What is the Cost of the EC-Council CEH Exam?

  • CEH Exam Cost
  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 06, 2024

Are you thinking of getting the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification but not sure about the exam cost? Knowing the financial investment for this certification is important for your decision.

In this article, we will look at the costs of taking the CEH exam, including registration fees, study materials, and potential additional expenses. By the end, you will know how much the EC-Council CEH exam costs.

Purpose of the CEH certification

The main reason to get the CEH certification in ethical hacking is to show that you are an expert in ethical hacking and information security. This certification sets a standard for ethical hacking by making sure certified individuals have the right skills to find and fix weaknesses in computer systems and networks. Employers really want certified ethical hackers with the CEH certification because they need people who can keep their companies safe from cyber threats.

Getting this certification can make you more trusted and prove that you are serious about following the best ethical hacking practices.

CEH as a standard for ethical hacking

The CEH certification is now a standard for ethical hacking in the industry. Its comprehensive exam covers various aspects of information security and ethical hacking practices.

This certification validates an individual's understanding of hacking techniques, tools, and methodologies. It also tests their ability to think and act like a hacker. This ensures that professionals holding the CEH certification adhere to a high standard of ethical conduct.

They also possess the necessary skills to identify and address vulnerabilities in the systems they are tasked to protect. The CEH certification serves to benchmark the knowledge and skill set of ethical hackers. It allows employers to confidently assess the capabilities of potential candidates.

As the threat of cyber-attacks grows and digital infrastructure becomes more relied upon, there is a rising demand for certified ethical hackers in the job market. Employers seek professionals who have demonstrated their expertise through certifications like CEH to safeguard their systems and networks from malicious actors.

Employer demand for certified ethical hackers

Employers want certified ethical hackers to improve computer system security. Cyber attacks on businesses are increasing, so organizations need experts to find vulnerabilities and protect data. The CEH certification is popular because it covers ethical hacking techniques, tools, and methods comprehensively. It's different from other industry standards and helps professionals understand the latest security threats and defenses.

Employers appreciate certified ethical hackers with practical skills in penetration testing, detecting intrusion, and network scanning. They also value knowledge of cyber security laws like GDPR and HIPAA. Getting the CEH certification shows professionals can find and fix security risks, making them very valuable to employers.

CEH Exam Cost

The cost of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam can vary depending on several factors, including your location, the type of exam delivery (in-person proctored or online proctored), and any additional study materials or resources you may choose to purchase. However, to provide a general idea - here is how the CEH exam pricing looks like:

CEH Exam website

Exam application and registration fees

  • Training prep course costs
  • Study materials
  • Practice exams

CEH exam fees may be higher than others, like CompTIA Security+ and Pentest+, due to additional expenses for EC-Council official training and study materials. Candidates should also consider potential costs for study resources, exam retakes, and training programs when budgeting. By being aware of these factors and planning accordingly, candidates can effectively prepare for the costs associated with the CEH exam and certification process.

Comparison with other certifications like CompTIA pentest+

comptia pentest+ website

The CEH certification is well-recognized in the industry. It's considered a standard for ethical hacking, similar to other certifications like CompTIA pentest+.

Both certifications have industry recognition for ethical hacking standards. The CEH certification provides a practical and general example of its value. In terms of exam costs, the CEH certification and CompTIA pentesting differ in their pricing structure. The CEH certification is more expensive than Pentest plus.

However, the long-term value and employability benefits of the CEH certification in the cybersecurity industry are significant. It presents another practical and general example of its value. Both certifications offer unique advantages. However, the CEH certification demonstrates a level of excellence and expertise that is highly sought after in the industry. This earns it a higher reputation and designation in the field.

Breakdown of fees for CEH exams

The fees for CEH exams can vary. Factors like the country and professional association membership can affect the cost. Additional expenses include training materials, practice exams, and study guides.

Compared to CompTIA Pentest+, CEH exams may have higher fees due to extra study materials. These resources provide a more thorough learning experience and preparation for the exam.

Ongoing education and certification renewal expenses should be considered as candidates progress in their cybersecurity careers. It's important for candidates to carefully consider all costs and prepare for the certification process.

Mandatory training costs

When pursuing the CEH certification, candidates should be aware of the mandatory training costs associated with the exam.

These costs cover the expense of preparing for the certification and can include the fees for training courses, study materials, and practice exams.

In comparison to other expenses related to the CEH exam, such as the application fee and exam voucher, mandatory training costs can be a significant factor to consider when budgeting for the certification process.

Additionally, candidates should also take into account any additional costs beyond the exam fees, such as travel expenses and accommodations if attending in-person training sessions, as well as the potential need for retaking the exam.

Understanding and carefully considering the mandatory training costs and other related expenses involved in obtaining the CEH certification is important for candidates as they plan and prepare for the examination.

Additional costs beyond exam fees

Obtaining a CEH certification may bring extra costs besides the exam fees. These include study materials, training courses, and practice exams. The amount varies based on the individual's preferred study methods and resources.

Compared to other cybersecurity certifications like CompTIA Pentest+, the additional costs for obtaining a CEH certification might be higher due to the specific study materials and training prep courses required for CEH exam preparation. These added costs can significantly impact the overall investment in obtaining a CEH certification, contributing to the total cost of preparing for and taking the exam.

Individuals should consider and budget for these additional costs when planning to pursue a CEH certification. This will help them make an informed decision about the overall financial investment required.

Eligibility Requirements for the CEH Exam

To attend the CEH training, individuals need two years of information security work experience. Self-study options include purchasing study materials like study guides and practice exams. These materials have an extra cost on top of the registration and exam fees.

Prerequisites for attending the CEH training

To register for the CEH exam, candidates must submit an application detailing their work experience and complete an eligibility form to prove it. Candidates can also attend official EC-Council training at an accredited centre or through the iClass platform, both at an extra cost.

Self-study options and cost implications

There are different ways to prepare for the CEH exam on your own. You can buy study guides, do practice exams, or take online training courses. Study guides and practice exams are usually cheaper than online courses. But, it's important to check if the study materials prepare you well for the exam. Getting the CEH certification can lead to better job opportunities in cybersecurity, with higher salaries.

Even though there might be some initial costs for self-study, the potential for higher earnings and career growth can make it worth it in the long run.

Training Solutions and Cost Variations

The CEH certification can give you a competitive advantage in cybersecurity job roles. It proves your skills in ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

Official CEH exam training prepares you well for the exam. It provides comprehensive resources and support. Although it may cost more, it's worth it for the industry-recognized accreditation and quality training materials.

Having a CEH certification can boost your career. It opens doors to better-paying jobs and more job security in cybersecurity. Compared to other exams, the CEH certification is well-respected and valuable for a career in ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

Alternative training providers

There are different ways to prepare for the CEH certification. You can use online platforms, boot camps, or self-study resources. These options offer flexibility in terms of timing and location. They can be more cost-effective than official training.

Online platforms often provide video lectures, practice exams, and study guides at a lower cost. Boot camps offer intensive, short-term training sessions that may be less expensive. Self-study resources like books and online tutorials provide a budget-friendly alternative.

Impact on overall CEH exam cost

The overall cost of the CEH exam can be affected by several factors. These include study materials, training courses, and exam retake fees. The CEH exam cost is similar to other certifications like CompTIA Pentest+. However, extra training and study materials may increase the total cost. In addition to exam fees, candidates should also think about the expenses of study guides, practice exams, and training courses. All of these can add to the overall cost of getting the CEH certification.

It's important for candidates to budget for these extra costs to be fully prepared for the exam.

CEH Exam Cost for Recertification - process & fees

After getting the Certified Ethical Hacker certification, individuals need to recertify every three years. This involves earning specific continuing education credits called EC-Council Continuing Education (ECE) credits. There are associated fees for the recertification process to cover administration and processing. These fees are mandatory to maintain the CEH certification status. Once the requirements are met and fees are paid, the CEH certification is renewed for another three years.

It's important to remember that there may be extra costs, like study materials and training courses. When comparing the cost of recertification for CEH to other cybersecurity certifications, it's important to consider both the exam fees and additional costs for meeting the recertification requirements.

Continuous education and its costs

The cost of the Certified Ethical Hacker exam can depend on different things. These include study materials, training courses, and exam fees. The total cost may vary based on how someone prepares for the exam. In comparison to other cybersecurity certifications like CompTIA Pentest+, the CEH exam might cost more because of its global recognition and detailed coverage of ethical hacking techniques.

Even though getting the CEH certification may require a significant initial investment, the benefits in the long run could outweigh this cost. However, maintaining the CEH certification involves ongoing expenses for renewing it every three years. This includes the cost of additional training, exam fees, and study materials including multiple-choice questions. With the cybersecurity field constantly changing, professionals need to stay updated. As a result, continuous education becomes a significant long-term cost for maintaining the CEH certification.

Advantages of Obtaining the CEH Certification

The CEH certification has clear benefits for finding work in cybersecurity. Getting this certification can boost technical skills and job prospects. It shows a strong grasp of ethical hacking and security concepts. Plus, being DoD-approved opens up more job opportunities.

Employers see the worth of this certification, so it's crucial for cybersecurity job seekers. With the growing need for cybersecurity pros, a CEH certification gives an edge in the job market. It represents a solid base in ethical hacking, a valuable asset for those aiming for a career in the industry.

Technical skills enhancement through CEH certification

The CEH certification can improve technical skills like ethical hacking, network security, and penetration testing. It focuses on cybersecurity and offers practical training in real-world situations. Having this certification can lead to more job opportunities and higher salary because there is a big need for cybersecurity professionals. It can also enhance problem-solving and critical thinking, which are important in cybersecurity.

DoD approved certification benefits

The DoD approved the CEH certification. It brings many benefits such as increased employability, higher earning potential, and enhanced job security within the Department of Defense. The CEH certification is recognized by the DoD and is relevant to ethical hacking and cybersecurity. This sets it apart from other certifications. Moreover, holding a CEH certification can lead to career advancement opportunities within the DoD and other government agencies. It also enables the holder to work on highly classified and management projects.

CEH versus Other Exams - Comparison to performance exams like CompTIA Pentest+

The CEH certification and CompTIA Pentest+ exams are different in terms of content and format. CEH covers a broad range of topics, including security fundamentals, analysis and vulnerability assessment, and security tools. CompTIA Pentest+ has a more specialized focus on ethical hacking and penetration testing.

CEH certification tends to cost more due to its comprehensive coverage and industry recognition. Employers in cybersecurity often highly value CEH certification as a standard qualification for ethical hacking positions. However, some may also recognize the practical assessments and specific focus on penetration testing in CompTIA Pentest+.

Cost-benefit analysis of CEH and other certifications

The cost of the CEH exam can vary. It depends on factors like training materials, exam vouchers, and retake fees. Compared to other certifications like CompTIA Pentest+, the cost may be higher or lower.

Obtaining the CEH certification has long-term benefits. This includes enhanced employability and the development of technical skills. These are valuable in the cybersecurity field.

In terms of cost-benefit analysis, the CEH certification offers advantages over other exams. It provides a competitive edge in the job market and the potential for higher earnings.

The practical knowledge gained through CEH training can be directly applied to real-world scenarios. This makes it a valuable investment for those pursuing a career in cybersecurity.

Examining the Long-Term Value of a CEH Certification

Obtaining a CEH certification can be very beneficial for your cybersecurity career. It shows that you are skilled in ethical hacking and penetration testing, which is important for securing digital assets.

Having this certification can improve your job security and give you more opportunities for career growth. Employers see it as a sign of your commitment to excellence and professional development.

Compared to other cybersecurity certifications, CEH is highly regarded in the industry. It is known for equipping professionals with the skills to identify and tackle security vulnerabilities effectively.


The EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam costs around £675. This covers the exam voucher and an extra fee for exam scheduling. Discounts are offered to students and those who meet specific eligibility criteria. It's recommended to thoroughly check the exam costs before signing up.

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What is the cost of the EC-Council CEH exam?

The cost of the EC-Council CEH exam on average is $950 for self-study students and $1,199 for those who take official training through EC-Council or its partners.

How much does it cost to take the CEH exam?

The cost to take the CEH exam is $950 for the exam voucher alone or $1,199 for the exam voucher and preparation program bundle.

Is there a fee for the EC-Council CEH exam?

Yes, there is a fee for the EC-Council CEH exam. The fee varies based on the delivery method chosen (i.e., in-person proctored or online proctored).

What is the pricing for the CEH exam?

The pricing for the CEH exam is $950 for self-study and $1,199 for training.

How expensive is the EC-Council CEH exam?

The EC-Council CEH exam costs $950 USD.

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