How difficult is the Microsoft AZ-900 exam?

  • Is AZ-900 hard to pass?
  • Published by: André Hammer on Mar 04, 2024

Have you ever thought about how difficult the Microsoft AZ-900 exam is?

This article will help you understand what to expect when preparing for this certification test.

We will cover the basic concepts and key topics to give you a clearer idea of the exam.

If you're thinking about taking the AZ-900 exam, keep reading to discover the expected level of difficulty.

Is AZ-900 hard to pass?

Exam Overview

The AZ-900 exam tests basic knowledge of Microsoft Azure cloud services.

It covers important concepts like cloud concepts, Azure pricing, and support.

The exam has multiple-choice questions to assess understanding of Microsoft Azure solutions.

To prepare for the exam, you can use online courses, books, and Microsoft documentation.

The pass rate for the AZ-900 exam varies based on individual understanding and preparation.

Getting certified in cloud computing with AZ-900 can show expertise in cloud services.

Topics covered in the exam include security, compliance, and privacy.

The certification expires after some time, requiring renewal by scheduling and paying a fee.

Lab exercises are also part of the exam to check practical knowledge of Azure management tools and solutions.

Importance of AZ-900 Certification

Professionals can enhance their skills in Microsoft Azure by obtaining the AZ-900 certification.

The exam covers fundamental aspects of cloud services, providing a solid understanding of Azure services and solutions.

Studying online courses, books, and Microsoft documentation can help individuals prepare adequately for the exam format and assessment.

This certification validates one's knowledge and opens up job opportunities in cloud computing and Azure management.

It also showcases a professional's commitment to continuous learning and compliance with the latest cloud technologies.

Professionals are encouraged to schedule their exam before the 2023 expiry date to stay updated on the latest Azure developments.

AZ-900 certification equips individuals with necessary tools and security management skills for today's cloud computing industry.

Lab exercises and practical modules allow candidates to demonstrate proficiency in Azure services and enhance their career prospects in the cloud industry.

Exam Difficulty

Study Material

When preparing for the AZ-900 exam, candidates should explore different study materials. These may include:

  • Online courses
  • Books
  • Microsoft documentation on cloud services and security

These resources offer detailed insights into Azure services, compliance, and privacy aspects necessary for the exam. Training modules with lab exercises also provide hands-on experience to understand Azure solutions practically.

The cost of study materials varies. Investing in comprehensive preparation can lead to successful qualification. Professionals aiming for AZ-900 certification should review exam details, format, and expiry date of the certification to plan their study schedule effectively.

By using various learning resources and tools, candidates can enhance their knowledge and management skills in cloud computing. This positions them for success in the field.


A glossary for the AZ-900 exam should include key terms like:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • cloud services
  • certification
  • qualifications
  • cloud computing

Understanding these basics is important for success.

Having a glossary with these definitions can help deepen knowledge and prepare effectively. It can also assist in answering exam questions accurately.

Using learning resources such as courses, books, and online materials can improve understanding.

Additionally, security, compliance, and management are important areas to focus on.

A well-prepared glossary is a valuable tool, offering quick access to essential information. This can increase confidence and performance during the exam.

Professionals aiming to enhance their cloud services skills will benefit from a structured glossary. This ensures a thorough understanding of the course outline and exam format.


Understanding the key terminologies used in the AZ-900 exam is important. It helps in achieving the Microsoft Azure certification. Proper knowledge of terms related to cloud services, basics, security, compliance, and solutions is crucial. Candidates need to use these terms correctly to pass the exam.

Familiarity with the exam format, assessment, and available learning resources is necessary. Online courses, books, and Microsoft documentation can be helpful. They all contribute to effective preparation. Understanding cloud computing principles, Azure management tools, and benefits of Microsoft Azure services is vital for success.

Professionals aiming for certification in 2023 should grasp concepts like Azure pricing, privacy, and compliance. They should also know about certification expiry and renewal. Investing in training materials, attending lab exercises, and staying updated with the latest Azure modules are important steps towards success in the AZ-900 exam.

How to Prepare for the AZ-900 Exam

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Course

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course provides study materials for the AZ-900 exam. These resources include online courses, books, and access to Microsoft documentation.

To prepare well for the exam, it's advised to have a strong grasp of cloud services, security, and compliance basics. Useful tips for passing the AZ-900 exam involve studying the course outline, doing lab exercises, and using learning materials.

Professionals aiming to take the certification exam should understand cloud computing services, Azure solutions, and management tools. The exam mainly consists of multiple-choice questions testing knowledge of Microsoft Azure.

Key steps include scheduling the exam, paying the fee, and noting the qualification renewal date. Passing the AZ-900 exam can bring advantages like improved cloud service understanding and career prospects in cloud computing.

Expert Tips for AZ-900

Passing the AZ-900 exam on the first attempt is achievable with proper preparation. Individuals should focus on understanding the basics of cloud services and core Azure services.

To prepare effectively:

  • Use online courses, study materials, and practice questions for necessary knowledge.
  • Take advantage of Microsoft's training resources and documentation for insights into the exam format.
  • Manage time effectively during the exam to answer all questions within the allocated time.
  • Engage in lab exercises to enhance hands-on experience with Azure services.

Renewing the certification before the expiry date is important to stay updated with cloud computing solutions. Consider the costs of the exam, study materials, and training tools in the preparation schedule. By following a structured course outline and accessing the right resources, individuals can increase their chances of passing the AZ-900 exam successfully in 2023.

Taking the Exam

Scheduling the Exam

When getting ready for the AZ-900 exam, people have a few choices to schedule it. They can book directly with Microsoft or go to approved testing centres.

It's important to plan ahead to get the date and time you want, as availability varies. It's best to schedule the exam a few weeks before to have more flexibility.

To prepare well, use online courses, books, and Microsoft documents. This helps in understanding the basics of Microsoft Azure and cloud services.

The exam has questions on cloud concepts, security, compliance, and privacy. Doing lab exercises can also help improve practical skills.

Getting the AZ-900 certification shows expertise in cloud computing, which is good for career growth.

Is it possible to pass AZ-900 on the first try?

Passing the AZ-900 exam on the first try is achievable with the right preparation and dedication.

By using online courses, books, and Microsoft documentation, candidates can understand Azure fundamentals and cloud services better.

Training materials and lab exercises can enhance knowledge and skills.

Creating a study schedule, practicing sample questions, and reviewing course outlines can boost success.

Understanding security, compliance, and pricing is crucial for excelling in the exam.

Remember to renew or schedule the exam, as the certification expires in 2023.

Investing time and effort in Azure knowledge is key to passing AZ-900 confidently.

After the Exam

Certification Validity

The AZ-900 certification focuses on Microsoft Azure basics. It's valid for two years and needs renewing within that period. To renew, individuals can retake the exam or use other methods to keep their cloud services knowledge current.

There are various resources like online courses, books, and Microsoft docs available to help prepare for the exam. Topics covered include security, cloud computing, compliance, and privacy in Azure. The exam has multiple-choice questions that test knowledge of Azure services and solutions.

As the demand for cloud management professionals grows, having and renewing AZ-900 certification helps improve skills and stay updated on industry trends.

What to do in case of failure?

Candidates who find it challenging to pass the AZ-900 exam can improve their chances by taking some strategic steps when they try the test again. Here are some tips:

  • Analyse your performance in the exam to spot weak areas.
  • Use learning resources like online courses, books, and Microsoft documentation to boost your knowledge of Microsoft Azure basics and cloud services.
  • Engage in practical lab exercises, review course outlines, and go over exam formats and questions.
  • Focus on security, compliance, and privacy, and explore Azure pricing, support solutions, and management tools.
  • With good planning, access to relevant materials, and a commitment to ongoing learning, you can enhance your qualifications and achieve success in becoming certified in Microsoft Azure.

Key takeaways

The Microsoft AZ-900 exam is an entry-level certification. It's known for being easier than other Microsoft exams. The exam covers cloud concepts, core Azure services, security, privacy, compliance, and pricing. With good preparation and understanding, many find the exam manageable.

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How challenging is the Microsoft AZ-900 exam?

The Microsoft AZ-900 exam is considered to be an entry-level exam and is not overly challenging for those with basic knowledge of cloud concepts. However, for those with limited experience in cloud computing, some preparation may be required to pass the exam.

What level of difficulty can be expected in the Microsoft AZ-900 exam?

The Microsoft AZ-900 exam is considered to have a low difficulty level. Basic understanding of cloud concepts, services, security, compliance, pricing, and support are key for passing the exam. Reviewing the exam guide and taking practice tests can help prepare effectively for the exam.

Is the Microsoft AZ-900 exam considered easy or difficult?

The Microsoft AZ-900 exam is generally considered to be on the easier side compared to other Microsoft certification exams. However, it still requires thorough preparation and understanding of cloud concepts. Utilising study guides, practice exams, and hands-on experience with Azure services can help in passing the exam successfully.

What is the level of complexity of the Microsoft AZ-900 exam?

The Microsoft AZ-900 exam is considered to be of a beginner level of complexity. It covers fundamental knowledge of cloud concepts, Azure services, security, compliance, and pricing. Some examples of topics included are virtual machines, storage, networking, and Azure Active Directory.

Are there any particular areas that make the Microsoft AZ-900 exam difficult?

The Microsoft AZ-900 exam can be challenging in areas such as understanding cloud concepts, pricing and support, and compliance and security. Studying these topics thoroughly and practicing with example questions can help overcome these difficulties.

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