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GIAC (The Global Information Assurance Certification) Courses at Readynez

The Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC®) entity was founded by the SANS Institute in 1999. GIAC certifications cover a wide variety of security domains and vary from mana

gement and leadership to deep levels of penetration testing, reverse engineering and more. We offer courses to train and prepare you for the following GIAC certification exams.

GIAC courses offered by Readynez

GIAC creates and maintains industry-standard cybersecurity certifications. With a wide portfolio of specialised qualifications available, GIAC provides some of the most rigorous standards for IT and security professionals worldwide.

This job-focused certification portfolio covers information in real-world terms, making GIAC’s certification exams extremely relevant to real-life scenarios. Professionals need specific skills and specialised knowledge to meet the varied threats businesses and consumers now face. If you’ve built a broad base of cybersecurity knowledge, now’s the time to specialise.

GIAC certifications span the breadth of the infosec infrastructure. Our certifications are focused on these key areas: offensive security, cyber defence, cloud security, DFIR, management, and ICS. Each of these focus areas has multiple certifications testing various abilities and skill levels. Rather than skimming the surface of different skillsets, GIAC certifications are a mile deep for specialised job-focused tasks. This allows us to thoroughly validate a practitioner’s abilities and the likelihood of success in a real-world work environment.

Once you earn your GIAC certification, you may have achieved your short-term goal, but the long-term effects are just beginning. Beyond employer recognition, job opportunities, and personal pride, you also become part of the SANS and GIAC community. High scorers are invited to join the GIAC Advisory Board, but everyone who completes their certification exam is welcomed into the ecosystem to share information, explore resources, and create new connections.

  • GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC)
    • The Readynez GSEC Boot Camp focuses on training you with all the industrial relevant information you need as a starter in IT Security

Benefits of GIAC

The design of a certification exam can impact the quality and integrity of a certification. GIAC exam content and question design are developed through a rigorous process led by GIAC's on-staff psychometrician and reviewed by experts in each technical area. More than 173,000 certifications have been issued since 1999. GIAC Certifications meet ANSI/ISO 17024 standards and align with the NICE framework.

Certification Renewal

GIAC continues to accept a wide variety of professional activities as Continuing Professional Experience (CPE) credits. We have expanded the flexibility of these CPEs to further simplify the maintenance of your certifications.

Start accumulating and tracking your CPE credits as soon as your GIAC certification is earned. You have until your certification expiration date to complete your CPE submissions and remit payment of the certification maintenance fee. All CPE submissions must be acquired within the 4-year period in which your GIAC certification is active.

Digital Badging

The GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification) program and digital badging provider Credly have partnered to provide our certification holders with a digital badge of their GIAC certification. Digital badges can be used in email signatures, personal web sites, social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as on electronic copies of resumes. Digital badges help GIAC certification holders convey to employers, potential employers and interested parties the skills required to earn and maintain a specialized GIAC certification.

Success Stories

Real people, real success for GIAC Certification professionals. Today's cyber attacks are highly sophisticated and exploit specific vulnerabilities. Broad, general InfoSec certifications are no longer enough. GIAC offers more than 30 cybersecurity certifications. Each certification focuses on specific job skills and requires unmatched and distinct knowledge. GIAC exam content and question design are developed through a rigorous process led by GIAC's on-staff psychometrician and reviewed by experts in each technical area


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