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Why Change won’t happen unless you plan it top-down

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But it’s not until now that the impact of digital transformation on society has created stakes so high that it has created an undeniable shift in the world.

We now live in the skills first economy.

Let me show you how that impacts your business (and career) and what you can do to take immediate action.

Positioning yourself towards the future
As the Economist recently stated, one of the most impactful consequences of the current Covid-19 pandemic will be “the infusion of data-enabled services into ever more aspects of life. We expect digital transformation to be an even bigger imperative for organizations in the short term future.”

There is no getting around it. You will need to plan for digital transformation, and these days that is less about technology than it is about people.

What´s the problem?

You can easily buy any technology. That is rarely the limitation, but your ability to position yourself towards the future will depend on your access to talent and skills. How you close the gap.

Technology is constantly disrupting the nature of job roles with continuous builds instead of 4 year upgrade cycles, making the right people and skills more difficult to find, develop and manage than technology



The data

1% Growth lost

OECD research shows that the 14 G20 countries could miss out on as much as 11.5 trillion USD, if they fail to meet their technical skills demands. That is an entire percentage point of growth lost.

5% in Sync

Research from Forbes.com indicates that just 5% of executives now believe, that their business strategy and their technological resources are in sync. Considering the vast investments in training, that is a shockingly low number.

The Skills Gap

Forbes.com has found that 95% of executives say that their strategies and their skills are not aligned. Just consider for a moment how unlikely it is, that you will create change when you don´t have the people or the skills to do it?

How are you closing the gap?

But it is not going to create change. In fact, change is much more likely to happen if you drive it from the top.

According to Gartner, a staggering 77% of strategists say that their company´s digital efforts are missing revenue expectations.

So, in essence most businesses have no revenue or profitability expectations for their digital transformation!

Why? Perhaps it’s too difficult to measure success or perhaps leadership is not as involved, as it probably should be.

When it comes to digital transformation, the single most important determining factor is the leadership. Needless to say, industry, culture and actual tech all matter, but these things tend to be similar across competitors. Whereas the mindset, value and competence of your leadership will be the main differentiators.

It does not mean that you need to embrace a hierarchical organizational structure, or that you need a culture of fear. It is a simple matter of leadership, and a plan.

Digital Transformation projects trigger an urgent call to reconfigure your Skills.

The missing link is often access to data about Learning consumption and current skills requirements.

A lot of customers tell us what a struggle it is to keep track of exams, certifications and vendor program compliance across the organization. 

Start with a plan, then build the foundation for success. If you´re interested in Best Practice model for making your digital Skills work, you may find the models and tools presented in the Readynez365 page helpful. Click here to learn more: https://www.readynez.com/en/readynez365/

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