Are you as Data Privacy smart as you think you are?

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Data Privacy is a responsibility that falls hard on the shoulders of infosec professionals, but as regulators continue to find breaches it would seem that many companies fall short, when it comes to keeping up in this particular area of infosec.

Privacy is becoming a linchpin of corporate business strategies that leverage data to create business value, and to avoid significant consequences associated with regulatory fines and breach requirements.

So the question is: Are you Data privacy Smart (enough)?

The chart included here, assembled by the IAPP with guidance and expertise from key infosec professionals, details the broad spectrum of infosec roles and responsibilities and shows the degree to which privacy knowledge is vital for each.

Privacy and infosec managers and leaders can use the grid to measure expectations, goals and skill sets for teams, identifying which areas need improvement, and filling in the knowledge gaps with appropriate certification-level training.

Look for all the green dots for maximum relevance and the blue for medium.

( View the table in full size here) 

Get your privacy skillls up to speed
So if your skills aren´t quite up to speed, fear not! the IAPP CIPT Certification offers you a great opportunity to do just that .

Alex Grohmann, CIPT,
Sicher Consulting LLC and ISSA Senior Fellow

What is the CIPT Certification?
The CIPT Certification was created by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) in 2014. The IAPP The International Association of Privacy Professionals is a not-for-profit organization providing the only globally recognized credentialing programs in information privacy, including the Certified Information Privacy Technologist designation. A vast network of 55,000+ members includes experts and influencers in the field of data protection and offers practitioners a forum to share best practices, track trends, discuss and debate issues, and receive education in the field.

The CIPT was just revamped with more than 50% new questions in the exam, so even if you´re currently a holder of the coveted certification, you may still want to look into the new CIPT certification.

The IAPP CIPT is quite unique in the practical hands-on approach to privacy security. The main focus is on the implementation of privacy in day-to-day operations and it is perfect for practitioners looking for skills to better apply compliance and risk mitigation strategies.

To read a full guide to IAPP CIPT Certification, click here.

Are you ready to propel your data privacy career into excellence? Then the CIPT is for you:  




5. Jan 2021

by Maria Forsberg

Maria Forsberg

Marketing Manager

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