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How Can a Modern LXP Help You to a Successful Digital Transformation?


If your business hasn't completely digitally transformed within the next few years, you may quickly fall behind your top competitors, who have all adopted the latest technology and are using it to improve efficiency and productivity.

Traditional businesses, over the past several years, have launched massive digital transformations, ultimately updating their internal infrastructure to be more technologically modern. But if you want to advance your digital transformation even further, you'll need an LXP platform to help you do it.

What Is a Digital Transformation?

In case you weren't familiar, digital transformation is just a term for any business that undergoes a massive change in strategy or approach to incorporate more digital technologies or operate in a digital space.

That typically means relying on more cloud-based software platforms for functions necessary for daily business operations and digitizing older, more traditional assets – such as going paperless and digitizing all your old paperwork.

A successful digital transformation typically results in lower costs, higher efficiency, greater productivity, better customer relationships, and a better company reputation.


What Is an LXP?

What is an LXP? LXP stands for learning experience platform. In other words, it's a digital, cloud-based platform that provides education and training to the employees who use it. Rather than going through stagnant, unchanging learning modules, employees have much greater flexibility with their learning approach in an LXP.

They can access a multitude of different educational resources, including both static archives of content and user-generated materials. They can also get access to exams and certifications, and track their own progress, all while relying on tools and features that create a more personalized approach.


How a Modern LXP Can Improve Your Digital Transformation

So how can a modern LXP improve your digital transformation?

  • Acquisition of digital skills. With the right LXP, you can have a robust learning platform available to help all your employees acquire more digital skills. Personalized learning courses, exceptional educational materials, and even interactive quizzes can all help your employees master the digital skills necessary to help you transform the rest of your organization.
  • A totally digital interface. One-on-one training and education can still be valuable, and an LXP won't prohibit you from taking this approach. However, within the LXP, your employees will have access to an entirely digital interface. There, they can read new content, test their skills, and reinforce what they've already learned.
  • Automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Most modern LXPs incorporate some level of automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Automated reminders and workflows will make sure all your training employees will remain on track to achieve their goals. The artificial intelligence system may be able to learn adaptively about each individual's learning style, and adjust the platform’s approach to train them as effectively as possible.
  • Diverse educational content online. LXPs are also advantageous because of the diversity of educational content available to people when they access the platform. Rather than being limited to only one type of content, or only one medium of content, users can read articles, watch videos, engage in interactive tutorials, and more. Everyone gets the specific type of education they prefer, and if any single piece of content is confusing, users can simply jump to a different one.
  • Cloud hosting and accessibility. Another major benefit of using an LXP for your digital transformation is cloud hosting and accessibility. Modern LXP's are typically cloud hosted, storing your information remotely and making it accessible do anyone with the proper login credentials. Whether they're in the office working on a laptop or at home on a smartphone app, your employees will all have the opportunity to access training materials and content whenever it's convenient for them.
  • Modularity and employee autonomy. Employees have a great deal of control over how and when they use LXPs. Because of this, they have a keener sense of autonomy and they tend to be more engaged with their learning materials. This results in a boost in morale within your team and higher rates of retention for the information you’re providing.
  • Customizability and integrations. You should also note that most LXPs offer at least some customizability and integration potential. If you don't like how the LXP works out of the box, you can change it to make it more appropriate for your business’s needs. If you want to connect to an outside source to make some of its content available to your employees, you can do that.
  • Exams and certifications. How can you be sure that your employees are learning all the digital skills they need in order to make your digital transformation a success? Most LXPs now offer exams, quizzes, and certifications to take the guesswork out. And the best ones also offers a way for you to manage and track your employees achievement of the official exams and certifications of the technology vendors.
  • Compliance. A subject that has never been more important for organizations, with constantly increasing requirements to comply with GDPR and an expectation from suppliers, customers and technology Vendors. A great LXP will provide the opportunity for you to specify different Compliance Programs and track your achievement against those requirements.
  • Built-in reporting. Training departments also love LXPs because of the built-in reporting systems available. In the background, your LXP will be collecting data on every employee that uses it, tracking their progress and measuring their results. Later on, your top analysts can review these charts and attempt to figure out the best way is to improve your training and education system in the future.
  • Content creation and aggregation. LXPs also provide you with an opportunity to create, curate, and aggregate content in new and dynamic ways. Other employees will have the opportunity to write and create interactive training content, ultimately making your training materials more powerful and more robust over time.

Adopting an LXP could be exactly what you need to perfect your business’s digital transformation. But how can you choose the perfect platform for your needs? Readynez365 was designed with digital skills in mind, but its robust functionality and seamless integrations make it an ideal fit for a wide range of businesses. Sign up for a free trial today to try it for yourself!

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