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How To Pass The Managing Modern Desktops (MD-101)

MD-101 and MD-100: Windows 10 tests required for the Modern Desktop Administrator Associate (MDAA) certification. When it comes to managing Windows 10, the MD-100 is the answer.

You'll need to use policy and profile management and app management to deploy and upgrade desktop computers if you pass these two examinations. It is possible to take either exam without the other, but you will not receive the MDAA credential unless you complete both exams.

MD-100 assesses your ability to install and configure Windows 10 on a single device, while MD-101 tests your ability to deal with Windows PCs in an enterprise context. An administrator's ability to manage, protect, and monitor devices and apps in an enterprise context is tested by MD-101.

What Is the Price Of The MD-101 Exam?

It costs $165 to take the MD-101 exam. To get the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification, you'll need to pass the MD-101 exam and the MD-100 exam, which costs an extra $165, although you don't need to take both exams.

What Experience Do You Need For The MD-101?

The MD-101 is an associate certification test at the intermediate level, and candidates with a reasonable amount of experience can take it. It would be a mistake, though, to attempt it without any prior preparation. Although Microsoft intended the MD-101 to be near the bottom of a person's professional ladder, it isn't the very first or very last step.

This exam has no prerequisites and can be taken by anyone in their career and with no prior Microsoft certifications. But it's a level up from the MTA: Windows Operating System Fundamentals or the MTA: Security Fundamentals, which would be more appropriate for a brand new administrator with no prior expertise.

How To Prepare For The MD-101

Below are tips for a Successful MD-101 Exam Preparation.

Become Familiar With The MD-101 Test Objectives

In Microsoft certification tests, you'll need to demonstrate a wide range of abilities. Before anything else, you should be familiar with the exam's content. Sub-topics separate the exam's goals.

The exam's emphasis will help you determine which areas of study need the greatest attention. As a result, you'll be able to plan your study time better and guarantee that you've analyzed all of the relevant knowledge before the exam.

Make A Practical Study Schedule

To prepare for the MD-101 exam, you need a realistic and practical study plan in your hands. This shows that you need to plan out how much time you will devote to learning each day in advance. Setting aside time for social obligations is critical before creating a study schedule.

Utilize the Most Recent Developments In Technology To Your Advantage

Microsoft certification examinations require both academic and practical expertise. You'll need to practice in the real world before you can use what you've learned in the classroom. Meaning that to pass the test and achieve your goals, you should have some real-world experience.

Take Regular, Short Breaks

It's not a good idea to study for long periods at a time. Make sure to include pauses in your study schedule. Taking a short snooze will help you remember what you've just learned. For most people, a 15-20-minute power sleep is enough to re-energize your brain cells after an exhausting day of studying.

Use the MD-101 Preparation Exam

With the help of MD-101 practice exams, you'll be able to keep track of your progress. The MD-101 practice exam helps you identify what you've learned and what you need to study for the exam. A significant advantage of this exam is that it does not imply any risk. It increases the applicant's chances of success and familiarizes them with the areas that need development.

Microsoft MD-101 Test Success Benefits

If you're still unsure if this exam is right for you, take a look at the following benefits:

Get More Done in Less Time

Obtaining an IT certification can help you get forward in your profession. When you get the Microsoft MD-101 certification, you can expect to be hired in a matter of weeks.

To land a job quickly, this approach is ideal. That's because recruiters are aware of your qualifications and the potential value you bring to their company. Professionals with a Microsoft MD-101 certification are 25% more likely to be promoted quickly or receive a pay raise than those without one

You Make A Big Difference For Your Company

Management feels that trained professionals offer superior value and directly impact their organizations. With a Microsoft MD-101 certification on your resume, you can expect to land the job of your dreams much more quickly than without it.

You'll rise through the ranks faster if you consistently provide value to your employer. It's what Microsoft Certification can do for you, in my opinion. During your exam preparation, you will learn new abilities and acquire new knowledge. As your profession progresses, you'll be required to keep learning new skills. As a result, you'll have the opportunity to advance in your profession more quickly.


To your resume, any Microsoft certification is an asset. Passing the Microsoft MD-101 exam is a huge step toward getting the Microsoft 365 for Modern Desktop Administrator associate credential.

Certifications, like the MD-101, have one important distinction: they are issued by the company that issued the certification in the first place. Rather than a perfect picture of "can you do this task," the content is more about "do you know the specific way that we want it done?" When comparing your experience with the MD-101, keep this in mind.

As a systems administrator or desktop administrator, you may assume you're well-versed enough to sit for a certification exam – and you'd be right, too. On the other hand, this exam examines your knowledge of how Microsoft expects the task to be done.

MD-101 tests your knowledge of Microsoft and Windows-based tools and applications such as Autopilot, Endpoint Manager, Desktop Analytics, OneDrive, Windows Defender, and Microsoft 365. ' To pass the MD-101, it's not enough to know how to use the tools, but whether or not you actually know how to use them.

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