Readynez leaps ahead of old-school training providers with new UK offices

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The multi award winning training provider Readynez opens new offices and a training centre in the UK, and once again they confirm their brand image as the challengers of the training industry.

Founded more than a decade ago in the Nordics, Readynez has presented impressive growth rates since opening and now they´re moving on to new international markets with investors and a new professional board headed by chairman Christian Samsø.

New UK office – New UK training centre
Determined to enable digital transformation for organizations all over the world, they have recently opened their 6th local office. This time they have increased their international presence with an office in London and even a local training centre operating out of the exclusive Warwick Conferences in Coventry.

Ambitious about learning solutions, Readynez has come up with a different way to train for new skills, and a different approach to skill- and talent strategies altogether.

They have abandoned the one size fits all training solutions of the past and embraced a new way, with a set of complete services including training, recruitment of new talent, plus role-based learner tracks, scalable custom training and learner analytics.

 “The training market has changed radically in recent years and so has our portfolio of products. We don't compete with the other training providers, we are nothing like them. We spend our time and energy with our customers, developing new solutions such as Talent and LEAP, that address all the new problems that follow the massive investments in new technologies,” says CEO Frank Højgaard, who is an experienced manager with extensive experience from CEO roles in other leading UK training providers.

Training is strategic now
Research shows that 70% of the investments in new technologies are wasted as digital transformation projects fail, and lack of skills is the main issue.

Jason Crane, UK Country Manager for Readynez continues to explain, that the days of random course investments are gone. Training is much more strategic now. Customers are not just in the market for skills, they want the right skills and they want to be able to document ROI and how their investments fit in with overall strategies.

These are global issues and Readynez does confirm that other international offices shall be opening in the months to come.

10. Feb 2020

by Maria Forsberg

Maria Forsberg

Marketing Manager

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