Is the Microsoft AZ-900 enough to get a job?

  • Is AZ-900 enough to get a job?
  • Published by: André Hammer on Mar 04, 2024
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Are you thinking about taking the Microsoft AZ-900 certification exam to get a job in the tech industry? This qualification can enhance your resume. However, it's crucial to know its limits. Let's discuss if just passing the AZ-900 exam guarantees a job in the tech industry. We'll look into what employers seek.

Overview of AZ-900 Certification

Understanding the Basics

The AZ-900 certification exam covers basic cloud computing concepts. It focuses on Microsoft Azure services like data services, privacy policy, and network features.

Understanding Azure services is beneficial for candidates. It equips them with the knowledge needed to manage cloud systems across different industries.

This certification provides entry-level opportunities in roles like Azure administrator, cloud support analyst, and sales support specialist. It can lead to higher salaries and career advancement in cloud technologies.

The technical skills acquired from the AZ-900 exam are valuable for professionals working with cloud services and infrastructure. Learning Azure fundamentals enhances candidates' expertise and supports the growth of cloud technologies within their organisations.

Importance of AZ-900 Certification

Obtaining an AZ-900 certification is a great step towards a career in cloud computing. This certification, offered by Microsoft Azure, provides the foundational knowledge and skills needed to work with cloud services and systems.

The AZ-900 exam focuses on cloud technologies, data, privacy policy, and fundamental cloud services.

Passing this exam demonstrates a candidate's technical abilities to work with cloud infrastructure.

In today's job market, where cloud computing is central to many industries, having an AZ-900 certification can enhance opportunities for roles like Azure Administrator, Cloud Support Analyst, or Cloud Sales Support.

Earning this certification not only shows understanding of cloud features but also a dedication to continuous learning and growth in technology.

Is AZ-900 Enough to Get a Job?

Job Outlook for AZ 900 Jobs

Individuals with AZ-900 certification have great job opportunities in different industries. The certification shows a basic understanding of cloud services and Microsoft Azure.

This makes candidates suitable for entry-level roles like cloud support, sales, network analyst, or Azure administrator.

Industries like technology, data management, and cloud computing often look for professionals with AZ-900 certification. This is because of their knowledge of cloud technologies and systems.

People with AZ-900 certification can find job openings in technical support, infrastructure, and cloud services. With more experience, they can advance their career and salary.

Taking the AZ-900 exam demonstrates skills in cloud computing, data privacy policies, and Azure basics. This makes individuals valuable in today's job market.

Continuous learning and hands-on experience in cloud services help candidates effectively support different cloud technologies.

Career Paths for Certified Professionals

Professionals with AZ-900 certification in Microsoft Azure fundamentals have many career options in cloud computing. This certification can lead to roles like cloud support, network administrator, data analyst, and cloud system analyst.

AZ-900 is a good starting point for those interested in technical positions in industries that use cloud technologies. It covers basic knowledge of cloud services and features.

Certified individuals can also pursue careers as Azure administrators, cloud support specialists, or sales analysts. The certification exam helps candidates gain technical skills needed to work with cloud systems, offering good salary prospects.

As the demand for cloud computing professionals grows, AZ-900 certification is a solid foundation for those aiming for a career in cloud services and technical roles.

Comparison with Other Certifications

The AZ-900 certification is also called Azure Fundamentals. It stands out among other cloud computing certifications.

It doesn't go as deep into cloud technologies as more advanced certifications. But, it's a great starting point for those interested in cloud services. The exam teaches about Microsoft Azure's basic features, services, and support systems.

This certification is beneficial for entry-level roles like cloud support or network analyst. Professionals with this certification show potential for growth in industries that heavily use cloud technologies.

While having the certification may not immediately increase salary, the skills and technical knowledge gained can lead to growth opportunities. The AZ-900 provides essential knowledge and a strong foundation for a successful cloud computing career.

Technical Support Specialist Roles

AZ-900 Certification in Technical Support

The AZ-900 Certification in Technical Support is beneficial for individuals aiming for a career in technical support. It provides foundational knowledge of Azure fundamentals and cloud computing services.

By passing this certification exam, candidates gain skills in cloud technologies, data privacy policies, and system features. This makes them valuable assets in industries needing cloud support.

Job opportunities like cloud support analysts, Azure administrators, and entry-level network support roles are common for certified professionals. This showcases the potential for career growth and development.

Individuals with the AZ-900 Certification in Technical Support typically have higher salary potential. This is because companies acknowledge the value of certified professionals in effectively managing cloud systems and infrastructure.

As the demand for technical support in cloud services grows, obtaining the AZ-900 Certification can lead to rewarding career paths and opportunities for growth within the technology sector.

Salary Potential for Certified Professionals

Professionals with an AZ-900 certification can expect good salary opportunities. This certification shows expertise in Microsoft Azure cloud services. The demand for cloud technologies is growing across industries, making AZ-900 certified professionals valuable. While experience matters for salary, AZ-900 certification can lead to roles like cloud support analyst or network support analyst. Passing the AZ-900 exam provides skills for technical roles in cloud systems.

Initially, AZ-900 certifiedprofessionals may start with lower salaries but can progress to higher earnings with more experience in Microsoft Azure fundamentals.

Cloud Support Specialist Positions

AZ-900 Certification for Cloud Support

People who have the AZ-900 Certification for Cloud Support can consider jobs in technical support, network administration, and system analysis.

Getting certified in AZ-900 opens up entry-level positions in industries that use cloud technologies. These certified individuals have a good understanding of Microsoft Azure basics and cloud computing, which is beneficial for roles like Azure Administrator or Cloud Support Analyst.

With the right experience, certified professionals can progress in their cloud support career. People with AZ-900 Certification generally earn competitive salaries in technical support, compared to those without certification.

Employers appreciate the skills and knowledge acquired through certifications like AZ-900, acknowledging the candidate's proficiency in cloud services and infrastructure.

Continuous learning and hands-on experience in cloud technologies can improve earning potential and career advancement prospects for professionals in this field.

Job Roles Available for Azure Fundamentals

Individuals with Azure Fundamentals certification can explore entry-level job roles within the tech industry.

By obtaining this certification, candidates demonstrate foundational knowledge of cloud computing and Microsoft Azure services.

This opens up opportunities to work as:

  • Cloud support specialists

  • Network analysts

  • System administrators.

The certification exam, AZ-900, equips candidates with the necessary skills to support cloud technologies and systems efficiently.

Companies across various industries seek professionals with Azure Fundamentals certification to handle cloud services and data privacy policies.

This certification not only enhances a candidate's technical skills but also increases their earning potential in their career.

Azure Fundamentals certification provides a solid base for individuals to advance their careers in cloud computing and support roles, making them valuable assets in the technology sector.

Practice Tests and Exam Preparation

Importance of Practice Tests

Practice tests are important for preparing for the AZ-900 certification exam in Microsoft Azure fundamentals.

They help simulate the real exam environment, making candidates familiar with the format and timings.

This boosts confidence, reduces anxiety, and helps identify areas to focus on during revision.

Using practice tests can significantly improve knowledge of cloud services, computing, and Azure features.

This knowledge is key for roles like Azure administrator, cloud support analyst, and cloud systems administrator.

Moreover, professionals with Azure certifications often earn more and have more job opportunities in industries relying on cloud technologies.

Tips for Passing the AZ-900 Exam

Candidates preparing for the AZ-900 exam need to focus on cloud computing basics, Microsoft Azure services, and cloud technology features.

A strong understanding of Azure fundamentals is crucial to passing the exam.

Using resources like practice tests and study materials is important for enhancing knowledge of cloud services.

Candidates should pay special attention to cloud support, network, and data privacy policy.

Practical experience with cloud technologies can also boost success in the exam.

Developing technical skills and learning about Microsoft Azure infrastructure can open up career opportunities in industries that value certified cloud professionals.

Achieving certification as an Azure Administrator or Cloud Support Analyst can lead to entry-level roles with competitive salaries and opportunities for career growth in cloud computing.


The Microsoft AZ-900 certification gives a basic understanding of cloud services. It may not be enough to get a job by itself. Employers typically want candidates with more advanced skills. To improve job prospects, candidates should do extra training and get more certifications.

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Is the Microsoft AZ-900 certification enough to land a job in the IT industry?

While the Microsoft AZ-900 certification can be a valuable asset, it may not be sufficient on its own to land a job in the IT industry. Employers often look for a combination of certifications, experience, and skills to ensure a candidate is well-rounded and capable in various areas of IT.

What job roles can I apply for with a Microsoft AZ-900 certification?

With a Microsoft AZ-900 certification, you can apply for roles such as cloud administrator, cloud services specialist, or cloud sales specialist.

Do employers value the Microsoft AZ-900 certification when hiring candidates?

Yes, employers do value the Microsoft AZ-900 certification when hiring candidates for entry-level cloud roles. Having this certification demonstrates a basic understanding of cloud concepts, making candidates more attractive to employers looking for individuals with foundational knowledge in cloud computing.

What additional skills or certifications should I consider alongside the Microsoft AZ-900 to improve my job prospects?

Consider obtaining additional certifications such as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer to broaden your cloud knowledge and improve job prospects. Developing skills in scripting languages like Python and infrastructure automation tools like Terraform can also enhance your employability.

How can I demonstrate the practical application of the knowledge gained from the Microsoft AZ-900 certification during a job interview?

During a job interview, demonstrate practical application of the Microsoft AZ-900 certification by discussing how you have used Azure services like Virtual Machines or Blob Storage to improve efficiency and reduce costs in previous projects. Give specific examples of how these skills have positively impacted business outcomes.

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