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7 Benefits of Becoming a Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

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The (ISC)² launched the CCSP certification in 2015, and getting certified signifies a high proficiency in cloud security. When organizations need to choose between two candidates, they’ll usually choose the CCSP-certified candidate.

Cloud security professionals are in high demand

Cloud security is more important than ever in today’s world. Cyberattacks happen daily and there’s no telling where or when the next one will strike. Cloud security professionals are the only hope an organization has to protect against data breaches and data loss.

According to current data, 65% of cloud security breaches are caused by user error. Among the errors are misconfigurations, which happen to be one of the leading causes, and are one of the most persistent issues facing information security teams.

Your expertise as a cloud security professional is strongly needed in a variety of industries, since nobody is immune to cyberattacks. In fact, small businesses are the top targets for hackers.

If you’ve been thinking about getting CCSP-certified, here are seven reasons to start working toward this valuable credential.

1. You’ll understand regulatory frameworks

Regulatory frameworks create holistic, standardized procedures and systems for maintaining security in the cloud. These frameworks define every aspect of data security, including what specific data requires protection, along with where and how it should be stored.

Understanding these frameworks is essential for maintaining security in the cloud, and getting CISSP-certified is the best way to get the fundamentals down.

2. CCSP certification will help advance your career

What do you really want to do with your cloud security knowledge and experience? If you don’t want to work in an office for an organization, that doesn’t have to be your path. You can become a cloud security consultant and start your own business.

As an independent cloud security consultant, you’ll be extremely valuable to your clients, especially since they’ll be hiring you to create custom security solutions for their organization. You could even specialize in a particular industry in order to further increase your value.

As you work with more clients, you’ll gain more specific experience that will ultimately make you even more valuable.

3. You’ll learn how to problem-solve specific situations

Knowing how to solve specific problems is the key to becoming a valuable asset to your organization. Although you can get hired with just knowledge, knowledge itself isn’t enough.

Often, technical knowledge stays conceptual and doesn’t become experience or wisdom. This makes it hard to use that knowledge when it’s needed. There are so many bits of technical information to acquire, and it’s easy to get caught in a cycle of amassing information without application.

When you study for the CCSP exam, you’ll learn how to apply your knowledge to real-world situations. Most of the exam questions will require you to demonstrate this knowledge in common scenarios.

By passing the CCSP exam and getting certified, you will have already demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of how to apply your new knowledge.

From there, all you’ll need is real-world experience to grow into your new expertise.

4. Your earning potential will rise

When you become a Certified Cloud Security Professional, you’ll automatically increase your earning potential. You’ll be considered before others for certain positions, but also, you’ll have the opportunity to move into strategic, higher paying roles.

The average CCSP in the United States earns $119,000 per year, and that is without taking other credentials and experience into consideration.

5. CCSP is complementary to vendor-specific certifications

Are you AWS certified from a former job? Perhaps you became certified in Microsoft Azure for your current employer? Vendor-specific certifications are valuable, but only when you’re working with a specific employer. When you leave a job, your certification won’t mean anything to prospective employers who aren’t using the platform you’re certified for.

A CCSP certification will complement your existing platform-specific certifications, and will also be independently valuable.

6. You’ll gain automatic respect

Certain certifications just command respect from team members, bosses, and higher-ups. The CCSP certification is one of those credentials. When people know you’re certified, they won’t question your authority as much. If you’re able to stand confidently in your assessments and decisions, people around you will pick up on that confidence and reflect it back to you in the form of respect.

Being a CCSP comes with a lot of responsibility, and people will be looking to you for guidance and support. They’ll take what you say seriously and the more you come through for them, the more their respect for your authority will grow.

7. People will view you as an expert

Most CCSP-certified cybersecurity professionals work as incident response/forensic analysts, security managers, security directors, security engineers, and security analysts. They often hold the titles of CISO, CSO, and ISO. These are all positions that come with a perceived level of expertise.

You can’t get into any of these positions without actually knowing your stuff, so when you become a CCSP, you’ll have no problem getting into a position of leadership where you are viewed as an expert.

CCSP certification qualifications

Are you interested in getting this valuable credential? Curious to know if you qualify for the exam?

The CCSP certification is an advanced certification for experienced information security professionals, but cloud experience isn’t a requirement. However, candidates must have a minimum of five years’ cumulative, paid work under their belt in the area of IT, with three of those years in information security.

If you don’t completely qualify, you can still take the exam. However, after you pass, you will become an Associate of (ISC)² and will need to complete the remainder of your qualifications in a certain period of time.

The CCSP exam covers the following six domains:

  • Cloud Concepts, Architecture, and Design (17%)
  • Cloud Data Security (19%)
  • Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security (17%)
  • Cloud Application Security (17%)
  • Cloud Security Operations (17%)
  • Legal, Risk, and Compliance (13%)

The exam is challenging, so it’s recommended to take a training preparation course before signing up to sit for the exam.

Get prepared for the CCSP exam with our training course

If you’re ready to take your cybersecurity profession to the next level with CCSP certification, sign up for our professional training course today. Our professional, instructor-led training course will prepare you for the exam, and you can take the training online or in person.

Don’t wait to get the ball rolling. If your goal is to earn more money, be seen as an expert, and make a difference for your organization, you’ll love being a Certified Cloud Security Professional.

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