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The past few weeks have caused a lot of disruption and chaos as we all have to adjust to new reality.

It is hard to believe the changes that have happened. And who knows how long these “new times” will remain in effect. But now;

We have had a short time to adjust and realign our thinking – now it is time to move on if we can – to find out how to discover the ways we can live in this new era. There may be opportunities buried in all of this chaos – but it will take a depth of character, an immeasurable amount of flexibility and the determination to make the best of it.

I used to provide some personal coaching for staff and associates and I came to a realization that some people are simply not capable of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. The situations of life are more than they can bear on their own – and that is where those that are stronger need to be a rock of stability, a beacon of hope, and a comfort in sorrow. We need to live to bless others despite our own concerns and fears.

The more we pay attention to others, the better. 

The first step to find some balance in the new situation is to accept the situation as it is, and try to make conscious decision to move forward.

Clean up those little things you know you have put off. Then firmly decide to use this chance to build new routines, new plans and look for a way to use this situation to get some good from it. Take a course – learn something new, expand your skillset and knowledge. This will create energy and a positive mindset.

My best wishes to each one of you – you are precious and a valued member of society and we need each one of you. Know that many of us are standing with you and are there to support and encourage you.

12. Mar 2020

by Kevin Henry

Kevin Henry

Senior Instructor Readynez

Kevin Henry has served for many years as an authorized instructor for (ISC)2 and he is renowned for his 20 year contribution to learners training for IT security skills- and certifications such as the CISSP, CISM, CISA and CCSP everywhere in the world.

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