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Working towards a Greener Future in IT Training: Readynez Sustainability Report 2024 is here!

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  • Published by: André Hammer on Jan 29, 2024
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The IT training industry, historically plagued by a substantial carbon footprint, faces critical environmental challenges. Traditional in-person training sessions have necessitated extensive travel for both instructors and participants, contributing significantly to the IT sector's environmental impact. Moreover, the use of physical resources such as printed materials and facility requirements has further intensified the industry's carbon emissions.

In light of this, we are finding ourselves on a transformative journey to mitigate the environmental impact of our IT training initiatives. We take great pride in presenting our 2024 Sustainability Report, detailing our committed efforts to positively influence the lives of numerous IT professionals and organizations while working even harder to minimize our carbon footprint on the planet.

While challenges still exist, particularly in quantifying every aspect of our impact, Readynez's dedication to transparency is unwavering. Our commitment to sustainability is underscored by the adoption of the ISO-14001 Environmental Management System in 2022, signifying a strategic shift towards integrating eco-friendly practices into every facet of our operations.

The digital revolution, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, provided a pivotal opportunity for Readynez to pioneer sustainable training methodologies. Swiftly transitioning to virtual training platforms, we embraced the chance to redefine our industry's approach to environmental responsibility. Our sustainability policy encompasses a comprehensive range of initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions across various dimensions of our operations.

One of the cornerstones of our sustainability initiatives is the strategic enforcement of virtual training, resulting in a remarkable 99% reduction in scheduled onsite courses. This shift not only eliminates the need for extensive travel by delegates and instructors but also substantially reduces the associated carbon emissions. Additionally, we have successfully transitioned from physical to digital courseware, eliminating emissions related to the production and transportation of physical training materials.

As far as physical classroom training is concerned, Readynez has adopted an innovative approach by focusing on enterprise project training in its local centers. This strategic move minimizes delegate travel, emphasizing sustainability in venue selection. Choosing centralized and sustainable event partners further contributes to lower transportation emissions, as well as a reduction in the need for overnight hotel stays.

Furthermore, Readynez has taken proactive steps to reduce its organizational footprint. Rigorous supplier assessments, digital best practices, a push towards remote work, and the promotion of virtual meetings all form part of our commitment to holistic sustainability. The continuous improvement of CO2 emission calculation methods ensures that we have a precise understanding of our environmental impact.

The achievements of our sustainability initiatives are already evident. The transition to virtual events, in particular, has resulted in a significant reduction in our CO2 footprint. Notable reductions have also been achieved in travel-related emissions, with a remarkable 90% reduction in instructor flight emissions and a 93% decrease in the number of hotel nights used by delegates and instructors.

As we move forward, Readynez remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing sustainability efforts. Our focus will be on digital best practices, with an emphasis on optimizing hosting locations, supplier assessments, and office practices. Improving measurement methods for CO2 emissions, particularly related to delegate and instructor travel, will be a priority for continuous refinement.

Download the report

Want to learn more about the measures we at Readynez are taking as an environmentally responsible organization and how we’re shaping a greener future through sustainable IT training?

Click here to download the Readynez 2024 Sustainability Report.

It provides an in-depth exploration of our initiatives, achievements, and the transformative path we are forging in the IT training landscape. For any further inquiries, please contact Rickard Hagenstam at

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