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  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 15, 2023

It is beneficial for professionals to go to conferences or events every year, to find new networking opportunities, and professional development opportunities, or to learn about the latest trends in their field. No matter what your goals are, meeting with professionals in your field in person or virtually can be a valuable and worthwhile experience. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the past few years have been quite bare, in terms of in-person IT conferences. For the last 2 years, conferences have been forced to adapt and shift to virtual formats. While this has certainly changed the conference experience, it has also made attending these events more accessible, as attendees can participate from the comfort and safety of their own homes. This does, however, make networking far less effective.

Thankfully, a lot of those conferences are back to their original in-person formats. This year, IT conferences are a crucial platform for professionals in the tech industry to come together and exchange ideas, learn about the latest developments and network with like-minded individuals. And this is most effective with on-ground events. With the fast-paced nature of technology, staying up to date with the latest advancements is crucial for success in the field. IT conferences provide an opportunity for attendees to gain valuable insights, make valuable connections, and develop their skills. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out in the tech industry, attending an IT conference can be a valuable investment in your professional development.

Why Invest Time and Money into IT Conferences

There are several benefits of attending IT conferences, including

  • Staying up-to-date: IT conferences offer attendees the opportunity to stay informed about the latest advancements and trends in their field.
  • Networking: IT conferences provide a unique platform for attendees to network with industry leaders, fellow professionals, and potential employers.
  • Skill development: Many IT conferences offer hands-on workshops, tutorials, and training sessions, providing attendees with opportunities to develop and improve their skills.
  • Inspiration and innovation: IT conferences often feature keynote speakers and panel discussions, offering attendees the chance to be inspired and learn about new innovations in the tech industry.
  • Career advancement: Attending IT conferences can help individuals enhance their professional development and advance their careers.
  • Exposure to new technology and products: IT conferences offer attendees the chance to explore and experience new technology and products first-hand.

Overall, attending IT conferences can be a valuable investment in professional development, providing individuals with opportunities to stay current, make valuable connections, and grow their careers.

The opportunity and career prospects in Data Privacy

The growing importance of data privacy in today's digital age has resulted in an increase in demand for experts in the field. Data privacy analysts, information security analysts, data governance managers, and compliance specialists are examples of such positions. Organizations in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, and technology, are looking for people who can help them navigate the complex landscape of data privacy laws & regulations.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 28% increase in job growth for Information Privacy and Security Analysts between 2020 - 2030, which is faster than the average for all occupations. Furthermore, as the number of data privacy laws and regulations grows, so will the demand for data privacy professionals.

We have put together a list of IT conferences, across the globe, that you can fill up your 2023 calendar with! This is just a preliminary list, there are tons more that you can attend, and new ones are sure to be announced through the course of the year. This list consists of some of the best conferences in the world that are sure to give you a bang for your buck and give you a headstart on your 2023 planning!



1) Deep Learning Summit

15-16th Feb 2023, San Francisco, CA

The goal of the Deep Learning Summit is to bring together AI leaders and the latest technologies to solve business and social problems. By going to this event, you'll learn from the world's best innovators about new methods, algorithms, and deep learning. Attendees will also be able to look into how deep AI learning will change the future of healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and other fields.


2) Share Dallas, 5–8 March 2023, Atlanta, Georgia

This is an event with hands-on sessions on IT hot topics like cloud technology, mainframe hardware, security, and more. By attending Share, attendees can learn from other industry experts and network with them to improve their skills, learn more, and make their organizations more efficient.


3) EmTech Digital, 2 - 3 May 2023, Cambridge, MA

EmTech Digital is one of the most important business leadership and AI conferences. It brings together government, business, and academic leaders to talk about AI's progress, problems, and future. At this year's event, there will be a lot of talk about the practical, technical, and ethical rules that need to be followed when using AI technology.

4) Think Digital Event Experience, 9-11, 2023, Orlando, FL

Think, which is held by IBM every year, is one of the best business and technology conferences in the world. Learn by doing about the latest developments in open technologies, such as hybrid multi-cloud, data, and AI. At Think, you'll learn the technical and strategic skills your company needs to deal with its most pressing problems. When you go to this top event, you can change yourself, your company, and maybe even your industry.

5) Dublin Tech Summit, May 31– June 1, 2023, Dublin, Ireland

The Dublin Tech Summit is a one-day global technology conference where some of the most respected and powerful leaders in business and technology get together to share their knowledge, talk about the latest trends, network, and have fun. By signing up for this conference, people will be able to learn about a wide range of topics, such as diversity and new technologies. They will also be able to attend one of the 200 speaker sessions and, network with over 10,000 people from 70 countries and 300 media representatives from around the world.

6) Augmented World Expo, May 31–June 2, 2023, Santa Clara, California

The most popular AR+VR conference and expo in the world is the Augmented World Expo (AWE). With over 7,000 attendees, 300 expert speakers, and more than 250 exhibitors, the 3-day event brings together a wide range of business and technology professionals, such as CEOs, CTOs, designers, developers, creative agencies, futurists, analysts, investors, and more. At AWE, you'll have a great chance to learn, make connections, and try out some of the most exciting and cutting-edge technologies in this field.


7) Cisco Live, 4-8 June 2023, Las Vegas, NV

Cisco Live is the best place for IT professionals to learn and grow. People who go to the 5-day event will have a unique chance to learn about the latest cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future of digital. With more than 28,000 attendees, Cisco executives and employees, and an expert panel of speakers, Cisco Live will change your perspective by letting you learn from the best and brightest in the industry.

8) Pure/Accelerate, 12–16 June 2023, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pure/Accelerate is one of the world's most popular technology events. With great keynotes, in-depth training sessions, live demos, and much more, this conference is full of useful information that makes it a must-attend. You should go to Pure and invest in the modern data experience if you want to try out the latest technology, hear from experts in your field, and grow your professional network.

9) Digital Enterprise Show, 13–15, 2023, Málaga, Spain, June

The Digital Enterprise Show (DES) is a global expo and congress about digital transformation. With over 26,000 C-level executives from 50 countries and over 500 speakers from all over the world. DES is where professionals go to get cutting-edge technology, new products, and solutions that will help them improve their businesses. At this must-attend conference, you can change your business strategy and get the information you need to shape the future of your industry.

10) The Next Web Conference, 15-16 June 2023, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Next Web (TNW) Conference brings people together for two days of interactive sessions, electrifying keynotes, and one-on-one conversations about how to shape the future of technology. If you're wondering how to keep up with the new tech trends that come out every day, TNW will help you by talking about the latest innovations and best practices and how to deal with the problems that come with digital corporate innovation.


11) Technology and Innovation, 11 - 12, September 2023, Austin, TX

Technology & Innovation is a 3-day event that covers all of the ways that marketing and sales professionals can use technology. The conference gives B2B peers a place to meet and learn from each other. It also gives executives actionable takeaways and expert advice that they can use to improve sales, marketing, and product performance.

12) TechCrunch Disrupt, 19 - 21, September 2023 – San Francisco, CA

Disrupt is a unique and innovative conference where the startup world comes together to see the present and future of tech all in one place. Get ideas from the leaders of today and the best startups of tomorrow, learn from industry experts who share their business knowledge, see the latest innovations and up-and-coming founders, and make connections that will help your business grow.

13) IT Arena, 29 September–October 1, 2023,  Lviv, Ukraine,

IT Arena is a 3-day conference with ground-breaking solutions and forward-thinking business ideas that inspire exponential growth in those who attend. You can meet global changemakers and the most inspiring tinkerers at this conference. You can also learn about revolutionary changes that are changing the tech space.


14) World Summit AI, 11-12, 2023, Amsterdam, Netherlands

World Summit AI is the biggest tech conference in the world for companies, big tech companies, startups and investors. Every year, the conference brings together people from all over the world who are interested in AI for two days of new ideas, passionate discussions about AI, hands-on workshops, sharing knowledge, and, of course, networking. Find out how cutting-edge tools can make the future better at this year's most important event.

15) Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 16–19, October 2023, Orlando, FL

The Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo is the biggest and most popular event for CIOs and senior IT leaders to get together every year. This 4-day event will cover important topics, such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, culture, customer experience, cybersecurity, and more. With over 900 networking opportunities, 40+ expert speakers, and more than 100 research-driven sessions, the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo will help you improve your strategies and find the modern technologies that will help power your digital transformation.


16) Microsoft Ignite, 15-16, 2023, Online

Microsoft Ignite is an event that brings together technology leaders and experts from all over the world every year. This is the most complete technology conference of the year, with over 200 hands-on experiences and more than 1000 sessions. Microsoft Ignite is a one-of-a-kind event to learn from experts, connect with people in your community, and check out the latest technological advances.

17) AI and Big Data Expo, 30 November–1 November 2023, Olympia, England

At the AI & Big Data Expo conference, tech leaders will talk about the most important business problems they are facing right now. Join more than 5,000 attendees, 100 speakers, and more than 125 exhibiting brands for two days of learning from each other and networking. People who go to this conference will leave with the tools and knowledge they need to make sure their strategies will work in the future and use the power of big data in their organizations.

Going beyond Conferences for Learning & Growth

If you plan on attending conferences this year, it is likely that you are enthusiastic about advancing your career and expanding your knowledge. Conferences are a great way to achieve this, along with acquiring new skills, improving upon existing skills, and of course, giving your overall expertise a boost through specialized certifications.

If you are on a quest for knowledge and growth, Readynez is here to help you. We offer you the digital skills you need to succeed because we believe that the future belongs to those who are READY for it!

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