitoring performance, and applying software updates.

They use tools like Active Directory, Group Policy, PowerShell scripts, and monitoring software. These tools help with user management, system configuration, task automation, and system health monitoring.

By using these tools and technologies, Windows System Administrators can effectively maintain Windows systems' functionality and security in an organization.

Azure Developers

Azure Developers preparing for the AZ-800 and AZ-801 exams need to understand cloud computing principles and various Azure services. They should also be familiar with networking concepts, security protocols, and data storage solutions. These exams evaluate their ability to design, implement, and monitor Azure solutions effectively.

Getting certified through the AZ-800 and AZ-801 exams proves an Azure Developer's expertise and dedication to mastering the platform. It sets them apart from peers, creating more opportunities for career growth and better-paying roles. Employers value certified professionals for Azure-related projects as they demonstrate the required skills for successful outcomes.

Certification is a valuable asset that showcases practical knowledge and proficiency in Azure development. It enhances developers' credibility and professional advancement.

Cost and Value

When comparing the AZ-800 and AZ-801 exams, it's important to look at the exam fees. The AZ-800 exam might cost more than the AZ-801. However, it's crucial to consider the value each certification provides.

The AZ-800 certification could offer more advanced knowledge and skills. This could make it a good investment, despite the higher initial fee. On the other hand, the AZ-801 certification may be more affordable but could offer fewer career advancement opportunities.

Individuals should think about their career goals and the expertise they want before choosing a certification. By comparing the exam fees and the potential value each certification brings, candidates can make a smart decision that aligns with their goals.

Exam Fees

The exam fees for the AZ-800 and AZ-801 exams can vary. Different certification providers and exam levels influence the costs.

Fees generally cover the exam itself, required study materials, and possibly a registration fee. Additional costs may apply for retaking exams or using third-party study resources.

Discounts may exist for students or eligible individuals, but availability isn't guaranteed. These should be confirmed with the certification provider.

Compared to similar industry certifications, AZ-800 and AZ-801 exam fees are competitive. Some certifications may be pricier due to prestige or difficulty level.

It's wise to compare fees across different certifications to ensure value for the investment.

In the end, investing in AZ-800 and AZ-801 exam fees can benefit career advancement and showcase expertise.

Is it Worth It?

The difference between AZ-800 and AZ-801 is in what they test.

AZ-800 focuses on Windows System Administration, while AZ-801 evaluates Azure Development skills.

When deciding whether to take these exams, it's important to consider the cost and how they can benefit your career.

Passing these exams can validate your expertise in these fields, but preparing for them takes a lot of time and effort.

So, think about whether the value of getting these certifications is worth the dedication required.

Base your decision on your career goals and how these certifications could help you in the future.

Skills Validation

Skills validation assessments like AZ-800 and AZ-801 test one's proficiency in specific areas. Both assessments cover similar topics but focus differently and in-depth.

  • AZ-800 explores foundational concepts, giving a broad understanding.
  • AZ-801 is more advanced, demanding deeper knowledge and skills application.

Completion of these assessments showcases expertise, enhancing credibility and career advancement chances. It highlights strengths and areas for improvement, guiding professional growth.

Staying updated with evolving assessments is vital for career competitiveness.

Learning Skills

Improving learning skills for exams involves:

  • Active engagement with study materials
  • Practicing information retrieval
  • Creating study guides
  • Teaching the material to someone else

These strategies help in:

  • Retaining information better
  • Developing a deeper understanding of the subject

Validating and enhancing learning skills can be done through:

  • Spaced repetition
  • Self-testing
  • Seeking feedback from peers or instructors

These methods:

  • Reinforce information retention
  • Promote long-term memory recall

In the study experience for exams like AZ-800 and AZ-801, learning skills are vital for understanding and retaining material. By improving these skills, individuals can tackle exams with confidence and perform better in assessments.

Validating Skills

Validating skills in a professional setting often involves getting certifications to show expertise. For technical skills like those needed for AZ-800 and AZ-801 exams:

  • Individuals can pursue industry-recognised qualifications or undergo training programmes to enhance their competencies.
  • Practical experience through hands-on projects and real-world applications is important.
  • Networking with other professionals and attending industry events can also help showcase skills and receive feedback.

In the end, having a mix of theory, experience, and continuous learning is vital for validating technical skills professionally.

Study Experience

The study experience for the AZ-800 and AZ-801 exams was different. Here's how:

  • The AZ-800 exam focused on foundational concepts and basic principles.
  • The AZ-801 exam went deeper into intricate details and practical applications.

Challenges during preparation varied. They ranged from understanding complex technical concepts to time management for study and practice. Despite these obstacles, the study experience improved understanding of the exam content.

Engaging with practice tests, hands-on labs, and interactive study resources helped candidates. It allowed them to strengthen their knowledge and skills and prepared them better for the exams.

This hands-on approach enhanced retention and enabled practical application of learned concepts in real-world situations.

Over to you

Microsoft AZ-800 focuses on Microsoft 365 security and compliance solutions.

On the other hand, AZ-801 is more about Microsoft 365 messaging, teamwork, collaboration, and productivity solutions.

Knowing this helps in picking the right certification based on career goals and expertise.

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What are the differences between Microsoft AZ-800 and AZ-801?

The main difference between Microsoft AZ-800 and AZ-801 is that AZ-800 focuses on implementing and operating security controls, while AZ-801 focuses on designing and implementing security solutions.

For example, AZ-800 covers topics like access management, network security, and threat protection, while AZ-801 covers topics like identity and access management, encryption, and security assessments.

Which exam is more focused on Azure solutions architecture design?

The Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert exam, AZ-304, is more focused on Azure solutions architecture design compared to other exams such as AZ-900 or AZ-104. This exam covers topics such as designing identity and security, designing data storage, and designing business continuity.

What skills are tested in Microsoft AZ-800 exam?

Skills tested in Microsoft AZ-800 exam include designing Azure solutions, implementing security, managing identity and access, architecting data platforms, and designing deployment strategies. Examples include creating Azure Resource Manager templates, configuring role-based access control, and designing backup and recovery solutions.

Is there an overlap in content between AZ-800 and AZ-801 exams?

No, there is no overlap in content between the AZ-800 and AZ-801 exams. AZ-800 focuses on designing and implementing Azure solutions, while AZ-801 focuses on managing and operating Azure solutions.

How can I prepare effectively for both AZ-800 and AZ-801 exams?

To prepare effectively for both AZ-800 and AZ-801 exams, create a study schedule, practice with mock exams, use official Microsoft study materials, and join online study groups for support and additional resources.

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