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  • What is the easiest cloud certification to get?
  • Published by: André Hammer on Mar 04, 2024
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Thinking about starting with cloud computing? Begin by getting the simplest cloud credentials. These credentials let you securely store and access your data online. Let's guide you through the basics of getting started with cloud credentials in this article. It's a crucial part of the digital world.

Why Obtain Cloud Certifications?

Advantages of Being Certified

Achieving certifications in cloud computing, such as AWS, Azure, or IBM Cloud, can offer a range of benefits. These foundational certifications, like the AZ-900, provide individuals with important cloud computing skills. These skills are vital in the industry, showing expertise in managing cloud services, proficiency in cloud infrastructure design, and secure cloud solutions. Certified individuals have better opportunities for career advancement due to increased demand for cloud engineers.

Theyhave an advantage in the job market, securing entry-level positions or progressing to more senior roles.

Additionally, certified professionals tend to earn more as their skills are highly sought after by employers. By investing in cloud training and obtaining certifications, individuals gain practical experience, learn to efficiently manage cloud platforms, and unlock doors to a rewarding career in the global cloud computing industry.

Which Cloud Certification to Start With?

What is the Easiest Cloud Certification to Get?

When you start a career in cloud computing, it's common to begin with entry-level certifications. These certifications can help get your journey going.

One of the options is the AZ-900 certification, which focuses on Microsoft Azure services. It's a foundational certification that requires basic cloud computing knowledge.

When choosing the easiest cloud certification, consider factors like industry demand, market share of cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), and potential salary increases after certification.

To excel in cloud solutions, you need hands-on experience, training in cloud services, and skills in infrastructure as code (IAC) and cloud security.

For beginners, certifications like Google Cloud Practitioner or Terraform can be good choices for designing and managing secure cloud solutions effectively.

By participating in training programmes and bootcamps led by experienced instructors, aspiring cloud practitioners can explore various cloud certifications. This can help them improve their career prospects.

Exam Details for AZ-900

The AZ-900 exam is a basic certification in cloud computing from Microsoft Azure. It covers topics like cloud services, computing concepts, security, compliance, privacy, and pricing. The exam is multiple-choice and lasts around 85 minutes. To pass, one needs a score of 700 out of 1000. This certification offers a good grasp of cloud solutions and infrastructure, making it great for beginners.

With the growing need for cloud engineers and solutions architects, having AZ-900 certification can enhance career opportunities and salary potential. It is recognised worldwide and is valuable in the job market. Gartner has ranked Microsoft Azure as a top player in cloud platforms, alongside AWS and Google Cloud.

Getting the AZ-900 certification shows mastery in cloud services, making it worthwhile for those starting in cloud computing.

How to Prepare for the Exam

Recommended Courses on Coursera

Coursera offers a range of courses focused on cloud computing services, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. These courses cover foundational knowledge and provide hands-on experience in managing cloud infrastructure, designing secure cloud solutions, and mastering cloud services.

Instructors cover topics such as IAC (Infrastructure as Code), cloud security, and cloud platform products like Terraform and IBM Cloud. Completing these training programs can help individuals build the skills required to pursue entry-level cloud certifications like AZ-900 for Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Practitioner.

Certified cloud engineers are in high demand, and obtaining the right certifications can enhance career opportunities and salary potential. Coursera provides beginners with a valuable platform to gain expertise in cloud services and prepare for certification exams in a structured and comprehensive manner within the global knowledge market.

Cloud Practitioner Fundamentals Exam

Obtaining Cloud Practitioner Fundamentals Exam certification is a great start for beginners in cloud computing. This certification provides basic knowledge about cloud services and infrastructure, essential for a career in this field.

Having this certification can enhance job opportunities and salary potential due to the high demand for cloud engineers and solutions architects.

To prepare effectively for the exam, individuals can:

  • Undergo training from reputable instructors.

  • Explore bootcamps offering hands-on experience with cloud services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud.

Mastery in cloud security, infrastructure as code , and secure cloud solutions is crucial for the exam. By gaining these skills through training and practical experience, individuals can confidently take the exam and become certified cloud platform managers.

Associate Cloud Engineer on Google

Google website

An Associate Cloud Engineer on Google manages and configures cloud solutions using the Google Cloud Platform.

They need skills in cloud computing, infrastructure design, and cloud security.

To excel in this role, one must know cloud services, have hands-on experience with cloud platforms, and be an expert in managing cloud products.

Certifications like Google Cloud certifications, specifically the Associate Cloud Engineer certification, show mastery and are highly sought after.

Soft skills like problem-solving and communication are also crucial.

Training courses and bootcamps offer hands-on experience with tools like Terraform and knowledge of Infrastructure as Code to help beginners.

Google Cloud Platform's growing market share means certified professionals can expect good salaries and a successful career in cloud technology.

Which Companies Offer Cloud Certifications?

Microsoft Azure Certifications

Cloud certifications are valuable in the industry. They validate skills in managing cloud services.

For beginners, starting with a foundational certification is recommended. Examples include Microsoft Azure AZ-900 or AWS Cloud Practitioner.

Companies like Microsoft, AWS, Google, and IBM Cloud offer various cloud certifications. This helps individuals enhance their career prospects.

Gartner reports show high demand for cloud certifications. Cloud engineers and solutions architects are sought after in the market.

By gaining hands-on experience in cloud computing platforms, individuals can secure entry-level positions. They can work towards mastering cloud solutions.

Training programs and bootcamps are available. They help individuals design and secure cloud infrastructure. They focus on products like Terraform and Linux for infrastructure as code design.

Instructors stress the importance of cloud security in managing cloud services. Becoming certified in cloud security is essential to meet industry standards and advance in careers.

Microsoft Azure AZ-900

Achieving certification in Microsoft Azure AZ-900 is a great start for beginners in cloud computing. It provides foundational knowledge and prepares individuals for a career in the industry.

This entry-level certification validates skills in understanding cloud services, Azure services, and pricing models. The exam covers topics like cloud concepts, core Azure services, security, privacy, compliance, and trust.

As the demand for cloud solutions architects and engineers grows, having the AZ-900 certification creates opportunities in the market. Compared to other cloud certifications, Azure holds a significant share, making it a valuable skill to have.

Microsoft Azure AZ-900 equips individuals with the knowledge to design, secure, and manage cloud solutions. It is a secure investment in one's career.

AWS Certifications

AWS website

Cloud certifications can boost a career in the industry. They validate skills and knowledge in cloud computing, making a person more desirable to employers. Starting with a foundational certification such as the AZ-900 exam is great for beginners. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud offer various certifications. Mastering cloud platforms like AWS or Google Cloud can lead to higher-paying jobs. Certified cloud engineers and architects are in high demand according to Gartner.

Building knowledge in cloud security, infrastructure design, and solutions architecture is essential for success. Training with industry-leading instructors is beneficial.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Becoming certified in AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner gives people a strong foundation in cloud computing. This includes essential skills for managing cloud services. It's a great starting point for beginners entering the industry.

Other companies like Microsoft, Google, and IBM offer similar certifications in cloud computing, such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. These certifications are highly sought after in the job market. Cloud engineers and architects are in demand for their expertise in cloud services.

According to Gartner, AWS has a significant share in the cloud industry. This makes AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner a valuable certification for those aiming to progress in cloud computing careers.

By gaining hands-on experience, training, and mastering cloud solutions and infrastructure, individuals can open up better career prospects and higher salaries in the field.

Final thoughts

To get cloud credentials easily, follow these simple steps:

  • Choose a user-friendly cloud platform

  • Sign up with basic information

  • Verify your email

  • Set up your account following instructions

  • Select a strong password

  • Take any required courses for credentials

  • Secure your credentials

  • Update your password regularly

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What are the easiest cloud credentials to obtain?

The easiest cloud credentials to obtain are basic certifications like AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals. These exams require minimal experience and are a good starting point for beginners.

How do I get started with obtaining cloud credentials?

To get started with obtaining cloud credentials, you can sign up for cloud certification courses like AWS Certified Solutions Architect or Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator. Start by studying the relevant materials and practice using cloud platforms like AWS or Azure.

What steps should I take to obtain the easiest cloud credentials?

To obtain the easiest cloud credentials, start by taking online courses like AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals. Practice with free tier services and complete hands-on labs. Finally, schedule and pass the certification exam.

Are there any prerequisites for obtaining cloud credentials?

Yes, prerequisites for obtaining cloud credentials may include having a basic understanding of cloud computing concepts, experience with a specific cloud platform such as AWS or Azure, and completing relevant training or certification courses.

Do I need any previous experience to obtain cloud credentials?

No, you do not need any previous experience to obtain cloud credentials. Many certification programs offer training from beginner level, such as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

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